Friday, April 8, 2011

Law Suits Threatened in Kentucky Over E-Cig Inclusions in Smoking Bans

E-cigarette users in two counties in Kentucky have had enough of Health Departments deciding to include e-cigarettes in indoor smoking bans.

In Bullitt County a law suit has been filed:
Inclusion of E-cigarette in smoking ban has some users feeling burned
By David Williams

But users of e-cigarettes are plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Bullitt County Board of Health. Some, like Tony Thompson who has used e-cigarettes for six months, tell me they feel burned by the new rules.

"There's a little red light on the end here that lights up so it looks like a cigarette," Thompson said as he showed his e-cigarette. "It gives you the feel of a cigarette, but, again there's no second hand smoke. The only thing that you're inhaling is water vapor."

Second hand smoke is one of the reasons the Bullitt County Board of Health voted to ban smoking in public places, a ban that includes e-cigarettes.

The FDA has raised concerns over the device including a possible increase in addiction among children along with the device's possible toxic ingredients.

"Second hand smoke is a known carcinogen," said Cynthia Brown, with the Bullitt County Health Department. "The EPA has classified it as such, so we're trying to protect the public from this known hazard."

Thompson is part of a lawsuit against the Board of Health over its proposed smoking regulation.

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And in Madison County attendees at the Board of Health meeting indicated their displeasure:

E-cigarettes included in county smoking ban
Proponents threaten to sue
RICHMOND — "We'll see you in court," angry audience members yelled Wednesday night as they left a Madison County Health Board meeting.

"You sorry people can't run Madison County by yourself," one woman said on her way out of the meeting. "I thought the board of health was supposed to educate, not legislate."

The board had just voted 8-1 to include devices known as e-cigarettes in it regulations that ban smoking in indoor public places.

"Hold on," one man called out, when the board moved on to the next item on its agenda. "We'd like to speak. We thought this was America."

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