Tuesday, April 12, 2011

UPDATED: TN State bill would BAN Smoke-free Alternatives

Wednesday, April 20th -- TN State meeting on bill that would BAN e-cigarettes
TENNESSEE RESIDENTS: CASAA and the world of vaping needs you

Background info:
CASAA's Call to Action with all legislative contact info -- CASAA.org
CASAA's letter to Tennessee legislators -- CASAA.org
Thread on ECF -- Tennessee also proposing ban on e-cigs

On Wednesday, April 20th at 2 PM at the Statehouse in Nashville the House Agriculture Sub-Committee will be meeting to discuss and vote on HB 1729. Sections 1 to 17 of this bill ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors. However, Section 18 would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes until they are approved by the FDA as a drug delivery device, which the federal courts have stated does not need to happen.

We need vapers in Tennessee to get on the phone / fax to the legislators on this committee (listed on the second half of the Call to Action page) and express the need to vote NO on this bill unless an amendment is offered on the bill that would delete Section 18 from the bill.

Rep. Armstrong, the writer and sponsor of this legislation, advanced a proposal 2 weeks ago that would "only" require e-cigarette manufacturers to "register" with the FDA, and the mere act of registering would show a good faith effort that the company is being "safe." However, it has been pointed out to Rep. Armstrong that no such registration process exists, with the exception of a costly and time-consuming application to become a drug delivery device.

We also need vapers in Tennessee to go to the meeting. Please people, if you can get off of work and make it out, it would be wonderful to hear testimony from CASAA members / e-cigarette users.

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