Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Smokeless smokers

Puffing on "e-cigarettes" can be a route toward quitting, advocates say, but the practice is clouded with controversy.

The Philadelphia Inquirer
By Carolyn Davis, Inquirer Staff Writer
May 25, 2011

Gregory Conley can't go inside his favorite Starbucks in Mount Laurel to take a few puffs, so he enjoys his habit outside. To passersby, it may look like he is drawing deeply from any old cigarette, but a closer whiff proves otherwise.

That's because the newest smoking rage, boosted by "vapers" (that's with an e, not an o), is not to smoke - sort of.

E-cigarettes are illegal in some countries, including Australia, Singapore, and Brazil. Pennsylvania and most other states do not have laws restricting them, though last year New Jersey prohibited e-cig sales to minors and included them in its indoor smoking bans.

That's why Conley, a 24-year-old Rutgers-Camden law and business student, has to sit outside to savor his e-cigarette along with the victory over the FDA.

"Thankfully, we've won a majority of battles," says the ex-smoker, who handles legislative affairs for the Alabama-based activist group Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association....

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