Monday, July 25, 2011

CASAA quoted in WSJ article

Panel Requests More Data About Tobacco Lozenges

by Stephanie Gleason - The Wall Street Journal

A Food and Drug Administration panel Friday said it needs more information before making recommendations about the risks and potential marketing restrictions involving new flavored dissolvable tobacco lozenges.
Opponents of the lozenges say they look like candy and might be eaten by children, encourage nonsmokers to use tobacco, and are used by smokers in tandem with rather than instead of cigarettes.
The FDA advisory panel will make recommendations to the FDA after it meets again on tobacco lozenges in November. In March 2012 the FDA is expected to release a report on the safety, ...

Some see the product as an important alternative to cigarettes. Elaine Keller, representing the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association, said cigarette-smoking adults are able to switch to less hazardous alternatives when they can't stop using nicotine completely. Ms. Keller, in FDA testimony, said her group doesn't have ties to the tobacco industry.

If producers want to market their product as a "modified risk" to cigarettes, there is a separate application. Star Scientific has submitted two products for this consideration.

To make recommendations on these topics the panel asked for more information about the way another smokeless tobacco product, a powder in a pouch called snus, has been marketed. They also requested a better definition of dissolvable tobacco, and whether products like snus should be included.

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