Friday, July 15, 2011

CASAA's involvement in research

Recently there have been some member inquiries about CASAA's involvement with e-cigarette research.
In late 2010, CASAA's board of directors discussed CASAA's mission in relation to the current and future involvement in smokeless and e-cigarette research and studies and concluded that CASAA does not have the funding nor the staff to endorse, supervise and/or fund any ongoing research. At that time, the Board agreed to discontinue fundraising for research projects and instead continue to direct its efforts and funding toward the continued education of the public, media and legislators about tobacco harm reduction; provide public access to completed research and studies; and to continue the fight to keep smokeless alternatives available, effective and affordable.

To that end, CASAA forwarded any donations contributed by its members to the studies for which they were intended and voted not to do any more fundraising exclusively for research.  Additionally, because CASAA has no first-hand involvement with any research or studies, we are unable to comment on the current progress, fundraising, validity or administration of any ongoing studies.

CASAA does and always will encourage the use of scientific and unbiased research to provide the public with the truth about the safety of e-cigarettes for both the user and bystanders!

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