Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Statement from CASAA Advisor Bill Godshall at FDA MRTP Workshop

I’m Bill Godshall, founder and executive director of Smokefree Pennsylvania, a nonprofit organization that since 1990 has been advocating local, state and federal policies to reduce indoor tobacco smoke pollution, reduce tobacco marketing to youth, hold cigarette companies accountable, increase cigarette tax rates, fund tobacco education and smoking cessation services, inform smokers that all smokefree tobacco/nicotine products are far less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes, and in 2007 I convinced Senator Mike Enzi to amend the FSPTCA to require picture warnings on cigarette packs.
For disclosure, neither Smokefree Pennsylvania nor I have ever received any direct or indirect funding from any tobacco, drug or electronic cigarette company or trade association.
It is important to recognize that Section 911 and other provisions of Chapter IX of the FSPTCA only apply to: cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, RYO tobacco and smokeless tobacco products. Although the FDA has stated that it intends to propose a regulation to apply Chapter IX to all currently unregulated tobacco products, Section 911 does not apply to small cigars, large cigars, pipe tobacco, hookah/shisha tobacco, electronic cigarettes, e-liquid, tobacco skin cream, tobacco water and at least two dissolvable tobacco products....

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