Thursday, October 20, 2011

3 Democrat Senators urge FDA to "swiftly" propose regulation to apply Chapter IX of FSPTCA to e-cigarettes and other products

Three Democrat Senators, who vehemently oppose tobacco harm reduction, sent a letter urging the FDA to "swiftly" expand tobacco regulations. They want the agency to apply Chapter IX of FSPTCA to all cigars, pipe tobacco, hookah/shisha, dissolvables, e-cigarettes, e-liquid and other tobacco products, criticize companies for marketing exponentially less hazardous smokefree alternatives to smokers, grossly misrepresent health risks/benefits and marketing of smokefree products.

Senators Send Letter to FDA on Other Tobacco Products

This is extremely important and it is a prime reason of why harm reduction advocates need to submit comments to the FDA and attend TPSAC meetings!

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