Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Share your story with 'The Doctors' TV show!

Former Smokers: Share your best quitting tips with The Doctors for a chance to be featured in USA Weekend magazine!

E-cigarettes were favorably reviewed by the television show, the Doctors, back in 2009 before all the controversy.

Now, the show is asking people who recently quit smoking to share what worked. If all the folks who posted a story in this sub-forum were to submit their story to the show, the sheer volume of numbers would guarantee that they would take another look at e-cigarettes and tell the story from the consumer's viewpoint instead of the viewpoint being promoted by those who want us to "quit or die" (e.g., AMA, FDA, ALA, AHA, ACS, CFTK, ASH, etc, etc.)

BTW: Even if you haven't fully quit smoking, if you have reduced the number of cigarettes per day by 50% or more, that's worth talking about, too, especially if you are working toward eventually reducing to zero cigarettes per day.

Recent research shows that reduction can be a step toward eventual complete quitting, and some folks just need more time than others.

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