Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Seattle Housing Authority Backs Down From E-cigarette Use Ban

The chance for public comments closed back in September for a proposed change in policy by the Seattle Housing Authority, which would have banned e-cigarette use "in individual apartment homes or the common spaces of a SHA community or facility of any type, unless otherwise specified."

CASAA Director Greg Conley discovered and posted about this outrageous proposal October 29, 2011, noting that the next Board of Commissioners meeting is November 8th. Director Conley encouraged members to "Please send civil e-mails requesting that the Board of Commissioners remove smoke-free e-cigarettes from the smoking ban proposal."

Members heeded CASAA's impromptu Call to Action and according to the office of Tom Tierney, SHA's Executive Director, the flood of emails and calls from "individuals who contacted our office about electronic cigarettes" has influenced the SHA to "recommend that we allow the use of electronic cigarettes in the proposed policy for all housing developments."

Another victory against the irrational and knee-jerk legislation of less hazardous, smoke-free alternatives! This is just more proof that your calls and emails DO make a difference - so please help whenever you are able - there are many other fronts on which we are currently fighting!


Motivated Patriot said...

Just fantastic. In a society where people feel their voice counts for nothing, examples like this give hope.

Share this with your friends, even if they don't use e-cigs. The wider the support base, the stronger the force is when it is needed.

zakezuke said...

You understand the SHA never actually said they dropped it did you?

Gregory Conley asked specifically that Kim get some people together to speak on Tuesday Nov 8th after this post went up.

Thomas M. Tierney was a little cryptic, but expressed concerns over e-cigarettes, thus it's safe to presume they're still pushing for a ban.

1) They are marketed as a harmless alternative, but are not FDA-regulated
2) The vapor has been found to have varying levels of nicotine and ingredients known to be toxic to humans.
3) It can increase nicotine addiction and lead to experimentation with other tobacco products.
4) Because of their similar appearance to cigarettes, it may cause confusion for both residents and staff during enforcement.

Kristin Noll-Marsh said...

Update from CASAA Director Greg Conley:
(November 11, 2011)
After inquiring with Tom Tierney, he sent a second e-mail confirming that the Board had agreed to remove e-cigarettes from the ordinance at Tuesday's meting.