Sunday, December 11, 2011

CASAA welcomes new directors

In the past few weeks, the CASAA Board of Directors has gratefully expanded with the addition of two new directors, welcoming Karen Carey (MA) and Michael Cozzi (IL). Along with determination and passion,  Mrs. Carey brings a background in accounting and experience running the New England Vapers group and Mr. Cozzi, brings extensive IT experience to CASAA as well as being a well-known figure in the e-cigarette review and tutorial video world.

The newest board members join the other 2011 additions: Secretary Jacinda Ross (UT), who is a local e-cigarette activist and has also taken on the demanding role as "the face of CASAA" on several vaping-related online shows joined the Board in July and Treasurer Gregory Conley (NJ), a law student (often referred to as CASAA's new "rock star") who joined the Board in February and tirelessly follows tobacco harm reduction legislation for the organization and has already contributed invaluable media contacts, FOIA documents, public testimony and legal support for CASAA. Dorothy Taylor, who is an LPN and active e-cigarette advocate who contributes her medical expertise to the cause, also joined the board back in February.

The current Board of Directors also consists of Ron Ward (MD), informally acting as CASAA legal director, who joined the board in August 2010 and founding directors President Elaine Keller (VA); Vice President Kristin Noll-Marsh; Thad Marney (OR); Drew Gliem (NJ) and medical director Theresa Witt (TX).

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