Thursday, December 22, 2011

Successful smoking cessation with electronic cigarettes in smokers with a documented history of recurring relapses: a case series

Introduction: Smoking cessation programs are useful in helping smokers to quit, but smoking is a
very difficult addiction to break and the need for novel and effective approaches to smoking cessation
interventions is unquestionable. The E-cigarette is a battery-powered electronic nicotine delivery
device that may help smokers to remain abstinent during their quit attempt. We report for the first time
objective measures of smoking cessation in smokers who experimented with the E-cigarette.

Case presentation: Three Caucasian smokers (two men aged 47 and 65 years and one woman aged
38 years) with a documented history of recurring relapses were able to quit and to remain abstinent for
at least six months after taking up a cigarette.

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cisdeepak said...

Atmos So do you conduct any kind of program where you help people to quit smoking.? Or any kind of surgery or something?