Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Indianapolis-Marion County, IN Call to Action

A PROPOSAL FOR A GENERAL ORDINANCE amending Sec. 616 with respect to nonsmoking areas.

This ordinance would:
Ban the use of electronic cigarettes in any public place where smoking is disallowed.

There will be a public City-County Council meeting held on January 9th at 7:00 pm in the Public Assembly Room at the City-County Building, 200 E. Washington St., however, public comments will not be allowed. So it is extremely important to call and write! If you can, get a face-to-face meeting with your councilman to tell your story and demonstrate why e-cigarettes should NOT be included in the smoking ban. If you would like assistance with what to say, please contact us at

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wdstckdr said...

is link to the proposal- Number 352.

Kristin Noll-Marsh said...

Thanks - I fixed the link!

VaporSupporter said...

I'm SO happy I don't live in Indianapolis-Marion County, IN. eCigs, as they are commonly named, are as bad for your health as eating chicken wings! There is no second hand smoke, there is no flame, no ill effects, no tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, or ash. Maybe the health insurance companies don't like them because people are getting healthier. I've been vaping for 6 months, have had NO urge to smoke a cigarette and probably will NEVER go back with what I've come to replace cancer causing chemicals. I hope this fails, vaping should become a legal activity. Thank you

alexpasch said...

This legislation literally kills people. The more acceptable e-cigs become, the more lives they can save. Only uneducated people are against them. Banning them from places where smoking is banned makes absolutely no sense. There is no second hand smoke, and the vapor quickly disappears (it is water vapor, after all).