Friday, January 27, 2012

New Jersey Call to Action!

An act prohibiting smoking in automobiles when children are present

Link to A1016

This bill would: 

Ban smoking and the use of e-cigarettes in cars if children 16 or under are present. A violation would carry a $100 fine.

The bill has been referred to the NJ Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee.

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Rick said...

This country is becoming one of the stupidest places to live. I can't find ONE bad thing about e-cigs anywhere. These things are saving peoples lives. They make it so very easy to quit smoking. When will our government finally realize this? It's probably because of the governments loosing that fat tax on cigarettes. The tobacco companies are probably making issues as well.

VolcanoVaper said...

This is just another stupid bill for NJ. Of course they will probably enforce this one, unlike the law prohibiting talking on a cellphone. Since that was made law more people than ever are doing it!

Davoidofall said...

Where do they get there research from? Do they actually put cigarette smoking and e-cigarettes in the same category? Wake up and actually do some research before planning a ban or fining people. There are bigger things out there that should be regulated. How about making it impossible for anyone under 21 from buying Tylenol. a 5 year old can go into any supermarket drugstore in the US and buy as much Tylenol as they want but that's OK even though less than 20 could have you in the hospital fighting liver failure...Lets get our priorities straight. It all comes down to no money being made by the US Government like big tobacco companies in the US.

BobbyDidge said...

I cannot find anyone in new jersey wanting to fight all the bans. I am from jersey and I really want to take action let's fight all the bans and reverse bans that were already made. C'mon people we can do this!