Monday, February 20, 2012

Facts about 'exploding' e-cigarettes from ECF

The administrator of the electronic cigarette community forum ECF ( has responded to concerns from members and e-cigarette users about recent news of a man seriously injured when his e-cigarette "exploded" in his mouth. 

This information mostly addresses the type of e-cigarette called "mods." Mods are either user-modified or larger manufactured devices which typically use loose lithium-ion batteries rather than the sealed battery design of most mass-produced devices. While most "mods" are designed and built with all of the appropriate features to make them as safe or safer than mass-produced models; a very small number may not have the necessary safety features and could have a higher risk of a dangerous malfunction.

CASAA feels this is good information for e-cigarette users to know and encourages members to read the ECF message below and accompanying link to more information on ECF:

The simple, short-form version is this:
  • It is only certain types of mods (XL specials) that are affected
  • Only metal tube mods, with two batteries inserted, are affected
  • Other types of mods are not affected
  • Regular e-cigarettes are not affected (like the 510, KR808, etc.)
  • Mid-size e-cigs are not affected (like the eGo, Riva, Tornado, etc.)
Only metal tube mods using two batteries for a high-voltage result are implicated in these explosions. Nothing else is affected. Here is some guidance:
  • It is best to use Li-Mn cells (such as the AW 'red' batteries), or protected Li-ion cells, in these 2-cell mods (or any mod, for that matter).
  • Check that the C Rating for the batteries (maximum discharge current) given by the battery manufacturer is at least 2,000mA (2 amps). Batteries with a discharge capability lower than this ARE NOT SUITABLE.
  • Unprotected Li-ion batteries, or batteries with a C Rating below 2,000mA, should not be used.
  • Ideally the mod will have both electrical or electronic AND physical safety features. If so you should be covered, as long as you use the best batteries you can buy.
  • Cutting costs where batteries are concerned IS A VERY BAD MOVE.
  • Good batteries cost about $10 each - $3 batteries for a 2-cell mod are not a good choice at all. You just multiplied the risk by about 1,000 times.
  • If you are using two batteries then you need to be ESPECIALLY CAREFUL.
Only metal tube mods with two batteries have exploded in use. Nothing else is affected.
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NOTE: CASAA is reporting this statement and accompanying link as a resource for informational purposes only. Unless otherwise stated, the statements quoted here and made on the ECF web site are solely the opinion of ECF and/or its representatives.


Rick said...

This is good to know, thanks

S King said...

Thanks for clarifying...of course in mainstream media, the whole story is not revealed.

buzzkill said...

Very good NON engineering checked BS IMO , this lumps ALL stacked battery mods regardless of design into one category , never mind that some Mods that stack batteries and are fully protected have none of these problems , ECF failed to mention this or correct the biased and wrong INFO on the site even though they were informed of the info , to parrot a blanket statement from NON engineers is fear mongering and hurting companies that have been around for a long time including a company that brought the first fully protected mod into the market as well as VV vaping . Sorry but this is total BS ! These are not correct facts.

aldrin james said...

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Shala said...

Therefore, it’s really advisable to read instruction or information about a certain product. To know the precautions needed whenever unforeseen incidents occur.

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