Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Simple Tobacco Fable

By Lou Maiellano, Convenience Store Decisions/Tobacco Today
Imagine, if you will, that European explorers land in Africa, North America or South America in the 14th, 15th or 16th centuries. Upon landing, these explorers find the inhabitants of these exotic new lands drinking a strange, energizing brew and smoking the dried beans of a native tree in hand carved pipes.
But in this case, the brew is from tobacco and the smoke is from the coffee bean. The beverage delivers the energizing effects of nicotine and the pipe delivers the stimulation of caffeine in its rich, aromatic smoke. Given that set of facts in this brief, retelling of the history of the new world, how would today’s world be different? I think we know.
Today we would be looking at ever-increasing taxes, restrictions and bans directed at coffee smokers—who more than a century ago began enjoying the dried beans in a manufactured form that looks suspiciously like what we call cigarettes today. These taxes, bans and restrictions would be the result of years and years of studies that have revealed that smoking coffee causes cancers of the lung and other respiratory organs in the primary user and in those exposed to the smoke of the user. And given the effects of caffeine, we could expect that caffeine would be labeled a dangerous, addictive drug, responsible for endangering the health of billions of people worldwide.[Read More....]

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