Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"We Are Vapers" documentary

CASAA is excited to announce that it will be acting as a principal adviser for "We Are Vapers," a documentary about electronic cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction.

The film, which "will explore the concept of Smoking Tobacco Harm Reduction, e-cigarettes role and the community that has risen alongside it," is currently in the pre-production stage. CASAA hopes everyone will take the time to visit to learn more about the project which is, like CASAA, a grassroots effort in need of participants to tell their story, volunteers, equipment, lodging and donations.

In the case that the contributions exceed the production costs or if the project doesn't raise enough money and can't be produced, they will donate it all, without exception, to the CASAA. As of this post, the producers have raised just over half of the $20,000 goal.

Please consider being a part of this worthy project! Direct contributions may be made here:

Interview w/ Producer/Director Linc Williams about the 
"We Are Vapers" Documentary (includes promo video)

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