Sunday, March 18, 2012

CASAA member encourages members to participate in World Vaping Day

A great message from a CASAA member (known as "Keyzygirl") about World Vaping Day!

I’ve been thinking about World Vaping Day. What an amazing event. Just a few short years ago nobody knew what vaping was. I remember vaping at my kid’s soccer games and people would look at me like I was smoking drugs or something. Now people come up and say “Is that one of those electronic cigarettes?” Times are changing. We have to stay on top of it so that the changes are good! Keep informed and try to help. CASAA is a great way to stay informed. They have an amazing group of people who volunteer their time to keep us informed and to keep vaping from being banned. They are always looking for people to help.

World Vaping Day is next Thursday,March 22nd. If you have a vape group or even a few friends who vape put a meet together or go have a coffee or a beer and vape and get in on it.... [Read More]

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