Monday, April 2, 2012

Indianapolis-Marion County, IN Call to Action

PROP 136 - A PROPOSAL FOR A GENERAL ORDINANCE amending Sec. 616 with respect to nonsmoking areas. 
Link to proposed ordinance

This ordinance would:
Ban the use of electronic cigarettes in any public place where smoking is disallowed.

Prop 136 was sent to the Rules and Public Policy committee. Their next meeting is Tuesday, April 3, at 5:30 PM. Their agenda is not posted yet. Live and archived video is here. So it is extremely important to call and write! If you can, get a face-to-face meeting with your councilman to tell your story and demonstrate why e-cigarettes should NOT be included in the smoking ban. If you would like assistance with what to say, please contact us at

UPDATE: City Councilman Michael J. McQuillen has informed CASAA that he intends to "offer an amendment to exempt e-cigarettes from the smoking ban language" during the Rules and Public Policy Committee meeting on Tuesday April 3rd.

He also told us, "a good showing of concerned citizens would have the most effectiveness during the meeting." So, if you live in the area and can attend, please contact us ASAP! 

Please call or write the members of the City-County Council listed below.

UPDATE: During the Jan. 17th Committee meeting, one of the sponsors of the bill implied that all of the emails they had been receiving were from people who had financial interest in the e-cigarette industry.  When writing to the Council members, please emphasize your personal story and that you are a consumer, not an industry representative.
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