Thursday, July 12, 2012

Swisher Sweets releases new e-cig products to the market.

According to a report by Convenience Store Decisions, tobacco company Swisher Sweets has introduced a line of "e-Swisher" electronic cigarettes and cigars.

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The line plans to provide "high quality" e-cigarettes and an e-cigar that are "assembled, tested and filled in the U.S."
Swisher Sweets are known for its line of flavored cigarellos, including grape, peach, cherry, wine, rum, white grape and strawberry. While many existing electronic cigarette brands currently on the market are also offered to adult smokers in hundreds of non-traditional flavor combinations, the Swisher Sweets e-cigarettes will be available only in "natural" and menthol flavors, while the e-cigar offers "a unique Swisher Sweets taste."  
The e-cigarettes will be available as disposables or as a rechargeable kit in only lower 12 milligram and 18 milligram nicotine levels. The company claims that each e-cigarette is equal to about two packs of cigarettes, which would be about 40 cigarettes and two day's worth for a typical smoker, but recent testing strongly suggests that similar electronic cigarette cartridges equal closer to 6-7 cigarettes for an average smoker. The report did not mention the price the company plans to charge for the devices.
The Swisher Sweets entry into the e-cigarette market is the second by a traditional tobacco company in recent months. Lorillard announced its acquisition of "blu e-cigs" this past April.


Oz said...

Assemled, tested, and filled in the US is nice ... but the wording does kinda point to Chinese parts and Chinese liquid.

Edwin Balder said...

They may be next one hit...

Landmark Electronic Cigarette Settlement After 7 More Sued.

Market experts felt when Lorillard tobacco acquired Blu e-cigarettes weeks ago; they were done with any more lawsuits from Ruyan/Dragonet holdings concerning patent infringements. Not so fast. Ruyan filed 7 more patent infringement lawsuits on June 22 against both big and small e-cig firms including suing Vaporcorp (and Njoy) again. Vaporcorp is the parent brand of Blu e-cigs sold in 7-11’s and Walgreens that according to the suit, all infringe on Ruyan’s powerful USA patents.

While Ruyan continues to relentlessly file infringement cases, it did settle its lawsuit against Nutrade, LLC and Gilbert Cyphert .Seems the Key to the settlement was NuTrade’s independent invention and patent efforts over the last 5 years. The settlement clearly states that 3 out of 4 of the Nutrade e-cigarette models do not infringe on Ruyan’s fundamental patent structures (Nutrade did also agree and paid a penalty to Ruyan based on a massive royalty percentage on sales of their 4th model. Nutrade agreed to no longer make that model) This formal acknowledgment by Ruyan on 3 Nutrade e-cig models goes a long way to protect Nutrade, their distributors and retailers of their products from ongoing legal entanglements. At this time it is not clear what other brands, distributors or retailers can say the same.

Could Ruyan’s next lawsuits target distributors like Core-Mark and retailers like Circle K? It seems they already are moving to that next level. CB Distributors that markets and distributes 21st Century Smokes E-cigarettes was just sued by Ruyan for “product infringement”. This new twist makes the settlement with Nutrade of major consequence. It would seem that for the first time Nutrade e-cig distributors and retailers have what other don’t: more puffs and no lawsuits.

How Ryan’s settlement will affect the value of NuTrade LLC is unknown except for the fact that Vaporcorp was sold for $135 million and Njoy received a 35 million dollar venture capital investment with less of a hand then Nutrade now holds in the electronic cigarette market.

Nutrade LLC key e-cig brand is “The Ciggee” ( .The Ciggee is a USA patent pending disposable that is guaranteed to last longer then any other disposable e-cig on the market and guarantees the best wholesale and retail price points in the industry.
602 265 0299

Sambo Eciger said...

@ Edwin Balder. A lot of mis-facts in your comments Mr Balder.
Ruyan has sued the TOP 10 E-cig manufacturers in the US.
Ruyan has not won a single lawsuit in the US so far. Let them win the first before jumping to conclusions on which distributor/retail chain they will sue next.
Vaporcorp is the manufacturer of "Krave" and 6 other brands of Ecigs. They are listed on the Nasdaq and ownership remains the same.
BLEC makes "blu" and was purchased by Lorillard for $135 million. Ask Jason Healy.
"blu" is sold in Walgreens and not in 7-11's.
"NJOY" and "Xhale" & "LOGIC" are sold in 7-11's.
You obviously work for Nutrade and are trying to plug their product. Just curious what planet is "Ciggee" sold on. Have never seen the brand in any large C-store chain or at any of the Trade Show's with a zillion ecig manufacturer's.

Edwin Balder said...

So the number of retail locations defines your rights..Not one of the firms sued EVER filed an e-cig patent till they were forced to..We respect inventors in the USA..we do not respect knock off product made in china..the fact that cigge went and got a patent first before taking oover retail seems they should have more of your respect...unless you are part of an e-cig firm that never even tryed to get a patent..patents show who did it right..the good old USA way..but you seem to feel if you counterfit a lot of stuff and get a lot of people to sell is ok,,wow!

Sambo Eciger said...

Your comments are not worthy of a reply but here it is anyway. I am not part of a "E-cig firm that never even tried to get a patent".
Where is your product made Mr Balder. In some "knockoff factory in China?". Every e-cig is made in China. Even the ones that claim "Made in USA". The oil is the only thing made in US. All chips, parts, batteries are made in China or Israel.
Do your homework Mr Ciggee before putting a lot of mis-facts.
Check to see who got patents in the USA.
It is not Nutrade for sure.

Gavin Timothy said...

Chinese invented the electronic cigarette but that doesn't mean that every brand is from this country, due to high demands and to meet their expenses almost every tobacco company is producing ecigs.