Friday, September 7, 2012

CASAA responds to untruthful e-cigarette propaganda

CASAA recently filed a complaint against Ellen Hahn, director of the Tobacco Policy Research Program and the Clean Indoor Air Partnership including the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy in the College of Nursing, for attempting to influence a hotel to cancel an e-cigarette meet in Lexington, KY. (Hahn also is the Project Director for a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (NRT manufacturer Johnson & Johnson)-funded project, "Northern Kentucky Clean Indoor Air Collaborative for Healthy Communities.")

Around the same time, under the guise of an organization called "Tobacco-Free UK," which appears to be a University of Kentucky Tobacco-Free Task Force also headed by Ellen Hahn, a poster began springing up around campus as students were returning to start classes. The poster (shown right) was titled "E-Cigarettes - 3 strikes. You're out." and ridiculously attempted to portray e-cigarettes as having no supporting evidence that they help people quit smoking, will cause cancer and are as harmful as breathing in the fumes of nail polish remover, paint thinner and fluid for "embalming dead bodies."

CASAA took some time to research the story behind these claims because, unlike Tobacco-free UK, we pride ourselves in disseminating truthful accurate, scientific and sourceable facts. The resulting flyer (shown left) was first conceptualized and then designed to reveal the falsehoods put forth on the TFUK poster. Because CASAA membership is made up completely of volunteers, the flyer was designed on a white background with very little graphics to keep costs down when printing.

The TFUK poster cited one source for its claims: "E-Cigarettes: Promise or Peril?" co-authored by none other than...Ellen Hahn. So we found the sources listed in her paper and posted them (with actual links) on the corresponding web page for our flyer at Now you can actually see for yourself how twisted and innacurate the "facts" listed on the TFUK poster really are. If you are in the University of Kentucky area, please help get these counter-flyers out on and around the campus!


Ron Rushley said...

Unfortunately, I am painfully aware of Hahn's tactics.

And as a proud member of ECA,and the vaping community, I did attend the Vape Meet that she tried to shut down.

From what I heard and experienced first hand more than a few smokers showed up due to her anti E-Cig rhetoric and left with E-Cig starter kits.

Some of those fine people (to my understanding) have finally found a way to quit smoking and are now members of ECA and the vaping community at large.

But I digress.

The letter sent to the president of UK even after presumably reading it, has decided to stand in support of Hahn while totally ignoring that the propaganda (which in my opinion borders on slander against the electronic cigarette industry as a whole). Personally I wonder if this unwarranted support is to protect funding from Johnson & Johnson.

Hopefully the same letter sent to the Attorney General will have some more well reasoned and meaningful results!

I myself HAD been a smoker for 35 years. I tried every method to quit smoking.

Cold Turkey
Nicotine Patch
Nicotine Gum

All failed with different levels of expensive misery.

April this year, I heard about E-Cigs and decided "what the heck"! I was willing to try anything at this point!

Very long story very short, I bought, I tried and I quit smoking within about 2 weeks. It has been 5 months now.

But still, Hahn and the UK want to deny this option for the simple reason that (again in my own humble opinion) that this scenario does not utilize a product sold by Johnson & Johnson that helps pay her salary therefor justifying her existence and adds to the coffers of the university.

Just one Ex Smokers Opinion!
(not bought and paid for by anyone or any organization)

Bluesrains said...

Congrat to you for quitting. Im in the same boat. Smoked for over 40 years 2 packs and more a day. Im now smoke free, 3 months. I love vaping. I feel so much better! Like you I tried all the other options, but this worked. My two sisters have also been able to quit cigarettes. I think its the best invention next to bread!!! And Im willing to fight for the right to keep vaping.

mountainurse said...

Thank you CASAA for all you do!! I know the average e-cig seller/retailer/user doesn't even realize how fragile this industry is and sadly, many are in it for the fast buck. Thank you for keeping this a viable alternative for so many.
Erin Carney; Shasta Vape

Muhammad Amir said...
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