Thursday, November 1, 2012

North Dakota: Don't forget to vote against Measure 4!

On November 6th, voters in North Dakota will be given the option to vote for or against Measure 4, which is being advertised only as a smoking ban  in all workplaces in the state, as well as outdoors within 20 feet of building entrances. What most voters don't know is that this measure also includes smoke-free electronic cigarettes. CASAA urges our members vote "No" on Measure 4 and to ask their friends, family and co-workers to do the same.

"At one time, [public health and anti-tobacco] groups claimed they were only concerned with protecting the health and safety of bystanders. Now it is clear that the goal is much broader," wrote CASAA President Elaine Keller on the AntiTHRLies blog.  "Their “denormalization of smoking” really means the “demonization of smokers.” And if smokers are demons, it’s OK to punish them, in some of the worst possible ways, even after they have stopped smoking."

"The ballot language itself and the propaganda issued by the anti-smoker groups that initiated the measure contain some blatantly false claims as well as implied false claims," she wrote.

To find out the truth about those claims read the full editorial at North Dakota’s Lies Freeze Out Smokers and Former Smoker.

CASAA will be running awareness announcements on the affiliate radio stations for Clear Channel, Fox Sports,  Radio Fargo and Leighton Broadcasting the day before.

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Red Dragon Vapors said...

A very important matter here! It is in my opinion a violation of my rights. Please vote no on measure 4.