Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sign the EU petition

The Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association UK (ECCA-UK) has asked CASAA to help spread the word about a petition to stop the ban of electronic cigarettes in the European Union. CASAA encourages our members to also sign this petition in a show of solidarity with our European counterparts. ECCA-UK assures us that every signature counts, whether or not you reside in the EU. As we know, many policies of other countries are used as supporting evidence to ban use in our country.

According to the petition site:
[The] European Union is poised to ban electronic cigarettes, forcing smokers to be able to use only the most hazardous possible nicotine-containing products...cigarettes This ban would maximize disease and death in Europe...

The petition can be found at:

Please sign it and then share the link with your friends on social media such as your Facebook groups and page, Twitter, Google+ and vaping forums and groups. Vapers around the world have stuck together and made huge progress - let's keep it going!

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