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Call to Action! Submit Written Comments – Sec. 918 of Tobacco Act


The FDA held a public hearing on Section 918 on Monday, December 17, 2012. Many THR advocates testified. See:

For the hearing, we issued a Call to Awareness. This is now a related (as noted below) but separate Call to Action. The FDA will use the testimony that was given at the December 17 hearing, plus the written comments submitted by January 16, 2013 as input for the report to Congress required by the Tobacco Act. 

How to Submit Written Comments:

To submit a comment electronically: On the page!documentDetail;D=FDA-2012-N-1148-0011 (Link updated 1/3/13), click the “Comment Now” button. Comments that you type into the comment field are limited to 2,000 characters. If your comment is longer, you can upload a file that contains your comment and just type “See attachment” into the Comment field.

To submit a comment by U.S. Mail: Send to the Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305), Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061, Rockville, MD 20852. Identify comments with the docket number [Docket No. FDA-2012-N-1148].

Electronic or written comments will be accepted until January 16, 2013.

What to Say:

1. Describe your history as a smoker: When did you start? How long did you smoke? How much did you smoke?

2. Describe your quitting attempts: How many times did you try to quit? What different products and methods did you try? What did you like and dislike about the products or methods you tried?

3. If you stopped smoking completely some time in the past and experienced problems such as feeling depressed and/or anxious, getting along with others, concentrating, remembering, etc. describe those experiences.

4. Describe the effects switching to e-cigarettes has had on how much you smoke now.

5. Describe the health effects you have experienced as a result of switching to e-cigarettes (and/or snus).

6. Tell the FDA that there should not be any time limit on using NRTs, but that it would be better to raise the amount of nicotine each piece provides than to have people use multiple types of products.

7. Tell the FDA that innovative products such as e-cigarettes should not be made less effective by setting nicotine doses too low.

8. If you use e-liquid (or snus) that has a pleasant flavor added (such as fruit, candy, beverage), tell the FDA that this has helped you and describe how.

9. Urge the FDA to not propose the "deeming" regulation because it would ban e-cigarettes, and would sharply increase the price and reduce accessibility of the products even if FDA exempted e-cigarettes from the most onerous provisions in Chapter IX.

10. Ask the FDA to remove text from its web site that is inaccurate and/or misleading.

·         For example, many people believe that e-cigarettes are very likely to cause cancer or poison the user because the FDA “forgot” to mention that the amount of carcinogens detected in liquid are no higher than in pharmaceutical nicotine products such as the patch and gum, and that the only toxin detected was in an amount that has never been shown to endanger health.
·         Many people that might have switched to snus, which is much less hazardous to health than smoking, but they were convinced to continue smoking instead by the misleading statement “This product is not a safe alternative to smoking.


The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (Tobacco Act) was structured to regulate cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and “roll your own” under a newly created Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) and to continue regulation of so-called “Nicotine Replacement Products” (NRPs) products and other drugs to treat “tobacco addiction” under the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER.)

The concept of Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) was introduced in Section 911 of the Tobacco Act, which calls for the CTP to define a process to test and approve “Modified Risk Tobacco Products” (MRTPs.)

Currently, the NRTs that are regulated by CDER have one purpose—total abstinence from nicotine. But ‘SEC. 918. DRUG PRODUCTS USED TO TREAT TOBACCO DEPENDENCE’ asks the Secretary of Health and Human Services to consider:
(1.) Designating products for fast-track research and approval within the meaning of Sec. 506 (See § 356. Fast track products
(2.) Extended use of NRPs
(3.) Additional indications for NRPs, such as for craving relief or relapse prevention

Sec. 918(b) requires the Secretary to submit a report to congress “that examines how best to regulate, promote, and encourage the development of innovative products and treatments (including nicotine-based and non-nicotine-based products and treatments) to better achieve, in a manner that best protects and promotes the public health--
(A) total abstinence from tobacco use;
(B) reductions in consumption of tobacco; and
(C) reductions in the harm associated with continued tobacco use.”

If you substitute the word “smoking” for the words “tobacco use” in these three items, they fit the goals of the THR community. Until now, total abstinence from all tobacco use (not just from smoking) was the only regulatory goal of our government. This is still true within the World Health Organization and the European Union’s Tobacco Control Framework. Sections 911 and 918 would change our focus to include measures to mitigate the harm caused by smoking.

Currently e-cigarettes are not regulated under either the CTP or CDER, but the CTP has announced that it intends to issue a deeming regulation that would bring e-cigarettes and other tobacco products under the Agency’s regulatory authority.


Kim Metz said...

My Name is Kimberlee & I started smoking at age 14. I had smoked about a pack a day for 42 years.I've tried numerous times to quit & when the patches came out I thought I would be able to. I tried them at least 9 different times throughout the years & was able to quit while on them but as soon as I had completed the time I would go back to smoking. I also tried the gum but couldn't get past the taste of it so it didn't work. I tried hypnosis & acupuncture at one time & again went back to smoking. In the last 3 years of my smoking I was determined to quit. I had started coughing to the point that my Husband & I could not even go to a indoor movie or out to dinner, I was coughing & hacking about every 3 minutes. It was terribly embarrassing & everywhere I went people would ask me if I was ok. It just got to be too much. In April of 2011 I coughed so hard I separated the muscle from the rib cage & was in dire pain every time I had to cough. I still could not quit. In June of 2011 I saw an ad for an ecig & decided to give it a try. It looked like a cigarette & seemed to work pretty well. I bought it at a kiosk at 24mg nicotine. I was so surprised when I was able to switch right over. I quit that next day!!! I have been off cigarettes ever since. It has been 19 months, I have NEVER gone this long without a cigarette. The longest I ever went was 9 weeks with the patch. This is an amazing device & has saved my life. I sleep better, I can now walk about 2 miles without being out of breath, I am no longer coughing & I smell great!! For me this is a miracle. I've watched my Mom with COPD from smoking & dreaded that would someday be me. Now I am sure it won't be. I haven't felt this much energy for years, I am so happy.Although i started out at 24 mg nicotine I have successfully been dropping the milligrams of nicotine over the year. I am now at 12mg & when I get down to 6mg I will probably stay there. I don't plan on stopping the use of my ecig. I will probably use it forever. I never want to go back to smoking cigarettes & this satisfies me. I also hope the FDA will take down the lies they have been saying about ecigs causing cancer & poisoning people & scaring them away from using ecigs. I think there is nothing wrong with them but if you want to call them harm reduction that's fine. I really wish the truth would come out about ecigs instead of the big tobacco companies & pharmaceutical companies trying to sabotage them with lies so they don't lose money. It's a very sad day when you think that money is more important than the health of millions of people & you're afraid of the lobbyists for these big companies trying to take them away from us. Our own government!! I really hope all of you will think this through & make sure that people like me can have a healthier life using ecigs. Thank you for reading this.

Kimberlee Metz

smarterthantheaveragebear said...

My name is Vickie Rahn. I am 48 years old and smoked for more than 30 years. I smoked two packs a day until August 14, 2012. I developed various health problems due to cigarette smoking and was becoming sicker, to the point of not being able to sleep at night due to the wheezing noises trying to breathe. In June of 2012 my husband purchased two electronic cigarette kits at a local tobacco shop and we began our journey to freedom. By August 14th I had cut down to only one cigarette per day. August 14th I smoked one last cigarette and I have not looked back. Over the years I have tried nearly every known treatment and aid to stop smoking. This includes patches, gums, and prescription meds including Wellbutrin. My doctor did all in her power to help me stop smoking as well. Nothing worked. Today I am no longer wheezing constantly and am able to sleep again. I am no longer coughing continually. I feel healthier and stronger than I have for a long time. Currently I use eliquids of various flavors with 24 mg of nicotine. I plan to cut my nicotine level down slowly until I get to 3mg. I will stay with 3mg so I will not be tempted back to cigarettes. I will never stop using ecigs as I don't want to ever go back to cigarettes again. Ecigs have literally saved my life. Ecigs were my last hope to ever quit smoking. I enjoy using ecigs and love the choices I have in e-liquids. I also love being able to control the amount of nicotine I am getting and the huge assortment of flavors. Electronic cigarettes are a miracle for me who had given up all hopes of successfully quitting smoking. I was in bondage to cigarettes. The ecig satisfies my desire to smoke. I do not feel like I am being deprived as I did when I used gum, patches or drugs. The ecig is a perfect substitute and far less harmful than the cigarettes. FDA, pls do not propose "deeming" as this would be my death sentence. Please remove inaccurate info from your site also and stop misleading ppl

ali menteş said...

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Rwoodin said...

I'm trying to submit comment on link!documentDetail;D=FDA-2012-N-1148-0001
It says comments are due by 01/02/2013 11:59PM ET

Here is my comment at any rate...
I smoked 37 years from age 13 to age 50. 1 to 2 packs a day. Started to try

quitting by early 30's. Tried TV smoke stopping programs, tried nicorette gum,

tried patch, tried counting number of cigarettes, tried smoking/not smoking at

different times, tried putting out cigarettes early, tried putting cigarettes out

late, tried cutting filters off, tried cutting top of cigarettes off, tried cold

turkey - all of these attempts failed quickly. Never smoke free more than 1-4

days. By age 50 my lungs were constantly congested, I had a flemmy, wet, smokers

cough constantly, I came down with bronchitis and sinus infections roughly 2 or

more times a year. I got winded very easy. I resigned myself to dying from

cigarettes because I could not give them up - just like both my parents. I bought

ecigs at mall in 8/2009 so I could smoke in house without creating smell because

we were trying to sell the house. They were OK. I continued to smoke but cut down

some at night at home and smoked ecigs. Then I bought 2 more types of ecigs

online. The 3rd type I tried was very much like a 'real' cigarette. Without any

preplanning I told myself I would try to just smoke ecigs for a couple of days.

Those days turned to weeks and then months and then I realized I was smoke free.

I was amazed that I had quit cigarettes. My withdrawal was maybe 10% as difficult

as withdrawal cold turkey or with patch/gum. I have not had 1 cigarette since

10/16/2009. My lungs cleared up completely within 2 months, my sense of smell

returned in about the same time, I do not get winded anywhere near as easy and I

exercize regularly. In a nutshell - ecigarettes saved my life and drastically

improved the quality of my life. I have no desire to smoke cigarettes. I have

watched and been very upset by the FDA falsly claiming ecigarettes are bad. They

contain no smoke, no carbon dioxide, no harmful chemicals and with nicotine, are

the same level of cancer risk as any other nicotine replacement product. That is

my story.

Adam Hicks said...

My name is Adam Hicks and I have smoked from the age of 14 to 28. I am a 30 year old who has not touch a cigarette/ tobacco product in over a year. I have attempted use with the patch, gum, hypnosis, and pills to stop smoking tobacco products which have all proven to be expensive and non effective. Since i have stopped use with Tobacco products, i have been able to complete 2 marathon runs (26.2) and a relay race of 77.7 miles. Both my personal and work lives have benefited with the e-cigs. The e-cig has given me the change to exercise without being held down by the affects of tobacco use. All in all, my life has improved drastically by converting to vape over smoke. Your time and energy spent to abolish the electronic cigarettes are being poorly used when there are bigger issues you, the FDA, should be looking at.

Kristin Noll-Marsh said...

Elaine spent some time on the phone with the FDA this morning and found out that when the original deadline passed yesterday, they created a whole new docket number rather than keep the old one up (that's government efficiency for you, lol!)

The link in the post above has been updated to the new link and is working now.

NOTE: We do hope that everyone is entering comments at the FDA web site and not just in the comment area here. Otherwise, thank you for sharing your comments here, as well!

Dougland said...

I started smoking when I got to college, became a 3 pack a day smoker and tried quitting numerous times with the patch, gum and cold turkey. NOTHING WORKED. I was put in the hospital for health problems and every doctor told me I needed to quit smoking, told me i was killing myself slowly and it was not good for me at my young age of 22. Early last year (6/27/12) I was lucky enough to find the ecig that changed my life. I was able to kick the habit and have been cigarette free for over 6 months now.

Unknown said...

I'm 51 years old and still do occasionally have a cigarette, but the e-cigarette has taken care of all the coughing and wheezing I used to have. I think it is a terrible thing that the FDA wants to lie and badmouth a product that works and has a high success rate. Soon I hope to be completely on e-cigaettes. If the FDA wants to badmouth something, why haven't they been badmouthing and taking cigarettes off the shelf? Everybody else started smoking because cigarettes are widely accessible to anyone over 18, but they are leaving that addicting, fatal product out there but want to complain about e-cigarettes? Oh, wait, no tax revenue from e-cigarettes. Alcohol also kills people. What happened to freedom of choice? Is our country turning that communist that anything we think is good for us, our government says isn't, because it's not making them money? There must be people in the FDA that don't smoke becauase if there were smokers in the FDA who tried the e-cigarette, they'd recommend it.

Christopher Synther Wilson said...

I'm 39 and I've been smoking since I was 14. I've smoked about a pack a day for 25 years. The biggest problem that I've had with quitting is that I actually love to smoke. I like trying different tobaccos, rolling my own cigarettes, and just generally like to smoke. But I know that it is bad for me. I've tried numerous times to quit and failed every time because none of the other stop smoking methods are even remotely similar to smoking. The patch didn't work, irritated my skin, and I would have a cigarette within 15 minutes of taking it off. The nicotine gum tastes awful, isn't like smoking, and I'd spit it out and have a cigarette. I recently got engaged and made the firm decision to get a DSE901 eCigarette to live a healthier life for my fiancee. She's agreed to do this with me and both of us are now a month into being completely tobacco free. This is the only device that has gotten me off of tobacco and smoking. I can breath better and generally feel better because of it. Why did the eCigarette work for me? Because it is enough like smoking that I can indulge my vice without having to actually smoke. It's really that simple.

Will said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James DeTar said...

My name is James and I had been smoking for 18 years. One day last summer my good pal come over to my house to hang out. When he got here instead of pulling out his cigarettes and having a smoke, he pulls out this funny pipe looking thing and says check out what my neighbor just turned me on to. He then began to explain that this was an electronic cigarette and he is going to use it to quit smoking cigarettes. He was very enthusiastic and my wife began to get excited because she thought I was going to jump on the bandwagon with my pal. My wife quit smoking 3 weeks before we got married so she would have one more thing to give me a hard time about throughout our marriage. I heard his little pitch and promptly told him he was nuts. “You smoke like I do man, sorry dude, but your crazy. This funny little device will never work for you and I’m not going to be a part of it.” At that he didn’t ask me about it again, but he used his device that day, and every day after that until now.
Jump forward about 14 months, I had lost my grandpa to COPD and Emphysema shortly before I was first introduced to my buddy’s new little toy, and my dad was just told he had the lungs of a 72 year old man at 58 years old. I am beginning to get up to 2 packs of smokes a day and having my usual hard time breathing as we were getting to the hottest, most humid part of the summer. One day while having one of my “Asthma attacks” even though I don’t have Asthma, my wife says, you need to go talk to Chuck. He has not been smoking for over a year now, maybe his method will work for you. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that, I had already tried to quit about 10 times this year, using gum, patches, candy, and suckers, anything I could try. But never thought to talk to Chuck about his awkward little device, of course by this point he had this giant cannon looking thing.
I talked to him about my desire to stop smoking and he seemed optimistic . When I got there he handed me a Bloog starter kit and said “here dude, try to use this tonight”. I said what, you’re going to forbid me from smoking in your garage now man. He said no man, smoke if you want but just try to use this. I was ready at this point to make an honest effort so, on those terms, I happily accepted his gift, and used it. Our game session lasts about 6 hours and normally in that time I would smoke at least 12 or 15 cigarettes. This night, while using the Bloog, I only smoked about 4 cigarettes. On the way home my wife commented on how much better her hair smelled compared to our normal visits to play games.
I liked the Bloog, and it really worked. The next day, I made way over to the local vape shop and purchased a 1000 mah Ego Twist and 2 Stardust tanks. I really liked this Twist thing, even though I still continued to smoke my cigarettes, just not nearly as much. I used the Bloogs and Twist until Monday. That’s when I went back to the vape shop and picked up another Twist. So I was set now, I had 2 devices that worked really well, yet I continued to smoke. It was on Wednesday that I finished the pack I opened on my way to Chucks on Friday. I was so amazed that I went from 2 packs a day to one pack lasting me 5 days, instantly after beginning to use the Electronic cigarette.
I feel better today than I have in years, I went the rest of the summer with no more “Asthma attacks”, my sinuses and head have opened up, and I even hear a little better. I no longer wonder if I am allergic to my cats, even though the doctor says I am not. I can taste my food and smell it before it is on the plate in front of me. I went to the doctor last month for my annual physical and she said my lungs sound years younger than she had documented the previous year. And the best part, I no longer run my wife out of the room while watching sports. The quality of my life has certainly improved and I owe it all to Chuck’s funny looking pipe thing.

Jay Smith said...

My name is Jerald Smith, I live in Logansport IN and I am an e-cig user.

I am writing you because I fear they may be made completely illegal and I will lose out on what has been the most effective harm reduction method I've ever tried.

All I know is that I was a 20 yr smoker, topping out at 2 1/2 packs per DAY! I wanted to quit as I knew it was killing me but I enjoyed it so much that I simply made excuses rather than address the issue. UNTIL

LAST YEAR!........

On Feb 14th 2012 I walked into a tobacco store, flipped the last cigarette in my pack, bought an ego kit and NEVER LOOKED BACK! I've been vaping for almost a year now and it has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences in my life. I would have never thought that I could enjoy nicotine and be healthy at the same time...

I will not deny that quitting ALL TOGETHER is best but as it stands I feel much better, BREATHE much better and have more energy than I have had in years.

I am not a doctor or scientist and honestly I don't really know how harmful (if at all) e-cigarettes are but I DO know the effect they have had on me! My family (wife and five children) couldn't be happier, My wife enjoys not having to "kiss an ashtray" and my children love that Dad is able to things with them that I never had the wind or energy to do before. I actually DID try other methods but to no avail

Also (while they DO cater to an addiction) the addiction seems to have diminished.,,, I've noticed that when I am unable to vape the cravings aren't NEARLY as intense as when I used to run out of cigarettes. So they are not only healthier but also seem to usher in a less significant dependency on nicotine.

So this has been my experience and (no offense) but it troubles me that an organization geared towards public health would seek to deny me a better and healthier life....Especially in light of the many things that ARE "approved" and frankly pose MANY more health risks than e-cigs

pax said...

I started smoking when I was 12 years old. I smoked from then until December 2010 (I am turning 42 next month.) I usually smoked a pack to 2 packs a day.

I tried various times to quit, but always went back to smoking. Either I would crave a cigarette, or the stuff I tried didn't taste good, or didn't take the full effect of needing a cig away.

I have been vaping for 2 years now. I am a chain vaper just like I was a chain smoker. I love the fact that there are different juices out there for me to vape.

I can breathe, things taste better since switching to vaping. I don't have a cough, and haven't had a severe bronchitis like I use to. I use to be at the hospital or doc with this and severe sinus infections. I haven't had this happen since I started vaping. I don't crave cigarettes anymore and have been vaping for 2 years.

I vape at 12mg and if nicotine levels were lower than that then I would end up probably going back to smoking. Non smokers don't understand that if a person is not getting the amount of nicotine that there body is use to, then there are harsh withdrawals, depression, anger, nervousness, etc. happen.

All of my e-liquid has fruit flavor in them. I usually have two different juices going through the day because I want a different taste. They all have such a great fruit flavor that it tastes just like the fruit itself.

We do not need the FDA to regulate, or ban the sales of e-cigs, or the juices. This is a healthier alternative for smokers to switch too. Not only does it make people live healthier lives, but it also is building jobs here in the USA for people that would otherwise be unemployed.

The FDA needs to make sure that it does it's studies accurately. Until they do they need to remove things that are unproven or totally false.

Ronnie Smith said...

My name is Ronald Sidney Smith,i started smoking tobacco at the age of 12,i smoked until was 18,i quit for 40 years and started just 3 years ago again, i just quit again now for 1 month.I was and average smoker,maybe 1/2 pk/day.I tried to quit many timeS between the age of 12 to 18 years of age,i smoked regular non menthol brands.I disliked coughing up blood.I diDnt have any withdrawls really.The effects ecigs have had on me is my health has improved big time. Innovative products such as e-cigarettes should not be made less effective by setting nicotine doses too low.If you ban ecigs and pure natural nicotine ,my health problems will fall on your hands.So please dont kill me.

MrsDawn said...

My name is Mrs Dawn, I am 57 and was a smoker for over 35 yrs. but 4 yrs ago I tried an ecig and then moved on to some different kits and ect. and when I started using ecigs more than analogs I told my family doctor (who said I needed to quit due to my wheezing and ect.)and he was curious about the usage of ecigs and kept close watch for over a 18 month period on my prgress. I have had alot of wheezing and got hoarse easy since I am an entertainer and singing is something I enjoy but always had probs with loosing my voice if I sang too much and had alot of wheezing in my lungs for past 20 yrs or more and then Jan. of 2012 at a checkup he noticed I didn't have any wheezing and said it sounded like I had new set of lungs.Following summer of 2012 I went to allergist for yearly checkup and he agreed to statements my family doctor said about my lungs being clear. I got my voice back with no hoarsness and maybe ONE cold that was minor for the past 2 yrs. and can take deep breaths with no wheezing at all. I was ready to give up the things I enjoyed but now it is a whole new life style that I am enjoying thanks to electric cigs and We do not need the FDA to try to control or ban the sales of e-cigs. They not banning reg analogs, I still see them in stores and these are safer. There's no cure yet but I know I will live longer with less health troubles and save the medical field alot of money. I am have been 16 months analog free!

shoessive said...

My name is Camille Stottlemyre. I started smoking when I was 30 and I am almost 39. I was a pack to a pack and a half smoker per day. I hacked, coughed and got sick often. I quit with Chantix for awhile. Chantix was awful and I would never ever do it again as I wanted to die. During the time I quit smoking wanted to smoke often. I began smoking again for another 2 years and dreaded Chantix. I quit running because my lungs hurt. I tried quitting smoking often but always started again. I tried the nicotine gum but it just did not help me. (not to mention I have several friends who have chewed the gum for 6 years plus. I quit with the vapor cig last Feb. 21, 2012. I have not had one cig since then. My vapor cig in the flavor choices has totally helped me through all cravings. The FDA should not put any time limit on using NRTs, it would be better to raise the amount of nicotine each piece provides than to have people use multiple types of products. Also, if the FDA limits the nicotine level I think it would greatly hinder the ability for people to quit. I tried several flavors and nicotine levels until I found what worked for me. I am sure the big tobacco companies have their lobby involved in this some how. I have so many friend who have quit with Vapor. I think the FDA Should be honest and remove the warnings they have because Vapor is no more harmful than patches or gum and you can get those items from almost every state for free. Vapor has changed the life of many. It would be tragic for the FDA to keep people from quitting because of politics. I feel a million times better since I quit this time. I know I will not smoke again this time.

JJinVA said...
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JJinVA said...

My name is Jason Johnson. I started smoking at the age of 7 (off and on), and began a steady smoking habit by the age of 15. I've been smoking a pack to two packs a day for the last 16 years. When I was still drinking, I would smoke up to 3 packs a day. I noticed my overall health was deteriorating and I had to find a way to quit. I had tried many times (at least 20 times) with failed attempts to quit smoking completely, and when I picked back up, I picked up right where I had left off. I tried throat lozenges, the patch, nicotine gum, cold-turkey, everything. None of them worked, they tasted god awful terrible, and many of the products still contained cancer causing agents themselves, (mind you, these were APPROVED by the FDA...) Whenever I HAD to stop smoking for periods, (classes, work, etc) I was very irritable and my overall mood was not very pleasant to be around.

When I began using the electronic vapor products, I immediately noticed that, every aspect of my addiction to cigarettes was being satisfied by this substitute. The obvious Pro's were that, although it is made up of 4 to 5 chemicals, and a cigarette may have upwards of 4000, it is very evidently the wiser decision as far as health is concerned. Also, with a multitude of flavors and nicotine percentages allowing for controllable content that can be monitored by the user, the flavors leave a pleasant smell in the air, a good taste in my mouth, and an overall enjoyable experience versus that of a stinky,cancer causing, cigarette. My breathing has improved greatly since beginning use with the electronic cigarette of my choice. My overall health has improved. I have an increase in energy which means, I'm able to get more work done, and just have a better quality of life in general. I have family and friends who, would otherwise, send me outside to smoke my old cigarettes. Whereas, today, they will ask me to vape INDOORS, because they enjoy the smell and are very unintimidated by the vapor, (as they should be. I tend to think of it as being as dangerous as a humidifier, in comparison to cigarettes of course). Should the FDA get it's way with lowering the nicotine content, this otherwise healthy and obviously beneficial alternative may cease to be the alternative choice. With that said, it would be back to the old days of off and on smoking with the inevitable cancer at the end of the road, and why on Earth would anyone FAVOR that?

But as far as the flavors go. I have never in my life smoked a "cotton candy" flavored cigarette. Infact, every cigarette I have ever smoked has done just as much damage to my mouth as it has my lungs. But when vaping, or, using an electronic cigarette device, I am able to rest assured that I am absolutely minimizing the damage (if any at all) that may be done to my mouth or lungs. As well as, the obvious benefit or having cotton candy flavored breath!

I would ask that the FDA keep their greedy little hands out of this one and stop killing us, to be quite frank about it. I truly feel that the FDA does far more good than bad, but, some of the decisions they make are obviously the wrong and most destructive decisions they could have made. Leave this one alone and allow us to continue vaping and recovering from the cancer causing products. The reality is, there is no conclusive evidence that suggests that vaping is anywhere NEAR as dangerous as smoking cigarettes, and to even suggest so is misleading, and even deliberately incorrect.

So yeah, to sum this up. I'm not interested in any other alternatives to quitting smoking. This is the alternative of choice for me. It's the only one that has ever worked. It's an enjoyable experience for myself as well as those around me. It's the healthier choice, (in my objective opinion, having tried and evaluated other products deemed to be "safe" by the FDA), and I have no desire to try a different method. This is the one that works for me. So if you could, please, leave this alone. Thank you.

JoHo57 said...

I started smoking when I was six years old. I smoked until I was 50. I quit ten, maybe fifteen times in all those years. My health had declined until I could no longer walk up and down stairs or engage in any kind of physical exertion. When the e-cig came out, I gave it a try...and quit smoking.
Since then, I have started walking and have lost over one hundred pounds in one year. I can breath and walk and laugh without gasping for breath. My sleep apnea is gone and I do not even snore anymore!
Yes, there is nicotine in my e-cig juice but the my lungs are clear for the first time in years. This device saved my life and the quality of my life. I have doctor's proof of the weight loss, my low blood pressure and if needed, my dentist's records of the fact that my gums are now healthy because the smoke restricted the amount of oxygen to my mouth. If the FDA wants to help people, then they should be concerned about food additives.

Lisa Fazalare said...

I smoked for 32 years!! The majority of my adult life. I was addicted, yes, and no matter what I tried I could not stop. I smoked 1 to 1 1/2 packs a day. Pills, patches, you name it..still smoked. One day a friend showed me her e-cig (which is a ridiculous name because they are NOT cigarettes). I thought , this is sort of neat, I might cut down if I try these. Well, I did more than cut down, I stopped. I realized shortly thereafter, that a large part of my addiction was to the ACTION of smoking, the rituals...not just the nicotine. Holding the device, drawing in the vapor and exhaling..which was as satisfying as smoking had been, was what ultimately helped me stop smoking cigarettes. Of course the nicotine was still there, so I had no adverse affects, such as withdrawl to deal with. I started with a rather high level of nicotine and have slowly lowered it, until sometimes I use no nicotine at all. I could never have done that with pills and or patches. It is imperative that the amount of nicotine in the devices be adequate for an individual to be able to lower the levels at their own personal rate. Too low and it will be another failure the way of the present drugs that are all too often innafective for smoking cessation.
It has been a year since I've begun vaping. Miraculous!! Whereas before e-cigs I could never make it past a week, it has been a YEAR. I haven't had bronchitis within this year. I can sleep through the night without waking myself coughing. These are a Godsend.

bigbubba7373 said...

My Name is david affannato I started smoking at age 10. I had smoked 2 packs a day for 29 years.I've tried everything to quit & when the patches and pills came out I thought I would be able to. I have tried them all at least 50 different times throughout the years & was never able to quit while on them.In June of 2012 I was determined to quit I saw an ad for a ecig vaping device & decided to give it a try. It looked like a cigarette & seemed to work very good.I bought it a.s.a.p at a vape store 24mg nicotine. I was very surprised when I was able to switch right over to vaping.I quit that day!!! I have been off cigarettes ever since. It has been more than 7 months now, I have NEVER gone this long without a cigarette. The longest I ever went was 2 days with the pills and gum. This is an amazing device & has saved my life. I sleep better, I can now walk about 2 to 3 miles a day without being out of breath, I am no longer coughing & I smell great!! For me this is a miracle. I've watched my Mom die of cancer from smoking & dreaded that would someday be me.but Now I am sure it won't be me. I haven't felt this good since i was 10 years old or had this much energy for years, I am so happy.Although i started out at 24 mg nicotine I have successfully droped to 16 milligrams of nicotine since i started vaping. I am now at 16mg & when I get down to 6mg I will stay there. I don't plan on stopping the use of my ecig vaping device. I will probably use it for the rest of my life. I never want to go back to smoking cigarettes & this satisfies me. I hope the FDA will take down the lies they have been saying about ecigs vaping devices causing cancer & poisoning people & scaring them to not use ecigs vaping devices. I think there is nothing wrong with them they save lifes but if you want to call them harm reduction that's fine. I really just hope the truth will come out about ecigs vaping devices instead of big tobacco companies & pharmaceutical companies trying to sabotage them with lies so they don't lose money. It's a very sad thing when you think that money is more important than the health of millions of people & you're afraid of the lobbyists for these big companies trying to take them away from us. Our own government!! I really hope all of you will think this through & make sure that people like me can have a healthier life using ecigs vaping devices. Thank you for reading this vaping has saved my life and got me healthy

Michael's Mindful Ramblings said...

I smoked for roughly twenty five years and my wife, Jen, smoked for over ten. When we got married we decided that would be the end of our smoking habit. Well, that lasted about two months and both of us were back smoking again. People kept saying that after that amount of time all the nicotine would be out of our systems, but there is something more to cigarette smoking than just nicotine. Some talk of the ritual of smoking... or the triggers for smoking. All I know is that we were unable to quit cold turkey because the cravings and the ritual were just too much to overcome.

Then I heard ab out electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) and after reading everything I could find about them I decided to give it a try. Jen did the same and within two weeks we were done smoking. That was almost a year and a half ago and neither of us smoke any longer. Jen doesn't even use her e-cig anymore and I've gone from 18-24mg juice down to 6mg liquids. For me I think it's the ritual that keeps me using the e-cig, though I puff on that far less than I did on the "real" cigarettes. My point is, when all else failed, e-cigs helped us quit smoking... and do so very easily.

Now as the FDA moves in to "regulate" them, the e-cig world is fearful. I myself doubt these "regulations" will make e-cigs more available to smokers. Regulation tends to raise prices and reduce availability, but that is just the opposite of what we need. We need to make e-cigs MORE available so MORE people can quit smoking like Jen and I did. I have made literally hundreds of friends in the vaping community and all sing the praises of e-cigs and how they were saved from a lifetime of smoking. Please... Help e-cigs get to as many smokers as possible. To do otherwise is to bear responsibility for the many thousands of lives that will be lost to smoking.

Rjrolyn Pedraza said...

This is absurd to begin with by the FDA. FDA, you and your staff rather sell cigarettes and see 2nd smokers die while your asses can make more money and hike the taxes even more on cigarettes. Let me tell you something. Ive been a smoker 20+ years many times ive tried to quit but it was impossible. One day a good friend mentioned the ECIGS. I was skeptical but and said to myself, Why not try it. Im glad i did. Why, I feel much better physically and mentally. I did this for myself and for my family. I wanna live a longer life grow old and gray side by side with wife and see our only son get married and have kids and experience being grand parents. Now that i use Ecigs my family dont complain and dont have to worry about them being a second hand smoker. FDA you got to understand something here, Us Vapors / Ecig users got our freedom back and now your taking our freedom by taking what we accomplished in many ways by dropping the cigarette habbit. I know majority of you FDA staff smokes a cigarette and ask yourselves, I should try the ECIGS. Youll be glad you did. So you can let Phillip Morris know, Sorry it was fun while it lasted smoking cigarettes and give us the freedom and let us chose the direction the right way and be cigarette FREE !!!

AmieLyn said...

my name is Amie. I am 31 I started smoking cigarettes when I was 14. I tried everything to stop smoking. the patches made me dizzy and sick as well as the gum. the pills have mire side effects than smoking. I started vaping a year ago in February and have not touched a cigarette since! My boyfriend is 35 and smoked as long as me and did the sane thing. the E-Cigarette is the only product I have tried that has helped me. I did nit gain weight I lost it because I had tons mire energy! I could breathe easier! I can smell better! I vape fruity flavors mainly. those taste so great! No bad breathe no yellow teeth!!!!! I have tried quitting cold turkey and I was so irritable no one wanted me around or they were poking cigarettes in my face begging me to smoke. I would get depressed, not with my e- cig!!! There should be no limit to the amount of NRT's You can't put a limit on the nicotine either. I vape at a 24-18 mg. This is the best thing ever! There are no health risks. I can't believe you would actually want to regulate something that actually helps you stop smoking and works without making you sick!!!! Don't you guys want Americans to stop smoking?? I totally believe in this product 100%!!
For example, many people believe that e-cigarettes are very likely to cause cancer or poison the user because the FDA “forgot” to mention that the amount of carcinogens detected in liquid are no higher than in pharmaceutical nicotine products such as the patch and gum, and that the only toxin detected was in an amount that has never been shown to endanger health.
Many people that might have switched to snus, which is much less hazardous to health than smoking, but they were convinced to continue smoking instead by the misleading statement “This product is not a safe alternative to smoking.
Well I don't see any difference between nicotine and caffeine. The effects on the body as about the same. Does caffeine cause cancer? Please don't make it harder on me to get my favorite e- liquids. I have made it a whole year without a cigarette!!! I have never been able to make it past a week or two with other products. DON'T TAKE AWAY MY VAPING ENJOYMENT!!!!! I enjoy the flavors, I can get any flavor I want from bacon to bubble gum!!! You definitely can't do that with patches or gum can you? I have a 13 year old son also he was so excited when I stopped smoking! I coucould go on for days on the pros of vaping but I will leave it at this....DON'T MESS WITH MY VAPING!

Curtis Gauger said...

I smoked from the ages of 17 to 39. I smoked 2 backs a day at my heaviest. I tried hypnotism and it worked for a short time. I bought an e-cigarette just over 2 years ago, and I quit smoking mid pack. I threw that open pack away after 3 months of it just sitting on my desk. It was an extremely easy transition for me, and I haven't looked back. My lungs are much clearer. I used to cough every morning when I woke up, and I always made an excuse that it was allergies or dust or anything. I haven't coughed in the morning ever since. I can feel that my lung capacity has increased significantly. Also I have decreased my level of nicotine intake over the course of 2 years. I find myself more productive at work and my personal life because I am not looking for that next smoke break. Now I don't stop and take a break if I feel the need, most of the time I can take a drag or two and then continue on.

With everything the FDA has approved, and for them to seek a ban on e-cigarettes is completely insane.

Wörn75 said...

I smoked almost 2 packs a day for 32 years (since I was 15). Have never been able to quit. Switched to vaping (e-cigarette) 3 months ago. Haven't had a cigarette since. Feel better, sleep better, breath better and overall have a much better sense of well being mentally, emotionally and physically. Did the research. Harm reduction? Good enough for me. Die from lung cancer or live with a nicotine addiction administered through vapor. Not a very difficult decision for me.

Ross Mendoza said...

To Whom It May Concern,
I started smoking at the age of 13 because it was something that I saw my father do...I'm 40 now. I recently quit smoking 6+ months & I owe it all to an eCig. I tried everything from the patch to nicotine gum & had been unsuccessful in the past. I can't see how the FDA would allow the eCig to help us all quit using the cancer sticks & then put a ban on them? Rumor is that Phillip Morris is behind all of this & that the FDA is in bed with them...I hope not. If so, you all are taking away the only real cure for such a deadly habit/addiction. I really don't see how you all can ban eCigs & allow cigarettes to be legal?! Please don't take away this from us...our future depends on it.
Yours truly,
Ross K. Mendoza

Esoteric said...

My name is Josh and I was a smoker at age 13 and continued on for 16 years. By the last few years I was averaging 1.5 to 2 packs a day. On my 27th birthday I told myself and my daughter I would quit smoking before I was 30. Over those last few years I have tried quitting with patches, gum, medication, and even going cold turkey. Numerous attempts on each method and always failing, the craving for lighting up was always still there. That dreams and sleep I had on medication was unbearable, and the biological changes in my attitude and wellbeing was not worth it. Hundreds of dollars spent, to only come right back to where I started. On November 20, 2012 I purchased my first “electronic cigarette” sarcastically joking to myself that this was going to be what got me to quit, but I tried it anyways. As the days progressed I found myself smoking less and less. I laid my last dirty stinky combustiony cigarette to rest on December 8, 2012 at 9PM and have never looked back. In the past month I am sleeping sounder, have more energy to enjoy life with my daughter, and no longer need to excuse myself from the action to go outside and smoke. Yes I have spent money on a newer higher powered vaping device and custom flavorings, but nowhere near the amount would I have on tobacco cigarettes. I started at a nicotine level of 24mg (up from the 18mg I got on the brand from a store) and now after a month feel I am ready to step it down a little. We are all our own best judges to when we are ready to lower our intake; this should not be dictated for us. The fact is, we are doing less harm even in higher doses of nicotine, than standard OTC devices, then we are with the thousands of chemicals from a single cigarette. I enjoy my e-liquid in cheesecake, lemonade, and even waffle flavorings, however those may not work for others. They may need or like coffee or minty flavorings, the flavors are endless to the imagination. No two people are the same, even identical twins*, so why should our programs be?
I, as many others see, the blatant inaccuracies and misleading are of the FDA’s statements on my method of moving on from tobacco cigarettes and other items like snus. How are these items not a safe alternative to smoking? Do they contain the exact same chemical makeup and intake method as smoking does? Are they causing harm to those around us? Studies show us they do not, so please remove these misleading comments and stop siding with these lobbyists who only care about lining their pocket books and retirement funds.
I ask that you do not propose any “deeming” regulation banning “electronic cigarettes” or making the prices and martials we use daily to be smoke free so out of reach in cost and obtainability. I thank you for taking time to read mine and my fellow worldwide vaping family members pleas to consider how this will affect us and our journey to continue to say no more to cigarettes.

Joshua A. Kieper from Illinois.

*Research published in the American Journal of Human Genetics and lead by an international team from the University of Alabama, Leiden University Medical Center and VU University (The Netherlands), Uppsala University and Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Rose Holland said...

I started smoking when I was 16 to 32. I have tried quitting ever since my 1st year of smoking. I have tried gum, lozenges, patches, medication (Wellbutrin, & Chantix) and quitting cold. Wellbutrin and Chantix allowed me to quit for approximately 3 to 4 months but I went back to smoking after that period. The off the shelf products never worked for more than a day or two. I first started vaping almost 4 (2/2009) years ago. My over all health has greatly improved. I no longer get bronchitis every 5 to 6 months. I do not get sick with the common cold or any other communicable illnesses as easy as when I was a smoker. I used to have to see a doctor 5 to 6 times a year for antibiotics for illnesses. I have not seen a doctor for an illness since 2 months after I quit smoking regular cigarettes. I believe it is wrong to include e-cigarettes in the FDA profile. They have helped get me off cigarettes completely for over 3 years now. I do know the carcinogens found in the liquid is so small that is what is considered allowable by the science community. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol which are the 2 main ingredients in the liquid can be found in many of our health and beauty products and in prepackaged meals we purchase at the store. If there was a real health hazard to these why are they still being used in products that everyone uses everyday? The methods of making liquid for vaping is a million times safer than actually smoking and does not have a bad odor and nor is it harmful to the people around us. I breathe much better now. I have my sense of smell and taste back. I no longer get winded from walking. The smell of cigarettes is vile to my nose. I have saved more than 1000 dollars a year by not smoking but vaping.

I have submitted this comment on!documentDetail;D=FDA-2012-N-1148-0011 . I hope everyone else does the same!

Rebecca Fisher said...

Hello My Name is Rebecca Fisher and I started smoking when I was 14 years old. I smoked a pack a day for 15 years. I tried to quit several times. I have tried the gum, patches, hypnosis and Chantix. I did quit for a period of time with the Chantix but I would always go back to smoking. I had period from one day to a couple months some free but I always went back. I think a large part of that was due to the oral fixation and the need to hold something in my hand and a sucker or pen doesn’t do the trick. Vaping is a wonderful way to curb all cravings without the smoke, smell and harm to others.

I started vaping (using an E-Cig) about a year ago and I haven’t had a cigarette since. Not only do I feel great but I am no longer sitting in the doctor’s office with Bronchitis every couple months. My husband and children love the fact that I no longer smoke and have no problem with me vaping. Please don’t ban something has only helped me and my family live a healthier life!

Selecta Sanchez said...

Thanks to the tobacco companies seeing the drastic sale decreases due to the alternative options available now, are bullying the FDA to have some control on this new wave. I wish the government could stop always having there hands in every thing just to make a buck. I know our economy is in debt but we dont need any more regulations to hinder an alternative healthier way of living!!!

BobbieE said...

My name is Bobbie Ellison and I've been a 3-pack a day smoker for the past 40 years. I preferred to smoke indoors, in my home, much to the chagrin of my family. After decades of failed attempts to quit; including a range of methods from cold turkey to patches to pills, I decided to give ECIGS a try. Honestly, I didn't expect to ECIGS to do much other than help me smoke less. My family was tired of their clothes, blankets, and furniture smelling like cigarette smoke, they were worried about my persistent cough and nightly nicotine fit that would wake me out of a dead sleep and propel me to wander, half asleep, to the kitchen to go light up. They, and myself, were fretful over the vast amounts of money I was spending on cartons of cigarettes. Even though I eventually began rolling my own cigarettes to cut down on cost, it wasn't enough. Despite this, I could never quit. It was impossible for me to go even a couple of hours without a smoke. When I decided to give the ECIGS a try, I was surprised by the availability and multitude of products I could chose from. I was able to try many different flavors and strengths. Before I knew it, I had gone several hours without a smoke. Then a day. Then a week. Coming up in two weeks is my one year anniversary of being cigarette free. My family, friends, and myself are proud of me for this unbelievable achievement. I no longer have that horrible smokers cough to used to worry myself and my family, my sense of smell came back, my family no longer has to go to school or work smelling like an ashtray, and we're all the happier for it. It's been a revolutionary year for myself.

If ECIGS were regulated like tobacco products, I'm worried that the availability is going to drop and the cost is going to increase. While I've improved leaps and bounds thru the use of electronic cigarettes, I am still addicted to nicotine and I do worry that in order to maintain that habit, I'll go back to cigarettes if the FDA and tobacco corporations hike the price on ECIG juice formulas. Just because something exists doesn't mean the gov't needs to regulate it. Just because the gov't can't balance a budget doesn't mean it needs to tax the heck out of everything people enjoy. They slap tax after tax after tax on tobacco products and severely limit the locations that are allowed to be smoked in in order to push smokers to quit and to shame them by making them pariahs. Then we finally find a safer alternative, for ourselves and others, and then the FDA tries to push us back to cigarettes because the gov't is losing the tax dollars. I'm sorry, but that's pretty sleazy. You can't keep punishing smokers by herding us back to cigarettes when we try to wean ourselves off the incredibly dangerous carcinogens.

ECIGS have been a beneficial stepping stone for so many people. By over-regulating them and removing that stone, many people are going to stumble and relapse back into their previous, detrimental, lifestyle. Please stop hurting us fiscally and chemically. We're happier, safer, and trying to better our lives.

JudyS said...

I started smoking full strength cigarettes at age 15. I am almost 62 years young now. Three years ago, I finally was able to give up regular old smelly, hazardous cigarettes with the use of the electronic vapor cigarette. I tried all the over the counter methods for stopping and nothing worked. I even tried the prescription pills that made me so tense and angry, I could not take them and was told to stop taking them immediately! It was not an easy thing to do, giving up smoking after so very many years but I had no choice. I had to do something. My health had taken a turn for the worse with developing heart problems. I was so happy to find another alternative to smoking that actually got me completely off of regular cigarettes. My overall health has improved vastly and my heart is not as bad as it was when I smoked the nasty cigarettes. The added flavor of strawberry and blueberry made the vapor so much more pleasurable and easier to stick with the program until cigarettes were a thing of the past.
There are still plenty of regular smokers out there in the world for the cigarette companies and FDA to make their income off of. There is really no need to regulate vapor products. The amount of nicotine in these products is already so low that some say it is like going cold turkey to use them instead of regular cigarettes! Using electronic vapor is so much safer than chewing nicotine gum and putting all that in our stomach, or even those patches that are man made and can release all their toxin at one time!
Please do not waste another cent of tax payer dollars to regulate vapor! Seriously, vapor? You are trying to regulate air!

JudyS said...

I too entered my comment on!documentDetail;D=FDA-2012-N-1148-0011
The site says it can take weeks for any comment to appear online as it has to be reviewed and there are thousands to be reviewed at all times. Oh well, at least it is there to voice my concerns. Thanks Rose Holland!

Matthew Olmstead said...

My name is Matthew Olmstead, and I quit smoking using the electronic cigarette. I am a paramedic who smoked 1-2 packs per day for many years. I always said I would quit when I started getting like the chronic lungers we haul all day long. As time progressed, I started to develop the early signs of COPD. I tried many avenues to quit; gum, patches, cold turkey, wellbutrin, and chantix (chantix made me suicidal). Nothing worked for longer than a few months and I was right back smoking again. In April 2011, a coworker introduced me to the electronic cigarette. From the moment I switched to e-cigs, I never smoked a real cigarette again. My yearly PFT's (required for my job) have steadily improved, as well as my breathing. I no longer wheeze or cough, and my stamina has returned. These devices saved my life and offered me a way off cigarettes that traditional NRT and medications couldn't. It's been almost 2 years since I have smoked a cigarette. As an aside, my father quit smoking the same time I did, also using the e-cig. He is now off nicotine all together and uses neither tobacco or e-cigs anymore.

For the record, I use mostly sweet fruit or desert flavored e-liquids as tobacco leaves a bad taste in my mouth and is a reminder of what I left behind. I have slowly weaned down my nicotine use from 24mg/ml to 6mg/ml with every intention of going to zero, quitting nicotine all together.

On behalf of the millions of former smokers like myself, I ask, no I beg you in the interest of public health, to leave these devices out of any deeming regulation that would either make them inaccessible or illegal, as these devices are a last resort for many smokers who have tried everything else, and failed.

Lastly, would you please amend your recommendations and inaccurate data posted regarding e-cigs on your site. The 2009 study was small and flawed. The industry has grown and refined itself since then. More recent studies have shown the risk/benefit ratio to be more in favor of THR.

Anthony Williams said...

E-Cigs have given me a new lease on life, they are far healthier than Tobacco, I went from a pack a day 53 year long habit to no Tobacco the day I purchased an e-cig, should be encouraged as the best Health device of this Century.

Anthony Williams said...

Selecta, I believe it is not Tobacco companies but Pharma that is behind this, Tobacco Co,s are buying into the e-cig business as they see this is the way forward.

VapeDeals said...

I was a smoker for 20+ years. I started smoking at a very young age. I contribute part of my desire to try cigarettes to my mother, whom was a smoker throughout my childhood and still is.

I tried various practices to quit smoking, patch, cold turkey, the gum, therapy, read books, and not only once did I try these techniques. The patch made my my blood sugar bottom out and I actually would pass out. The gum I had the most success with, but when having a social drink, it wasn't practical. Also while using the gum, I experienced constipation, sore throat, soreness of my mouth. My teeth would even hurt. Quiting cold turkey made me extremely nervous, agitated. My anxiety level was extremely high, I could almost feel my heart beating through my chest.

The switch from smoking to electronic cigarettes was fairly easy compared to the other methods I have tried. The most memorable side effect to the switch was dry patches of skin. I already have a hard with dry skin, well at first I noticed other dry spots coming up on my face and other parts of my body. After a week or so that did go away.

I was not the person who picked up the electronic cigarette and quit smoking entirely. I was that person who smoked while using my electronic cigarette, decreasing my actual cigarette intake the entire time. I finally got to a point where I could go a week without a cigarette, then 2 weeks, then 3 weeks. Slowly I kept spreading the time out between cigarettes. It took me a year of using the electronic cigarette while smoking but today, it has been a year and 5 months since I have had a cigarette.

Had there been a time frame on the use of electronic cigarettes I truly believe that I would never be able to say I have went a year without a cigarette. In the year that I have been without a cigarette I have continued to use my electronic cigarette, but I have decreased my nicotine intake more than half from where I started. I also believe that I needed the extra nicotine at first, had it not been for the higher amount of nicotine, I may of given up entirely.

Electronic cigarettes are a way to a cleaner future. I can smell, I can taste. I can detect a cigarette a mile off, and I can smell a smoker while even in the store. I myself have had more side effects from the FDA regulated NRT that is available currently. I ask that you, to whom it may concern, remove the information provided on your website that misleads the public that electronic cigarettes are dangerous and may be hazardous to your health. I also ask that you do not ban the use of electronic cigarettes or have a time limit on use of electronic cigarettes and also not to lower the amount of nicotine one can use in their eliquids.

I do not consider myself a smoker anymore, help me help others to get off the nasty habit. Don't enable someone looking for an excuse to continue to smoke. Banning electronic cigarettes would only enable smokers to smoke who could possibly find an alternative.

projectlunar3d said...

My name is Paul and I have been a smoker for nearly 20 years. I tried all methods to quit smoking gum, patches, etc... and none of these worked. Finally, I was able to quit tobacco when I discovered the electronic cigarette. When I began using the e-cig, I smoked my last cigarette 2 days later.

What I appreciate most about the electronic cigarettes is I know what I am taking in. Having the ability to choose my nicotine levels has helped me ween myself away from nicotine in a slow, but effective process. Plus having the ability to choose from hundreds of flavors from multiple vendors is what makes them so successful. Different people have different tastes. By having a wide selection to choose from, users can find something they enjoy and not be tempted to go back to using tobacco.

If the FDA were to begin regulating electronic cigarettes and made acquiring devices and liquid more difficult, then I am afraid the positive effects electronic cigarettes have had on public health would be diminished.

VapeDeals said...

My comment is now uploaded to the link above, just thought I would also share it here. :D

Lars Kroft said...

I used tobacco for nearly 18 years a pack and a half a day. until i vaped an e-cigg for the 1st time, i have now been tobbacco free for 4 months. After my 1st drag of e-juice i knew tobbaco no longer had its death upon me. Now the FDA is supposed to be inplace to protect us, why take away or make it harder to get ahold of a product which replaces tobacco, and negates the results of second hand smoke not to menation a handful of other conditions directly linked to smoking tobbacco. E-ciggs are the future and big tobbaco knows it.

Chad Gitchel said...

I had been a pack a day smoker for a few years, started smoking at the age 19, with a couple a day which evolved to be at least a pack a day. Breathing diminished and finally just in the past week decided it was time to stop. Since using my Ego 510, and e-liquid I have been cigarette free. Granted it has only been 4 days, but I notice a significant increase in my ability to breathe already. Another noticeable difference is not hacking my lungs out in the mornings and through the day. I had one cigarette a couple days into using solely my ecig, and honestly found the smell and flavor to be repulsive.

This is a miracle device that I hope others with the desire to stop smoking decide to give a whirl. It handles my cravings perfectly, and I really foresee myself remaining smoke free from this point forward!

Say yes to a healthier america!

Tammy Bigham said...

I had been a pack to pack and a half smoker since age 20. Got a pacemaker implanted at age 28 and the Dr's kept telling me I had to quit...had tried everything available and did not work..Had a friend who got me started on an e-cig in April of 2012 it is now January 2013 and I have been smoke free since...Dr. is very happy and I feel better!!! Wish I could have found one of these long ago!! Happy Vaping!!!

James said...

I've been tobacco free for 8 months. Started smoking at the age of 18 and have smoked for 15 years, 3-4 packs a day. Of course like everyone else I tried to quit but failed multiple times. Tried every tobacco/cigarette patch, gum, and even that drug chantix that makes you go crazy, also tried to get hypnotized and NON of them work.

I found out about electronic cigarettes and decided to try it out. It was difficult at first and found myself smoking more of the ecig. The temptation to just light a real cigarette was so easy BUT I never ever did. I threw away my last pack that day. Days, weeks, and months go by and I haven't had a single "real" cigarette and I am damn proud of it!

Ecig's help me a lot, health wise. I feel a lot better, I don't smell like an ashtray, there's no cigarette butts anymore, no ashes, and that second hand smoke? by the time I exhale, the vapor from my ecig device just dissipates into the air and all you get is a slight hint of fruity flavor, no harm done.

FDA, why would you regulate something that works? we all know the answer to that! $$$ that's just pretty sad. I urge you to leave the ecig/vaping community and our vendors alone and just leave it be.

Alan Mullen said...

Cigarette smoker for 27 years. 1-2 packs a day. Cold turkey, Patches, Nicorette gum, Wellbutrin, Chantix all FAILS! Quit smoking Day 1 of trying an electronic cigarette! Been 1 1/2 years free of analogs! And 100% healthier! Never been happier! Don't take away my happiness!

heather sanderd said...

Hello. I am Heather Sanders. I began smoking at age 14. I smoked up to a pack and a half a day. At age 35 I had a heart attach, but still did not quit. I have actively tried patches and medication with no success. In September 2012, I purchased an ecig kit from the advice of a friend. I am proud to say I am 130 days cigerette free. This method has been wonderful! I like many others no longer wheeze, cough, and over all general health has improved drastically! My doctor is very encouraging for me to use this device. I am now starting to ween my nicotine level down til I reach 0mg. I totally enjoy the flavors and it would be a shame if this is taken away. I swear by it and encourage any smoker to give it a try!

Deborah Shoults said...

I began smoking at age 12. I smoked a minimum of 1 pack a day for 37 years. During that time I made many attempts to quit cold turkey and using nicotine replacement products like the patch and gum. also tried drug therapy, Wellbutrin. I found none of these methods to be effective. With the patches and gum I found I missed the habit of smoking as well as the sense of inclusion with my friends.

By age 45 I began to notice that I was having chronic bronchitis and a constant smokers cough. With a family history of emphysema and COPD I knew I needed to do something to change directions. That is when my Dr. prescribed Wellbutrin. This was ineffective, the total lack of nicotine with Wellbutrin, like cold turkey, left me feeling considerably anxious & disoriented.

Almost 3 years ago I was introduced to electronic cigarettes by my children. It was rocky at first. Finding the right device and the right liquid was key to my success. It took me about 3 months to completely give up smoking tobacco products. I found I needed to start with a higher nicotine level. Flavored Juices also played an important role in my progress as they made using an e-cig more appealing than smoking.

I was able to step down my nicotine gradually from 24 mg. to 12 mg. I tried to go 6 mg. however lower nicotine levels still cause increased anxiety and confusion. I have read that there may be a connection between nicotine use and reduction of ADD symptoms. I have been diagnosed with ADD and believe this may account for the difficulty I have experienced trying to quit smoking.

2 1/2 years without a cigarette. I am no longer short of breath. I have not had bronchitis 1 time since quitting cigarettes. While I may never go to 0 nic and put down my e-cig completely, I am convinced that my quality of life has increased. I feel that having an alternative that fit my needs made this increase possible.

I am requesting that E-cigs be allowed to continue as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco.

Sandra Smith said...

Hello: I am Sandra Smith and I started smoking at the age of 13. I quit cigarettes a little over 3yrs ago thanks to the electronic cigarette. I started out on the highest amount of nicotine offered when I first started. I still gained 20pds and saw no results from this amount as far as curbing the appetite. I would rather smoke than eat. I am now down to the lowest amount to no nicotine at all. I do it out of habit for that is what it is, a habit. How ever if these devices are taxed, hard to come by, or taken away. I know I will go back to smoking regular cigarettes. I never quit a day in my life even when I was pregnant. Please do the research and become an advocate for other smokers to have this option instead of finding ways to find it's faults. I will gladly be a test subject for you. Like I said I am 44, I weigh 135pd, breathing better than ever, dont smell like a stinky cigarette, in all around good shape and could out endure any of countries biggest problems, the over weight because that is the real problem the obesity not people choosing healthier life styles!

AJ Dixon said...

I have been a smoker for 35 years of my life and tried at least 7 times to quit, resulting in failure. I used no methods or smoke aids, just myself trying to quit.

The effects I've had after switching to E-cigs has simply been me having no cigarettes what so ever. My health improvements include, no more chest pain, no more coughing, no more headaches, no more sore throats, I have my taste buds back, my clothes and house no longer stink of smoke and I simply have more energy.

This is a miracle product and has saved my life, I ordered my E-cig, it arrived at my home and I quit smoking April 3rd that day in 2012. I have now been smoke free for 9 months and have never felt better in all my life.

The FDA needs to leave this product alone and butt the f*ck out. THIS IS NOT A TOBACCO PRODUCT, so STOP treating it as such!!!

Kevin Fisher said...

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Lea Fisher, I live in Utah. I am an ex-smoker of 25+ years because of e-cigarettes I quit what I consider the nastiest habit on earth! Just like so many others I tried all the ways they say you can quit. From prescriptions including chantix and anti-depressants to the patch to even trying to quit cold turkey NOTHING WORKED! THIS WORKS! Even if I am still receiving nicotine I am NOT getting toxic chemicals, tar, tobacco and thousands of "unknowns"! I also no longer "STINK" with the smell of an ashtray. I used to smoke a pack to 2 packs a day depending. My husband also quit and is using e-cigs. He's had 2 heart attacks, 1 when he was 42 and the 2nd when he was 46. He is now 51 almost 52 and his health has most dramatically changed with the choice of e-cigs! He no longer has high blood pressure, the plaque in his arteries has lessened and his own heart doc says to keep up the good work! He has even taken my husband OFF of high blood pressure medication and is healthier today than even yesterday! We both feel much better tho he will write his own. I feel so much better than when I smoked; I don't have trouble breathing anymore no shortness of breath no coughing no smell! Our own son was diagnosed with borderline asthmatic by his pediatrician 2 years ago, after just 7 months of use of e-cigs our sons doctor was shocked to learn that we use e-cigs instead and that our sons "borderline" was gone!

Greg Bidula said...
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Mike said...

I am 41 years old and have been a smoker for 25 years of my life. I had tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking 8 times in the last 10 years. I had used patches, prescription medication, gum, etc. and all had been ineffective. Because I have smoked for so long, I had become very concerned about my health due to the dangerous side effects, but still was unable to quit utilizing all of the traditional approaches.

About two months ago, I decided I would use electronic cigarettes to once again try to quit smoking. To my amazement, I was able to quit smoking immediately. Even though I have only been cigarette free for two months, I can already feel the improvement in my general health and more specifically my respiratory health since quitting.

The electronic cigarette has been a miracle for me, and I am worried that the FDA is going to try to regulate a product that I truly feel has saved my life and will assure that I will be around to watch my children grow up, and spend many more years with my wife than would have been possible had I continued smoking cigarettes instead of switching to electronic cigarettes.

I sincerely believe it is wrong for the FDA to regulate or ban the sales of electronic cigarettes. This is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, as I can clearly see in my use. It would be a great disservice for the government to interfere or prevent people from living longer healthier lives through any attempts of regulation or taxation on a product that is successfully being used by many to quit smoking harmful tobacco products.

I am amazed that I feel obligated to even write this letter, since the FDA has no business interfering with the decisions that grown adults in a free society have decided to make about their own health. I would hope that the FDA would have more important issues to pursue, other than the regulation of electronic cigarettes, at a time when the government needs to be cutting wasteful spending on items such as this.

John Connell said...

I am a retired physician who specialized in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine for 30 years. I am also a vaper, ex-smoker, father, grandfather, husband and proud voting American.
I am 57 years old and started smoking at 12 years of age. I was born to a smoking mother, father and a smoke filled room has been a part of my life since my earliest memories. It was while in Medical School that the pathology and morbidity of tobacco use prompted a 32 year attempt to stop smoking.
I have stopped a thousand times in my life only to start again in hours, days or at the most 3 months. It is an addiction and it is a powerfully reinforcing habit. I have used every imaginable method for cessation; NRT's, Chantix (with a major depressive reaction), Wellbutrin, hypnosis, group and support group coaching, all with the same result- failure.
I did stay abstinent from cigarettes with Nicorette gum use for 3 years although that was psychologically stressful. In December, 2010 I was introduced to an electronic cigarette. At the time I was smoking 1-2 packs of Camel unfiltered cigarettes daily. I have not had a cigarette, cigar, or any combustion or oral whole tobacco product since that first vaping experience. Currently I use a 2-4 mg/ml vaping solution at about 6 mg per day. My pulmonary and cardiac function is dramatically improved. I can run and exercise without dyspnea. My peripheral circulation and sexual health are dramatically improved. I have no cravings or desires to smoke now and have not had for 2 years. Much of this is due to the combination of the biological (nicotine), psychological dependence from childhood and social behaviors of smoking that are mimicked by vaping. My belief is that this is significant harm reduction in my life.
Removing access to this method and especially by removing the availability of flavors other than tobacco would easily direct me back to smoking. It is my current goal to be nicotine free by Fall 2013. To my amazement vaping works.

Allen Hendrix said...

My name is Allen Hendrix and I was a smoker from the age of 16 to 33. I will be 34 in 2/2013. 10 of those years I smoked a pack a day cut down to a half pack a day since 2007. Since I became a father in 2007 deciding to overcome my smoking habit has been the biggest struggle I have ever faced. I have tried almost every type of cessation method availble: the gum, patch, lrg & mini lozenge, inhaler, cold turkey. Short of hypnosis Ive tried them all. Sometimes I could go for weeks at a time other would stick for months at a time, but eventually I went back to traditional tobacco cigarettes. I had tried e-cigs in 2010 and initially I was not impressed, but in July of 2012 after doing some research and seeing that the e-cig industry had come leaps and bounds since 2010 I gave them another shot and ordered a basic kit from a local ecig retailer. The day the kit came in the mail was 7/30/12. I havent had an actual tobacco cigarette since. In fact I have not even had the slighest desire to go back to traditional analog cigarettes. I have never felt better I can go up a flight of stairs easily, I dont have sinus infections anymore, I dont get headaches, I sleep better and most importantly im not killing myself shoving 4000 harmful chemicals into my body 10 to 20 times a day. I can tell you from experience that "cessation only" methods just did not work for me and the approved available methods of NRT's need to be expanded to also include e-cigs. Any type of sweeping regulation will do nothing but hinder these life saving devices. I understand that more research needs to be done for e-cigs and agree that there needs to be some kind of quality control regarding e-liquid and/or devices, but lumping them into the same catergory with cigars/smokeless tobacco would be a travesty. E-Cigs have saved me from a for sure death sentence. Please consider all the facts and do whats right for the people you are trying to protect and keep e-cigs available for everybody.

Cameron Saul said...

My name is Cameron Saul. I was a heavy smoker for 18 years. I smoked 2 packs of cigarettes every day. As a result, my blood pressure was through the roof. I had to be hospitalized at the age of 31. My doctor urged me to quit smoking, but I just could not. I tried gum, patches, pills. Everything. Nothing has ever worked without making me cranky, mean, irritable, or without having some type of withdrawal. A friend of mine has introduced me to e-cigarettes, and today I have been cigarette free for almost 90 days. My blood pressure is lower, I have more energy, and I feel so much healthier. I can taste, smell, and breathe so much easier. Because I have switched to e-cigarettes, I have now joined a gym ad am working out. Smoking cigarettes made this impossible as I was always short of breath and had a hard time breathing. Now that my blood pressure is down and I can breathe again, I am taking better care of myself and working out. The fact that I could have an e-cigarette with fun flavors, has made quitting the easiest thing I have ever done. I like having the option of having a sweet or fruity flavor in my e-cigarette. It has helped me from snacking which I have done every other time I have quit. I needed to start off on the highest amount of nicotine when I started (24) I am now down to 18. I think this is huge for me. I would hate the government to get involved with something that is a very personal issue to me. I do not want anyone deciding how long or how much nicotine is needed in order for me to quit. I know my body better than the government, and each persons journey is unique. I would ask that the FDA remove the language that deceives people about the affects of e-cigarettes. These products are similar to patches and gum. There are no regulations on those types of nicotine products. Why restrict my use of an e-cigarette.

Joey Rodriguez said...

I started smoking at 13. By the 10th grade I was a pack a day smoker and by graduation I was smoking 2 packs a day. I had some success at quitting after 15 years of smoking but was not able to stay stopped. Whe I stopped the first time it was cold turkey. It was hard at first but I managed for a while. Smoking is connected to a lot of the things you do in life. You don't realize it until you stop.I liked the way my breathing improved, I'm also a seasonal asthmatic. I liked that I was no longer coughing up tar. Since I switched to ecigs I have not had any tobacco products. It's been 7 months with NO slips. My ability to breathe has improved, no more coughing up flem/tar, I smell better, my skin is better (complection). There should not be any time limit on using NRTs. NRT should match the person where they are at. It would be inneffective to make NRT products that would not satisfy the person using them. After transitioning from tabacco to ecigs a person can then start to titrate or stay at a maintenence level. I just don't want to go back to smoking. If I can't feel satiated then ecigs are not a good alternative. If I can control the amount of nicotine then I can control my urge to smoke as well as maintain my abstinence from tobacco. I love the fact that I can vape with lots of different flavors. It keeps me interested and it makes the experience fresh and it smells and tastes great. I love it! Please do not propose the "deeming" regulation because it would ban e-cigarettes, and would sharply increase the price and reduce accessibility of the products even if FDA exempted e-cigarettes from the most onerous provisions in Chapter IX. I also want to suggest to the FDA to take down any information that is wrong, misleading or innacurate. I'm trying to change my life, better my life, be healthy in a new way, and stay free from tobacco products.

Kerig said...

As a 34 year former smoker, now a user of electronic cigarettes, I truly thought that I would be addicted to smoking cigarettes to the day I died, especially after having tried most of the standard methods of quitting unsuccessfully over the last two an a half decades of my life. To complicate matters I am a chronic pain sufferer for the last ten years with a little-understood nervous system disease, which has greatly impacted most aspects my life. I take many oral medications along with having an implanted medicinal pump that delivers pain-relieving drugs directly to my spine to maintain a level of coping with constant pain in my lower extremities. The state of day-to-day existence with my illness actually kept me more attached to the 'act' of smoking simply because it was something that was enjoyable to me before I got sick and became unable to participate in most of my past activities. For that reason I really did not want to give up cigarettes, but all of my doctors and medical specialists warned me that continuing to smoke would complicate my future of living with my disease.

Incredibly, and quite unexpectedly to me, I was able to switch from cigarette smoking to using electronic cigarettes as easy as flipping a light switch. I am now able to enjoy the 'act' of smoking, but without all the well-documented harm that comes from the chemicals and carcinogens found in cigarettes.

When I had consulted my doctors beforehand about my wanting to try switching to electronic cigarettes, not one of them showed any concern about electronic cigarettes and they ALL encouraged me to try to make the switch if I could. In fact none of the many doctors I have seen since my switch have shown any trepidation about my using electronic cigarettes over the long term. I now have been using electronic cigarettes for more than two years and all of my doctors are still simply glad that I no longer smoke traditional cigarettes.

This is not to say that some doctors aren't concerned about the long-term use of electronic cigarettes, it's just that in my real world experience I have not seen any concerns from the medical community towards these devices. It makes me wonder if most doctors are getting more scientifically-based information about electronic cigarettes than what the general public hears about, those over-hyped stories that make dramatic headlines on slow news days.

Thank you for listening to real people's experiences with electronic cigarettes and taking my testimony into consideration. Most anti-smokers find it way too easy to instantly conclude that just because electronic cigarettes 'look' like traditional cigarette then they must be as bad for you as a traditional cigarette. For me electronic cigarettes have been a life-changing way to stop smoking traditional cigarettes that happened to become available at a time in my life when I needed it the most. Without electronic cigarette technology I'm certain I would still be smoking today and complicating my illness while ultimately shortening my life.

raven1925 said...

Hi my name is Sandy and Im not good with computers. I have wrote this twice before and lost it both times. So quick like I want to say I have been using Tececig for over a year now. Tried everything out there to quit. I smoked for 37 years and am totally off real cigarettes. I have COPD and had to use nebulizer and inhaler several times a day. Very rarely need either one anymore. I smell better and feel better. I like to refill my cartridges with Green Mint 24mg. Not too strong like some other methods. Please keep these products available. I feel many more people can use these to change their lives just like I changed mine. Thanks Tececig!

Amanda Vapes said...

I have been tobacco free for two years on February 16, 2011. I would NEVER have quit smoking if not for the ability to use electronic cigarettes. I have gone from 18mg per ml nicotine level down to 6mg per ml nicotine and sometimes 0mg per ml nicotine use in that time. I am 100% certain I am in better health today than I was two years ago as a smoker.

tinyjesus said...

I have been smoking tobacco from the ages of 19-26. I tried patches, and gum several times neither one would take over the cigarette urge. They actually did the OPPOSITE, it made me focus on wanting cigarettes even more because I was caught up in the whole quitting aspect of it. I then quit smoking cold turkey for 6 months, it was 6 months of the most miserable time of my life.

Started smoking again for 2 years and discovered a good E-cig. After purchasing the E-cig within a week I went from smoking a pack of cigarettes to 3 a day tops. Within a month of having an E-cig I completely stopped smoking cigarettes and had no desire to smoke them any longer. For the first month cigarette free, I had the physical withdrawal symptoms (sore throat, sweaty palms etc) but not a single mental withdrawal I remained calm happy etc. This to me is peculiar because I find it proof that you're addicted to much more than just simply nicotine from cigarettes. As for how my body is reacting from the E-cig it is like I am not smoking cigarettes any longer, my lungs feel great, my throat is no longer raw, I never receive headaches from the E-cig like I did tobacco.

I have nothing negative to say about the E-cig other than there should be regulation for them so the quality control is increased.

alecannon said...

My name is Andre`a, I live in Northern Utah. I was a smoker for 19 years, I had tried several different ways to quit (patches,gum,Rx etc). In April of this year I bought an e-cigarette, that day I threw out my pack of cigarettes and have not smoked since. The e-cig device is the only way I have found over all the years to actually get me to give up smoking. As a result of quitting smoking and going exclusively to the e-cig I have felt much better. I have not been sick once since switching, I have healthier lung function, and do not have the "smokers cough". The flavors and scents of the liquids have eliminated the bad smell from cigarette smoke on my, and in my car. My non-smoker friends have no asthma related issues with the vapor, as they did the smoke. These products have not been shown to date to have ill effects on it's consumers. All my siblings were smokers too, a couple longer than even I. They were all able to give up smoking easily and quickly by purchasing an e-cigarette devise like me. I see no reason to impose further regulation onto something without having actually studies showing the need for the regulation. The legal smoking age is already being required to visit these stores and buy there products, I see, at this time, no need for further restricting laws or taxes. The goal should be to help make a healthier country not to limit access for people.

Nikki said...

My name is Nicole and I am 39 years old. I started smoking a pack to a pack and a half a day when I was 16 and last April, I decided I was tired of hacking and not being able to breathe when I couldn't shake yet another bout of bronchitis.
I had tried gum, fail..patches, fail..self help quitting techniques, fail..pills, fail..cold turkey, fail. All attempts, 8 or 9 in total, always resulted in the same withdrawl symptoms and anxiety attacks, or they just did nothing at all and within 5 days or less I was back at it. My friends mother stopped smoking and switched to an ecig, so I decided to try that since she was a HEAVY smoker for years. FINALLY, I found success. I did my homework and shopped around, then decided on a brand to try and the day it came, I threw the remainder of my pack in the garbage. I have NOT smoked since April 19, 2012 and what a difference. The constant hack I had was gone within 4 days, I no longer get winded AT ALL when I run or play with the kids and I am not subjecting those around me to the smell and danger of second hand smoke. This has been a blessing to me and many others that have tried only to fail numerous times. Yes, quitting nicotine altogether would be idea, in the mean time, I slowly lower my nicotine miligrams until I can walk away from it and it is a cake walk to do it. I can smell things again, food tastes like it should and I don't have an offensive smell attached to me or my house or my car anymore. It is the most freeing and releiving thing I could have ever done. I have found eliquids and can choose pleasant flavors to help me slowly get off my habit. The eliquids made by the places I purchase from are not only KOSHER, they are all safe PG and VG with no harmful chemicals. My kids like to smell the new flavors I try and help me pick which ones to try. I have been so sucessful, that my sister 2 friends and 2 co-workers also ordered kits and stopped smoking. That should say a lot. These are NOT dangerous that I can see and I am ashamed that the FDA and the government only want to spread lies because they are worried about money that the WON'T make from people dying of cancer or other smoking related issues. You should be more concerned with REAL cigs and the 4000+ chemicals that are in those. Ecigs are simply flavoring, nicotine and a product to create the water vapor, which is not harmful if people would research a little. I would like a call to action from the FDA to leave ecigs ALONE!!! There is NOTHING wrong with people that smoke finding a better way to quit.Do not DEEM the ecig, you would be signing millions of people's death warrant.

Healthy Vaping said...

The dentist told me I had borderline gum.disease after chewing tobacco daily for 16 years, scary wake up call. And bad gum recession, I also had 4 teeth pulled. Now I love Vaping, I have NO PROBLEMS, AND FEEL GREAT! More energy, better blood pressure, better sleep. No breathing problems and Vape at 5 volts! I work out daily, and vaping has No negative effect on my workouts, or breathing, I run etc. No difference! I'm healthier, and enjoy my new hobby

BEN said...

I have been smoke free for 1 week!!!! I have tried e everything from cold turkey to patches and gum...nothing worked...then I found the E-cigarette. It has saved my life...I was a smoker for 15 years.