Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pueblo, CO City Council requires e-cigarette vendors to obtain license

Government funded anti tobacco extremists falsely claim products are target marketed to youth.


Please note that the groups lobbying for this law are funded by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, which last year demonized and called for a ban on the sale of dissolvable smokefree tobacco products to adults (which they also falsely accused of being target marketed to children).

Most local tobacco retailer licensing laws/regulations require all tobacco products to be kept behind the counter, and some tobacco retail licensing laws prohibit use of the products in retail locations (not good news for an e-cig vendor).

And while I've advocated annual tobacco retailer license fees of $100-250 per licensee (to cover costs of enforcement), during the past several years some state/local tobacco retail licensing laws have imposed punitively high annual license fees because the politicians need government revenue and because they dislike tobacco products, companies and/or users (e.g. New York increased its annual tobacco retailer fee to several thousand dollars several years ago based upon overall store revenue, and then reduced it after many retailers justifiably protested).

Also, some recently enacted tobacco retailer licensing laws ban flavored tobacco products (Providence RI), have banned pharmacies from selling tobacco (e.g. Boston and many towns in MA), have limited the number of licenses (preventing new retailers from obtaining a license), prohbited licensees from being within several thousand feet from a school or playground, etc.

The article didn't indicate if Pueblo's health department wants to license e-cigarette vendors under an existing tobacco retailer licensing system or if they were planning a new licensing system just for e-cig vendors (which is much more problematic)

~ Bill Godshall, CASAA Advisor

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