Saturday, January 26, 2013

Call to Awareness: Sign Petition and Contact your Legislators!

Despite the incredible promise that e-cigarettes hold for the millions of smokers in the U.S., the FDA has been decidedly hostile towards e-cigarettes and other reduced harm alternatives to smoking. The FDA attempted to characterize e-cigarettes as pharmaceutical products ,which would have resulted in a de facto ban. When that didn’t work, the FDA continued its war against tobacco harm reduction, misinforming the
public about the relative risks associated with e-cigarette use.

The FDA has announced that in April it will issue guidance on e-cigarettes and will regulate them as tobacco products. Depending on its approach, the FDA could effectively decimate the e-cigarette industry through excessive regulations. In light of the actions of the FDA to date, vapers should hold little hope that the FDA's proposed regulations will be reasonable.

We need to take every opportunity to voice our concerns to those who are in a position to put pressure on the FDA, namely, the White House and Congress:

1. Sign the petition before February 13th at:

But don't stop there!

2. Go to and identify your senators and representatives in Congress. Fill out the provided web-based contact form, call, and send letters to your legislators letting them know:

• How e-cigarettes have positively impacted your life.

• You are concerned about the FDA’s announcement that it plans to issue a deeming regulation that would apply all of the restrictions within the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009 ("Tobacco Act") to e-cigarettes and other tobacco products.

• Many of the Tobacco Act provisions, written with tobacco cigarettes in mind, are inappropriate for other tobacco products.

• Refusing to allow sale of products introduced after February of 2007 may force all of the most effective e-cigarettes off the market.

• You want legislation that will require the FDA to conduct an extensive study of the relative health risks of all tobacco and nicotine products before it can issue a deeming regulation under the Tobacco Act.

Please take the time to let your congressional representatives and the White House know how important it is that the FDA is required to regulate e-cigarettes lightly and reasonably!

3. Sign up for the CASAA member mailing list at:

Watch your email and the CASAA News Blog for another Call to Action in about 2 1/2 months regarding actual submission of comments to the FDA regarding these "deeming regulations." Submitting public comments, once the FDA announces its intended regulations of electronic cigarettes in April, will be the most important action CASAA members and vapers will have to make to date.

It will be imperative to get hundreds of thousands of e-cigarette consumers and those who support them and Tobacco Harm Reduction policies to actually submit comments directly to the FDA this coming April, so please be ready to act!!


John Marvel said...

for years and years people have been doing all kinds of bad things to their health by smoking cigarettes,,,,because they were lining your government with tax dollars you made no trouble for smokers,,,but now that we have found something healthy to ourselves and bystanders we must fight for it,,,,you as a government see a dip in your tax dollars so you are ringing all the bells and whistles because you wont have as much tax dollars for people needing medical care from smoking,,,but if you as a government use your head,,,,then let the people switch to e-cigs and watch your tax dollars sail past analog cigs,,,and a healthy young generation from not smoking lead and tar and bleach means a tomorrow for America,,,we are not asking the government to jump through hoops here,,,we are just asking for are health !!!

John Marvel said...

asking for our health,,,sorry about my spelling,,,was on auto type,,lol

doris wann said...

i smoked for 45 years until i tried vapes,i had all kinds of breathing problems,i have smoked vapes for 2 years,do NOT have any breathing problemsat all anymore,why try to take away everything we enjoy .I got so sick and tired of people being snobs about smoking,made me fill like i was commiting a crime,now that i use vapes i dont hear all the BS!!!,please leave us the hell alone about our vapes,we dont complain about you alcohol use,or whatever you do,i havent heard about anyone dying from vapes,HAVE YOU?????