Saturday, January 12, 2013

West Springfield, Massachusetts Call to Action (UPDATED)

Dr. Michael Siegel recently reported that the West Springfield Board of Health is considering adopting a regulation that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes throughout the entire city. 

This regulation would:
If enacted, prohibit all sales of electronic cigarettes.

UPDATE (1/20/2013): CASAA Treasurer Karen Carey attended the January 16th meeting of the Board of Health.  Karen, as well as several other CASAA supporters, testified in opposition the proposed ban on e-cigarette sales to adults.  The Board of Health has not yet decided whether to move forward with the ban and indicated they would not render a decision until their meeting in March.  CASAA encourages its members to continue responding to this Call to Action.

The next hearing on this matter is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, January 16th at 5 PM at the Town Hall located at 26 Central Street in West Springfield.  It is at this meeting that the Board of Health will decide if they want to proceed with the ban.  

CASAA Director Karen Carey will be in attendance.  If you are in the area and could attend and possibly speak, please e-mail CASAA at

NOTE: You do not need to include all of the items listed below, but the first two are vital.

What to say:
1. Let them know that you strongly oppose banning all sales of electronic cigarettes, but that you do support a ban on sales to minors.

2. Tell your story on how switching from smoking cigarettes to a far less hazardous alternative product has changed your life. When and why did you start using an e-cigarette? What effect has this had on your smoking of tobacco cigarettes? What has been the effect on your health?

3. Explain that research has consistently shown that virtually all e-cigarette users are using them as a substitute for smoking. The vast majority tried to quit smoking multiple times, using the other methods available and failed.

4. Tell them that there are thousands of e-cigarette users in Massachusetts who have benefited from the availability of e-cigarettes.

5. Tell them that e-cigarettes have been shown to pose so little health risk that it is below what can be measured and no one has even tried to estimate it.
a.     Claims about chemical contamination are vastly overblown. Some of the supposed contaminants occur as such incredibly low levels that they are barely measurable using the most modern instruments.
b.    Pharmaceutical nicotine products like patches and nicotine gum contain about the same quantities of “carcinogens” as a gram of e-cigarette liquid—about 8 nanograms. In contrast, a pack of Marlboro cigarettes contains 126,000 nanograms.
6. Tell them that cigarette lighters and home fires started by smoking tobacco cigarettes cause far more injuries than e-cigarettes have. According to one study, well over a thousand people are injured per year due to defective lighters [news story], and over 1,000 people are killed by fires caused by smoking [FEMA].

7. As for smoking itself, on average, it is estimated that smoking for just a couple of months poses a greater health risk than a lifetime of using a smoke-free nicotine or tobacco product.

8. Direct them to the website for more information.

CASAA is urging its members to contact West Springfield's Director of Public Health (who will distribute your comments to the Board of Health members) and the Mayor of West Springfield.

Jeanne Galloway
Director of Public Health -- West Springfield, MA
(413) 263 - 3206

Gregory Neffinger
Mayor -- Springfield, MA
(413) 263 - 3041 


smarterthantheaveragebear said...

I am strongly opposed to the ban of electronic cigarette devices except in the case of minors(anyone under the age of 18).

Electronic cigarettes saved my life. I had been a smoker for over 30 years when I finally quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes.

I had tried using many other stop-smoking aids over a period of 28 years but none of them worked. I even had a prescription for Wellbutrin and patches from my doctor. I was desperate to stop smoking. NOTHING worked. Nothing until I started using electronic cigarettes. I have been smoke-free for over 5 months now thanks to these devices.

By banning electronic cigarettes, you will be handing a death sentence to many people. Literally. Think about that. Seriously.

brokenbutdetermined said...

I really think its the tobacco companies are the ones behind the wanting to ban the e cigs! they are taking away from their greedy pocketbooks! They already succeeded in banning the roll your own machines at the smoke shops because of greed!

smarterthantheaveragebear said...

I am sure money has to be the motive. Who is paying these people to try to ban e-cigs anyway? Ironically, the greedy people behind it will lose money regardless due to cigarette deaths. Instead of expending all this energy, time, and money to ban e- cigarettes, why are they not looking into other avenues of revenue? It is such an ignorant waste of resources. The cigarette industry is dying and throwing its last death-lashes out in retaliation. Many e-cig users are making their own mods now so good luck banning those!! Also, I don't see them preventing people from making or getting e-liquids either. Most people that use e-liquid are learning how to make their own now. Buying it is only a matter of choice and convenience now. Will they make it illegal to grow tobaco plants also???

Bobby Davis said...

I switched to e-cigs 3 years. The inventor should get a Nobel. The device is nothing short of a miracle. My health has improved greatly. I haven't breathed this good since I was a teen. I tried everything to quit stopped at least 2 dozen times. I even tried hypnotization. The FDA wants to ban and regulate e-cigs to the point its cheaper and easier to buy cigarettes instead. I save $200 a month by switching to e-cigs that's a lot of taxes for the government and state. They want taxes from us and donations from big Tobacoo and Big pharma they could care less about our safety.