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Bill Godshall's Tobacco Harm Reduction Update

Opinions expressed in Bill Godshall's Tobacco Harm Update do not necessarily reflect the views of CASAA.


Petition to White House to "Prevent the FDA from regulating or banning the sale and use of electronic cigarettes, accessories and associated liquids" has 18,566 signatures in first two weeks, needs 6,434 more signatures in next two weeks for White House to respond.

Mike Siegel: Problem is Not that Electronic Cigarette Companies are Making False Claims; Problem is that Anti-Smoking and Health Groups Are

Bill Godshall's presentation for SFATA's 2013 E-Cig Summit (that wasn't presented)

Mike Siegel: New Study on Electronic Cigarette Use Among Youth Fails to Find a Single Nonsmoking Youth Who Has Even Tried an Electronic Cigarette

E-cigarettes not just a fad for Johnson Creek Enterprises

Mike Siegel: Usefulness in Smoking Cessation or Reduction is Not Necessarily a Therapeutic Claim; Electronic Cigarette Companies Should Be Allowed to Tell the Truth

NSRA's Melodie Tilson admits e-cigarettes are less hazardous alternatives for smokers, then protects cigarette markets by demonizing e-cigarettes, defending Health Canada's sales ban, complaining that smokers can still buy them, calling for a usage ban in public places and for banning most marketing of no-nicotine e-cigarettes. Health Canada declines invitation to NSRA's e-cigarette prohibition and propaganda rally in Toronto today.

Paul Bergen: Two ways in which vaping will clear more than just the air
Unregulated, Addictive, And Enticing: E-Cigarettes Suck In Smokers But Risks Remain
(great article, except for intolerant and false claims by nicotine prohibitionists)
Tom Novotny "I really think that we shouldn't support any new nicotine delivery product"
Constantine Vardavas "Nicotine is a toxic substance that is seriously harmful to one's heath"

2010/2011 survey data of 20-28 year old Midwestern adults found 70% were aware of e-cigarettes, 7% had ever used an e-cigarette, 1.2% had used in past 30 days. Among those aware of e-cigarettes, 45% agreed that e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking, 53% agreed that e-cigarettes are less hazardous than cigarettes. But authors unsubstantiated and unwarranted conclusion states: "Health communication interventions to provide correct information about e-cigarettes and regulation of e-cigarette marketing may be effective in reducing young adults’ experimentation with e-cigarettes."

Do electronic cigarettes really work? (consumers say so, but not the prohibitionists)

Paul Bergen: Canadian Lung Association says reducing health risks not as important as quitting nicotine

Laboratory Equipment News repeats Canadian Lung Association's fear mongering comments about e-cigarettes

Canadian substance abuse prevention counselor Doug Rogers urges smokers to keep smoking instead of using e-cigarettes, repeats false and misleading fearmongering propaganda.

Daily Mail (UK) editor falsely claims e-cigarettes are more harmful than cigarettes, deceived by prohibitionist propaganda

Philippine Health Dept and FCTCA urges smokers to keep smoking instead of using e-cigarettes

Pravda claims Russian legislation would ban e-cigarettes, but says legal experts disagree

Smokeless Tobacco
Amendment proposed in Russian Parliament would ban snus and other smokeless tobacco, Ministry of Health's Alexei Nadezhdin falsely claims smokeless tobacco product is more hazardous than cigarettes.

Russian Duma approves ban on smokeless tobacco product (nasvai), which if given final approval, would prompt many users to switch to far more hazardous cigarettes, LDPR Deputy Dmitry Nosov falsely claims that 95 percent of users of nasvai in Russia are children and teenagers.

MA State Rep. Jonathan Hecht accuses smokeless tobacco companies of target marketing to youth, but provides no evidence of any violation of laws or legal settlements that strictly prohibit marketing to youth. Anti tobacco extremists want MA to spend more public dollars on abstinence only propaganda and ineffective smoking cessation drugs.

Tobacco Harm Reduction

Brad Rodu: A Call To Action

CDC's Tim McAfee delineates high risks of smoking, but refuses to inform smokers that e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products are far less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes and pose no harm to others.

BAT announces former White House physician Dr Richard Tubb appointed Non-Executive Director of BAT

FDA to invite public comments about its false and misleading warning labels on smokeless tobacco products

Federal appeals court denies FDA's request for rehearing in graphic cigarette label case

Judge Kessler schedules hearing on corrective cigarette warnings for February 7, 2013

Tobacco companies appeal Judge Kesslers' order for text of corrective cigarette warnings

Legislative update on cigarette graphic warning labels

FDA to hold Third Party Governance of Industry-Sponsored Tobacco Product Research - A Public Workshop on March 19-20

FDA Warns Online Cigarette Retailers for Marketing Violations


Alrtia to appeal court order on cigarette warnings for past wrongdoing

82.4 million legal cigarettes consumed in Germany in 2012, 6% fewer than in 2011, and 41% fewer than in 2000.

Cigarette consumption in South Korea declines in 2012


Alberto Alemanno: EU Tobacco Control 2.0
The Limits of EU policymaking have been tested by the draft tobacco directive. Bold legislation may nonetheless emerge.

Robert West: Two steps forward, one step back

Tobacconists protest proposed EU cigarette restrictions

European coalition advocates graphic cigarette pack warnings (the only provision in the proposed EU Tobacco Products Directive that has proven effective in reducing cigarette consumption), but fail to criticize proposed e-cigarette and snus bans that prevent smokers from quitting and reducing cigarette consumption.

EU Tobacco Products Directive proponents to host seminar on February 19 called "The Battle against Big Tobacco" even though proposed TPD's ban on e-cigarettes and snus protects cigarettes markets and threaten public health.


MA Governor Deval Patrick proposes increasing cigarette tax by $1/pack (from $2.51 to $3.51) and increasing OTP tax by similar amount.

MN Governor Mark Dayton proposes increasing cigarette tax by $.94/pack (from $1.58 to $2.52), and OTP tax (presumably including e-cigarettes).

Legislation introduced in North Dakota (HB 1387) would increase cigarette tax by $.56/pack (from $.44 to $1)

California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and others submit proposal to CA AG for 2014 ballot initiative to raise cigarette tax by $1/pack (with similar increase in OTP tax, but not e-cigarettes) to fund higher education

Mark Gimein: Smuggling Facts Into the Tax Wars

Danny McGoldrick: Mackinac Center stats on cigarette smuggling are seriously flawed, biased

Healthcare Insurance Discrimination
Obamacare could keep tobacco users out of health overhaul, could increase insurance premiums by up to 50% for any tobacco user even though daily smokers incur about 20% higher healthcare expenditures than non tobacco users, while the other 35 million tobacco users in America incur similar healthcare expenditures as non tobacco users.

Do penalties for smokers and the obese make sense?
(Polemic article debates penalization versus subsidization, but ignores only fair solution of healthcare insurance premiums based on actual behavioral risks instead of lobbying and propaganda.)

CA Assemblyman Richard Pan to introduce bill to limit healthcare insurers' premium increases for tobacco users

Employment Discrimination

Supporter of hospital hiring bans for tobacco users fails to cite any evidence that policies improve employee or public health, confuses cigarette smoking with tobacco/nicotine use.

Nicotine Deception

Legacy survey (claiming nearly half of Americans support government mandated nicotine reductions in cigarettes) deceived participants to believe reducing nicotine in cigarettes helps smokers quit (by asking them if they agreed with the statement: "The government should reduce the amount of nicotine in cigarettes to help smokers quit."
In fact, many/most smokers increase consumption (and inhale more often and intensely) to compensate after switching to lower nicotine cigarettes, increasing their morbidity/mortality risks and exposing nonsmokers to more secondhand smoke. Falsely claiming that banning e-cigarettes and mandating nicotine reductions in cigarettes improve public health conflicts with and contradicts Legacy's Foundation Functions in the MSA, including: "educate consumers about the cause and prevention of diseases associated with the use of Tobacco Products"


Are cigars with "characterizing flavors" next on the public health crusades hit list? (FDA and NJ)

Tobacco companies appeal unsuccessful challenges to local ordinances (Providence, RI)

Wakulla County (FL) Board of Commissioners approve emergency ordinance to rescind unwarranted, but previously enacted, flavored tobacco sales ban.

Safer Cigarettes?

Philip Morris study exposes how nonsensical 2008 WHO TobReg proposal for "safer" cigarettes (via mandated limits on smoke constituent yields) is facilitating another "light" and "low tar" cigarette fiasco.

Indoor Smoking Bans
Russian Duma votes to ban smoking in workplaces

Tobacco marketing restrictions dropped from Russian legislation to ban workplace smoking

Mike Siegel: New Study Reports Decline in Heart Attacks After Smoking Ban, But There Was No Decline in Heart Attacks After Smoking Ban

Forney (TX) City Council approves smokefree workplace law, also bans outdoor smoking at stadia, playgrounds and parks.

Coroba (Argentina) bans smoking while driving a car

St. Joseph (MO) City Council considers proposed smokefree workplace ordinance

Opponents urge Casper (WY) City Council to revisit workplace smoking ban

Outdoor Smoking Bans

Bangor (ME) City Council rejects proposed ordinance to ban smoking in parks

Bills introduced in Florida (HB 141, HB 439 & SB 258) would allow local governments to ban outdoor smoking on local government property

Melbourne (Australia) City Councillor Richard Foster proposes banning smoking at all public outdoor locations

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) strongly opposes banning smoking campuswide at Northeastern University

Prohibitionist Karen Blumenfeld continues lobbying for intolerant, unwarranted and unenforceable outdoor smoking (and e-cigarette use) bans in New Jersey to purportedly protect children.

Winston-Salem (NC) Recreation and Parks Director urges City Council to ban smoking at parks

University of Texas to ban smoking on campus, but has no plans to enforce policy.

University of Colorado at Boulder plans to implement, but not enforce, smoking ban on campus

City Council Montgomery County (MD) Council considers proposal to ban smoking outside of libraries, in parking garages and outdoor recreation areas, on county golf courses and in areas like Veterans Plaza in Silver Spring.

Smoking Cessation Drugs

Pfizer CEO Avoids Testifying with Another Chantix Settlement

NHS nurses give skin patches to children as young as twelve without informing parents (UK)

Study finds Zyban (bupropion) ineffective for smoking cessation among recent heart attack sufferers

ACSH: No Surprise -- Drug doesn't help smokers quit after heart attack

Transparency Hypocrisy

Drug industry funded prohibitionist groups criticize NY Gov. Cuomo's budget proposal for lacking transparency, but groups don't disclose their own conflicts of interest

Plain Packaging

Australian government website provides documents on plain packaging arbitration


45 Shisha smokers arrested in Rawalpindi (Pakistan)

Turkey bans hookah use in restaurants, cafes and bars; news reporter repeats false WHO propaganda claiming hookah is more hazardous than cigarettes


Tobacco farmers urge Indonesian government to revise regulations they claim threatens their livelihoods and benefits foreign competitors


Six million counterfeit cigarettes from China seized in Brooklyn (NY)

VA legislators claim concern about interstate cigarette smuggling created by VA legislature (by keeping VA's cigarette tax at $.30/pack), but propose harsher penalties for smugglers instead of reducing huge cigarette price disparity.


Oregon State Rep. Greenlick reintroduces tobacco prohibition bill, would eliminate all tobacco tax revenue, create huge black market, increase crime and corruption.


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Bill Godshall founded SmokeFree Pennsylvania in 1990 and serves as its executive director. SmokeFree Pennsylvania has advocated policies for smoke-free air, reducing tobacco marketing to youth, expanding nicotine addiction treatment services and educating smokers about less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes such as electronic cigarettes and modern, smoke-free tobacco products. He emails subscribers this informative and timely newletter, "Tobacco Harm Reduction Update," every week. To subscribe, please contact him via email.

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