Monday, February 11, 2013

CASAA Launches Research Fund, E-cigarette Study Review

CASAA is launching our first fund-raiser to support an important scientific research project, described below, that will help clear up the the some of the debate about e-cigarettes.

There have been numerous studies testing the chemistry of e-cigarette vapor and liquids, including the well-known report by the FDA, all of which have found no cause for serious concern. However, because most people are not scientific experts, the FDA and those who wish to see e-cigarettes banned have been able to untruthfully portray many of these studies as having found significant health risks.

CASAA has secured the interest of an internationally respected professor of environmental and occupational health at a major university to study and write a review of all of the existing chemistry research on e-cigarettes. The results of this work will be made available to the public immediately upon completion and it will be published in one or more scientific journal articles.

This research paper will explain what the results of those existing studies really mean.  It will make clear what the levels of the detected chemicals mean, how they compare to other sources of those chemicals and what are believed to be the levels that would be considered harmful.  Many of the anti-tobacco/nicotine researchers have tried to trick readers by not making clear how small the detected quantities were, compared to the levels produced by smoking or allowed by regulations.  CASAA is confident that this research will be useful for both health science and in arguing for the reasonable regulation of e-cigarettes.

The researcher is familiar with tobacco harm reduction and unlike many other researchers, he will not be intimidated by pressure from the tobacco control industry, but has no history of advocacy and thus there would be no basis for suggesting he is biased.  He is known for being an impeccable scientist.  These factors will make it difficult for regulators and anti-THR activists to dismiss the analysis.

A grant of $15,000 will allow him to conduct this research. If CASAA can raise the money within the next month or two we can have a result by late summer, in time for it to be considered in discussion of new e-cigarette regulations.  

By using the information already available in existing studies, the cost is a fraction of what it would cost for someone to perform another chemistry test, yet it will produce results that are much more useful, and that we believe will immediately become the most important single source of scientific analysis about e-cigarettes.

Find out more about the new Research Fund and donate to this first project at:


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