Thursday, March 14, 2013

CASAA Launches new web page about FDA & e-cigarettes

There have been a lot of questions and confusion regarding FDA's intent to regulate e-cigarettes as "tobacco products" and the possible consequences.

With that in mind, CASAA has created a new web page that explains how we got to where we are with the FDA and the meaning and potential consequences of "deeming regulations" for e-cigarette consumers and retailers.

Click here to view the page: The FDA & Deeming Regulations of E-cigarettes


Renae said...

It is so sad that our government continues to ignore excellent investigations in to e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction and continues to try to eliminate the products that can save lives. I was a 2.5 pack a day smoker for 40 years and spent thousand$$ on methods to quit this awful habit with nothing working. The patches, gum, lozenges, acupuncture, hypnosis and laser therapy were huge wastes of money...none of them worked.
With my first e-cigarette, I was able to make a total switch from burning tobacco to using my e-cig in just one week. I have been vaping my e-cig for 3 years (now with no nicotine at all in the liquid) and it has kept me from ever wanting to light up a smoke again. If e-cigarettes are banned, how many e-cigarette users will our government murder when they switch back to burning tobacco and harming themselves and others around them? PLEASE DON'T MURDER US...WE DESERVE THE TRUTH!!!

Scott McKirahan said...

I, too, have been using an e-cigarette exclusively for three years after smoking two packs a day for 20 years.

If they make it next to impossible for e-cig companies and users of the devices or tax them to death, I KNOW I'll switch back to regular cigarettes again. I honestly think that's what they want us to do (lots of Big Pharma and Big Tobacco money lining the pockets over there).

I simply like smoking - even if it vaping and not real smoke. My lungs will hate me - they had cleared up so nicely.

G. Kahn said...

Scott, you are 100% correct. For me as well it is either Vaping or cigarettes. Let's see how honest they are about helping people quit the butts!

Debora Johnson said...

True for me also I know I'd be forced back into smoking. I really, really don't want that again it was the monkey on my back for over 40 years as a 2 pack a day smoker. I have been smoke-free for over 3 months now please let me stay this way!!!!

Sean Jenkins said...

Cigarette sales down and that's a bad thing? This attack on companies with taxes and regulations is so phony. It's basically holding people hostage who want to quit smoking and find alternatives to regular smoking. Why the attacks? Well because it works! They are saying that you can't quit our cancer killing cigarette products unless you pay the piper! They say their on our side?? Yeah sure you are! How can you place E-cigarettes under the same category and regulations as regular tobacco products that has been proven to have 1,000s of more deadly chemicals in it? Stop denying the truth, stop allowing people to make their own decisions (as you're not our mommy and daddy) and making up lies!

karyyl said...

I just found out something I didn't know about contacting Congress/Senators. The old rule was write a paper letter BUT I'm
finding this everywhere. The quote below is dated 2013.

Email is the preferred method of communication for Congressional offices. After the anthrax attacks in 2001, any paper mail sent to Congress is irradiated at an outside facility. This irradiation causes a delay of a month or more and can result in illegible letters.

Members of Congress will typically only respond to communications from their home state or district. Make sure to identify that you are a constituent.

Debora Johnson said...
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Debora Johnson said...

Critics insist ecigs will get kids smoking and to me that is the most ridiculous argument since by design they are made to get the smokers away from smoking If they have to resort to such mistruths as this and the 2nd hand issue which also doesn't apply they are grasping at straws to fuel their paranoia.

Leo Nicholson said...

Six members of my family have been completely off cigarettes for three months now with e-cigarette kits I furnished. That's 6 pairs of lungs, 6 hearts and the elimination of all secondary smoke. In a nation unable to control assault weapons, the government is actually going after people trying to improve their family's health?

Wade Jordan said...

FDA regulation or not, I will find a way to vape one way or another. Even if I have to buy 1000 acres and grow tobacco to extract nicotine or whatever, lol. I WILL VAPE ON MY FRIENDS!!

cardamon55 said...

I completely switched to e-cigs after 45 years of smoking a pack a day.
It's a good thing, right..?
When I've heard about FDA regulations along with tobacco products that was a shocker and immediate suspicion about motivations behind the proposition.
Guess we all think in the same direction.

David Holmes said...

''In theory, anything that wasn't on the market prior to 2007 could be banned until it was approved for sale by the FDA, unless it could prove that it is “substantially equivalent” to a “grandfathered” product that was being sold.'' Well, Philip Morris is now selling the 2007 ecigarettes. To me, this speaks volumes to FDA's possible regulations since the FDA seems to protect money more so than health. Murder for profit, be it our food, water or lifestyle, it's all dollar signs to those with 'power.'