Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CASAA launches tobacco harm reduction success stories collection

Update 1/26/15: In order to make the testimonials more accessible, we've created a WordPress site, and we are relaunching the testimonials project. Links in the blog post below (originally published more than a year ago) have been updated with the new link for participation in this program. 

Take a moment. Share your story. We are not anecdotes.


Are you fed up with the claim that “there is no evidence” that e-cigarettes, snus, or other low-risk tobacco/nicotine products help people quit smoking?  We are, too.  It is obviously wrong, since every individual story of how e-cigarettes helped someone quit smoking (especially after many failed attempts using other methods) is such evidence! When CASAA fights against restrictions on e-cigarettes at the state and local level, we almost always win. The main reason for that is because CASAA members turn out and tell the lawmakers about how e-cigarettes were the reason they quit smoking.  Most people understand evidence like that!

Did you quit using one of these safer alternatives?
Tell us about your success story!
With this in mind, CASAA is compiling these individual stories so that we can back that individual testimony with a large collection and make it impossible for anyone to keep pretending that there is "no evidence."  We know that there are hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of you who have succeeded with tobacco harm reduction (THR) using e-cigarettes, snus, or other products and have already written your stories for testimony, letters to the editor or web posts.  Thousands more have their own success stories that have never been reported.  We want to collect those stories!

If you are someone who quit smoking by switching to e-cigarettes or any other smoke-free tobacco/nicotine product, please go to our testimonials collection page (click here) and tell us your story in your own words.

If you have already written your story, you can copy and paste it and this will only take a few minutes.  (There is just one page of quick, simple questions followed by a box to paste your story into.)  If you have not already written your story, this is a good opportunity to do so; it will take a bit more time than some of the check box surveys you may have already done, but it is worth it:  These personal stories have proven to be the most powerful means of convincing doubters!

For those who are interested in receiving updates about this project or joining CASAA, you will also find information about those in the survey.

Thank you for your contribution to this project.  We are confident that it will really make a difference! 

Please forward and repost/share this anywhere that seems appropriate.  

Be sure to leave your story by clicking the link above. Comments left on this blog post will not be included in the official testimonial collection!


MrsDawn said...

Had wheezing for 20 yrs or so and would get hoarse easy (am an entertainer/singer) and started using an ecig back in 2009 but still smoked some. Then did some research and found an ecig that I liked and my family doctor curious about if it would make a difference since he had been on me and my husband for years to quit smoking. 8 months later Doctor noticed he couldn't hear much wheezing and a year later at checkup, he said it sounded like I had a new pair of lungs (Allergist we see agreed after my exam 2 yrs ago) I hadn't been hoarse, no wheezing, more energy and no weight gain. Had tried cold turkey back in 2003 and 14 months later and 35 lbs heavier I was in worse health so went back to smoking and lost the weight. But with the electric cigs I don't have the eating benges since it is more of a hand to mouth motion and I get the taste of a cigarette but not the bad chemicals so for me and my husband it has made big difference in our health also. My husband doesn't wake up in middle of night coughing and wheezing and my allergies are not near as bad and has cut back on my allergy shots. This awesome device has made a difference in my life and others I know also. Has cut back on doctor visits for sure! :) I had been a smoker for 37 years and I am now almost 2 years smoke free and hubby is 18 months smoke free.

Joe Scott said...

I started smoking at the young age of 13. At that age you dont realize the harmful affects that you will encounter later in life. I am 39 now and smoked for 24 years.
During that time i have developed diabetes and had other various health problems such as being extremely overweight, weezing, coughing, and no stamina what so ever.
Since i quit smoking and started using the electronic cigarettes ( Standard Joytech Ego ) on July 4th 2011, i now have my diabetes under control, and i am down to way healthier weight. I no longer have the crackling or weezing at night when i try to sleep, and most imporatantly i can take a full lung of breath !!!
Honestly, if it werent for electronic cigarettes i would either be dead or well on my way to it.

ankhsunamen said...

I started smoking when I was 14. I started with marlboro. I started smoking camel menthol when theynwere first introduced. My asthma was killing me I could not taste or hardly even smell my food. I couldnt even walk down a flight of stairs without getting so winded that I had to sit down and relax for at least 20 minutes before I can get up and do what I had to do for the day. but about 3 years ago a friend of mine introduced me to electronic cigarettes. And after 3 months my sense of smell my sense of taste my lungs have all gotten so improved and just the smell of cigarettes or a recently stubbed out cigarette or just the smell of a cigarette on a person makes me want to vomit. When it comes to the electronic cigarette I think they should be kept as an alternative to safe smoking and not banned due to the fact that Big Pharma and the FDA and tobacco companies cannot regulate stipulate or mandate how when how much nicotine and how often we are allowed to use them if it had not been for the electronic cigarette I would still be smoking and probably not able to do anything that I enjoy doing.

kate said...

I had smoked for 40 years, had quit a couple times, but could never stay away from cigarettes. I always had a weight gain when I quit. I was wheezing and coughing. I started the E-ciggies in February of this year, within a week my wheezing and coughing stopped. By April I stopped smoking regular cigarettes completely and no weight gain! I can go to a smoking-allowed casino and not be tempted to bum a regular cigarette. I no longer smell like cigarettes, my home and car doesn't smell of stale tobacco. Big tobacco companies should get on the band wagon of producing additive free nicotine. I know in our state, there have been numerous ads against smoking, basically crying about the cost to the state for health care of smokers. They need to realize the e-ciggies are a better alternative and will decrease the health care expenses. Government needs to accept the fact, we pay sales tax on the e-ciggies and supplies, and they don't need to over tax this industry out of business.

Jonathan Fehlman said...

All I can really add is the definition of liberty is letting people do what they want as long as it doesn't harm someone else. Since my wife actually can breath around me vapeing. I need a lot of proof that second hand vaper is bad for someone to make me stop vapeing. Until someone prices that I plan to vape. I do not plan to smoke a cigarette ever again....I pray that big pharmacy and the FDA see the light before they act as irrationally as other govt. Dept's have in the past.

Kenny Horton said...

Kenny Horton
Okay so I get up every morning and I go to a clinic for my Medications. Well this morning a sign is up that reads Dear Agius clients and staff,
E-Cigs will not be permitted any longer due to recent FDA studies that indicate second hand inhaling can cause Health problems. We are treating this the same as SMOKING. For the SAFETY of staff and patient alike. There is more but that's the gist of it! WOW!! HELP ME FIGHT THIS ONE! Somebody know a pro bono lawyer who like's cases like these?

Portia Dee said...

I started smoking at 16 trying to be in the in crowd. I am now 57. I started on e cigarettes August 17, 2011. I have not had a regular cigarette since. The smell of cigarettes makes me choke and cough. I was so grateful that e cigarettes stopped me from smoking that I have convinced my fiancee and oldest son to also use them and they have stopped smoking as well. I have diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. My cholesterol is much better and also my blood pressure. I pray that the FDA does not ban e cigarettes because I would not want to ever go back to smoking those cancer causing cigarettes. I tried stopping so many times and always went back until I started e cigarettes.

Anthony and Pam Sadelmyer said...

Pamela Whelan- Well I have smoked cigarettes for over 25 years and have attempted to quit 3 times. Every time I would gain weight and have hard core cravings and triggers. This time I tried the e-cigarette and then a vapor cigarette and have not gained weight and can breath and taste better than I ever have in the past. I can say that I feel a lot better this time about quitting. I work at a residential treatment center that still allows people to smoke 7 times a day. Now we have a quitting smoking group and have 10-15 clients out of 60 who are using vapor cigarette. It's progress not perfection. I believe that vapor cigarettes are a better alternative to smoking cigarettes with over 4000 harmful chemicals in them. grateful for vapor cigarettes.

fa1ded said...

Was a pack a day smoker for about 15 years. I started vaping in June 2013 and I have not had a cigarette since then. Vaping has, no doubt, helped me quit smoking. Since I started vaping, I noticed that my energy has improved, I am breathing much better, and I do not have a nasty cough in the morning. Also, I have not been sick since I started vaping (knock on wood). All thanks to vaping, I feel that I'm much healthier.

S Mac said...

Join in the TweetBombing of the tags #EUecigban #ecigs #EU with the rest of us asap on Twitter, I have had a Twitter account for a year or two and never really used it, just tweet a reason why ecigs have helped you stay away from tobacco, or at least cut down, and include the #EUecigban hastag, this is to help the Europeans with the proposed ban on ecig systems and juice that work, they are trying to push a hypocritical and unethical Big Tobacco and Pharmaceutical driven law into effect, they don't care that hundreds of thousands have quit cigs and will be forced to start smoking carcinogenic cancer sticks again with thousands of added extra addictive chemicals to keep us hooked, it wont be long if the EU passes this terrible law that the USA will follow.

Patty Piazza said...

For 44 years I regularly smoked at least a pack a day, or $60/week. I enjoyed smoking and had no intention of quitting at this point in my life, as I had tried various expensive methods of quitting and nothing worked.

One day my neighbor asked me to try his e-cigarette or "vape". I said no, not interested. I'd tried the best version of electronic cigarettes available a number of years before and didn't like it. At his insistence, however, I tried it. Immediately I decided to get one-it satisfied all the reasons that I smoked! Now at this point, the vape was just another thing to smoke! I still had no intention of quitting cigarettes. As time went on, I found myself choosing the vape over cigarettes more and more. In fact, sometimes when i'd smoke a cigarette I'd find myself vaping in between drags! So, because of the expense of cigarettes more than anything, I decided to put my analog cigarettes in the freezer and only go for one if I really wanted to, rather than out of habit. The next thing I knew, without any more effort than that, I had quit smoking cigarettes. A feat I would never have imagined. It was painless and downright enjoyable.

This whole process took approximately 3 months. Then my sister-a three pack a day smoker-came for a visit. After a 12 hour span of not being able to smoke on a cross-country flight involving airports with no smoking facilities, she REJECTED my offer to use the vape while still inside waiting for her luggage. She wanted a REAL cigarette. By the next day, she had watched my neighbor and I enjoying our e-cigarettes long enough that she asked to try it. 15 minutes later we were in a store selling e-cigarettes! She is now a non-smoker too.

Not to be left out, my daughter then followed suit.

There is no doubt whatsoever that e-cigarettes rescued my entire family from years of smoking. Nothing else worked. Nothing else was as affordable. And certainly nothing else was as easy.

My story is not unique. I know of many people with a similar story. It would be nothing less than a crime to legislate the ease of using e-cigarettes away from people. If we are truly interested in good health and not some hidden agenda involving money from the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies, this is a no-brainer.

Poe Munoz said...

Pack a day for 20 years.
Tried gum, patches, cold turkey. Even tried the e-cigs when they first started coming out, at that time it wasnt quite good enough.
My co-worker started using a newer version. Overnight she quit analogs. I watched her for one month, her weight, stress levels and all other withdrawl symptoms. (we had tried quitting together before and had both been sent home for completely loosing our cools about 3 weeks in) SHe was so succesful after one month I jumped on board. I bought a regular pack to keep in my car, just in case. 2 months later I gave that un opened pack to a homeless guy and have never looked back. My sense of smell and taste came back. My adult acne cleared up after 3 weeks. I joined CrossFit and have been building my lung capacity. I can actually run for a long period of time and not pass out or get sick. Why would the people, who say they look out for our health, not jump on board with this also. The lesser of the 2 evils. Common sense people !

joesdc1 said...

Before turning to vaping, I was a 2 pack a day smoker and always hearing: "You smoke too much!" from friends and family. I didn't care...I loved smoking and hanging out with my friends that did the same. My adventure began in the Mall Of America on the first floor.

I was shopping with sis and a kiosk vendor took a hold of my shoulder...must of smelled the last cig I smoked and asked if I wanted to try an alternative...(Key word here!) and was all for it. Before trying, I saw them on the local news being rented out to bar attenders and at a high price, but to keep you from killing yourself slowly, it's priceless.

With this in mind, I dove in. The vapor was light, sweet with strawberry I believe and the kit was twice the price of the rental I saw at the mall. I knew this was the way to get rid of the coffin nails for good and headed for the net....Google and YouTube was my pal for about 2-3 weeks straight. I almost bought greensmoke e-cigs till I saw a vid called "greensmoke sucks!" I saw the cut off, the inferior carts and saw the ego...I was hooked and found totally wicked. I bought a-la-cart and didn't look back. This was in the middle of May 2010. as i look back now, I have always bought this way to tailor to ME and that is how it should be :)

I went threw the cart process to the dripping process that i still do to this day and love it! I went through the tank phase and still have them as back-ups. I met a great woman that was curious in what I was doing and got her into it as well.

I have to say that when I was smoking, I could time when the elusive bronchitis would appear every year, but once i began vaping and stuck with it...it has yet to rear its ugly face in my lungs. Vaping has worked for me and has for thousands...millions around the world. My stamina is back...no more weezing while walking and talking, no more neon green mucus attacks and I can taste finally...

I have been vaping for almost 4 years now and would I recommend this to others...a definite YES! I truly feel that on that day at the MOA my guardian angel was with me, showing me another path and I took it...horns and all! I never got into the blu's or njoys or greensmokes or smoke anywhere's...I began wit the ego and hit the ground running.

OfJamaicensis said...

Not much to say, 40 year smoker, started to Vape and with the snap of fingers in my head I stopped smoking Tobacco. Fantastic product for smokers, a life changing moment. Should be given away free to smokers at Hospitals, Clinics, Pharm., etc etc. The tax people will be losing lots of revenue shortly, so general tax will have to go up, no tobacco tax subsidy to lean on. Nobel Prize for the China Guy. "You will have to prise my EGO from my dead hand"

Kristy Stoneburner said...

Hi my name is Krusty , I am from Des Moines Iowa, I was admitted to the Hospital Nov 30 2012 for chronic bronchitis , nothing new to me, for I have COPD and almost yearly in the hospital due to it. Well that was the last draw for me as my oxygen level went to 83 , I was smoking 4 packs of bronson king full flavor daily, yeah you may go yeah whatever, but it is true , I worked out of my own home, I was sleeping on 3 liters of oxygen a night and using a daily maintenance inhaler and an inhaler as needed . While in the hospital I used the patch and as soon as I discharged I went to this place called Central Iowa electronic cigarettes , I walk in and this lady said how can I help you, I said I need to quit smoking I have COPD, she sat me down and I tried the vaporizer and juice , so I bought a kit and out the door I went, so to maintain my kit or to upgrade to a different Electronic vapor I would go back into the store and buy juice and to maintain what I had, after awhile I come to find out the lady that helped me was the owner and a RN that had quit her career and go into the E-cig business, and she kept saying to me , you should come work for us, we I did I started part time, and about 4 months later I became manager of the store, I am very passionate about my job there because it has truly saved me, and I want to help others do the same , I now sleep with NO oxygen and NO longer use my inhalers, I feel like a brand new whole person, I was a 30 year smoker and just decided I wanted to breath and see my kid's grow older and see my grand kid's grow up. Sincerely Kristy In Des Moines Iowa , check our facebook page out at Central Iowa Electronic Cigarettes and follow us :)

Bigor Bust said...

Hi there. My name is Nathan. I was smoking 2 packs of Marlboro Menthol 100's per day for 11 years (starting at the age of 16). I was hooked at a young age obviously, because that's what my friends were doing, and it's easy to get influenced into things like that at such a young age. For many years I wanted to stop smoking, but doing so led to episodes, anxiety and panic attacks. My job and financial security were in jeopardy while trying to quit smoking completely, and everyone around me was not happy that I was going through so many issues while doing so. Unfortunately, tobacco cessation was not an option for me and the stress I endure in my daily activities and others smoking around me just puts me back to wanting to smoke again. I was introduced to an E-Cigarette in 2010 (the ones that look like toy cigarettes with the red light up tip), and overnight I was able to stop smoking cigarettes and was able to get my nicotine needs from the E-Cigarette device. I then knew that this was going to change everything for me. I was able to stop spending $60 per week on expensive cartons of cigarettes that were going to eventually kill me. I was only spending around $20 every 2 months for nicotine refills and device upgrades. I have been on the E-Cigarette Joy-EGO-T upgrade and 24 mg menthol nicotine drops since 2010, and enjoy my freedom in being able to still cater to the unfortunate need for this addiction. I can now live with my addiction, and be healthy with it. I think this is an extremely important step in the right direction and it should be allowed in public places without any kind of restrictions. I will always smoke my E-Cigarette even if it's not allowed somewhere, because I know that it's vapor and not real smoke, and that it is only harmful to the user if it will ever be proven that it is. I stand by these products completely. Thank you :)

James Robert Andrew West said...

I was given a generation 1 E-cig for Christmas this year. Ok it had zero nicotine as this is the only type that you can buy at retail outlets in Tasmania. I tried it and it was useless. Tasted nice but no nicotine and the TH was negligible. I did a web search and found how to refill these "so called non refillable cartridges and ordered some nicotine 24mg/ml juice from N.Zealand. You cannot buy it legally in Australia. Ok the juice arrived a week latter, and yep...after just two days I never touched a cancer stick again. I am now happily vaping a generation 2 device and I have found on line suppliers that are a darn side cheaper and the juices tastier than the ones from N.Zealand. I was so impressed that I am now an onseller of these life saving devices and I recommend them to all that want to quit cigarettes. I was a 40 Cigarette a day smoker, and yes I still vape like mad. However, I am now down to a 8mg/ml mix instead of the 16 mg cigarettes I smoked. Vape and Fly. Smoke and You Die.

Chani1074 said...

Hello there, I am a 39 year old female and was and avid and happy smoker for approximately 25 years. In October of 2011, I was hospitalized for severe bleeding ulcers, and was told that if I didn't quit smoking that I would most likely have more. I, of course, paid no attention to the warning and continued smoking, until July 13th 2013. On that date, within 10 minutes I had gone from "I'm not feeling too well" to going into shock from massive internal bleeding due to another ulcer. I was told that if I had not lived 2 minutes from a hospital that I would have died. In the emergency room my blood pressure dropped so low that I almost died, apparently it wasn't my time. It was at that point that pretty much knew that there wouldn't/couldn't be a 3rd time around, and needed to quit smoking. I was angry! And then my husband found me an e-cigarette kit, and soon after I learned about Vaping, I have not smoked and have no desire to since beginning vaping. Vaping literally saved my life! Since then I have been able to convert 8 friends into ex-smokers!! Thank you for listening to my story.....

Kris Kirby said...

i started vaping about 8 months ago and love the way i feel now. I smoked a pack a day before i started vaping and also smoked black and mild cigars. my chest would hurt in the morning when i woke up every morning and i would get frequent chest colds and coughing up flem all of the time. when a friend came over one day he had an e cigarette hanging around his neck and i asked him what it was. he told me he quit smoking and now uses an e cigarette. he said he had an extra on and wanted to know if i wanted to give it a try and from that day forward i have been smoke free. i thank that friend very much and i feel alot better. my chest colds have gone away and i dont find myself coughing at all like i used to. no more flem and i dont stink like an ashtray anymore either. vaping has saved my life and i hope it can save millions more. I sure will do my part to spread the word about this wonderful harm reduction alternative.

Brad Silverdog said...

I was a 40 year smoker... 2 packs a day, and I haven't touched a cigarette since
vaping. Vaping has saved my life and now i'm free from smoking. I'm now saving
over $400 a month and feel like a million dollars. I've turned on many of my
fellow smokers to vaping and ALL have stopped smoking cigarettes. What do these
idiots who want to ban this product want me to do....go back to smoking
cigarettes? I have a feeling the big tobacco industry is behind any ban and MUST
BE STOPPED !!! I'm also a US Marine from the 1970's and i'll say this ....
"I'll give you my mod when you pry it from my cold, dead hands"

Brad Silverdog said...

Also, If i could get my hands around the necks of the tobacco representatives and the
idiots who want to ban this product...I WOULD BREAK IT !!!!!!!! They helped kill
my mother and father. They tried for years to STOP SMOKING. I'm soooo sick of
these do-gooders and i'm sick of this government taking MY RIGHTS AWAY as a FREE

Cole Thurman said...

I was 18 when I started smoking, been wanting to quit for 2 years now but it was hard to find anything that will, I went from maybe 5 cigs a day to half a pack a day, I didn't want it harm my life anymore, I did some looking up couldnt find anything, I was at the local hookah lounge I go to I saw when the one use E Cigs that they were selling I might as well try it, I use those for about a year, it help me cut down but I still smoke, it was at the time I got to college I went to a local vape shop and I got my first ego kit and I loved it, it took away the urge to smoke, I'm 20 now and smoke free.

Jared Byers said...

my dad started smoking when he was 10 and is now 36 he smoked for 26 years and is now smoke free

Meyvn said...

I smoked for 30 years and tried to quit multiple times only to fail. Ecigs and Vaping was the magic bullet! I have been smoke free since discovering them. Let us not allow excessive regulation to destroy this success. Thanks for being here CASAA!

Char O said...

I don't smoke and I don't vape. I lost my dad due to smoking and I absolutely hate it. If we want to unburden the healthcare industry we will stamp out smoking and stop making it so difficult for people to vape. Top three killers can be linked to smoking. It's not rocket science! I have converted over 190 people from smoking to vaping since January 1st and I will continue to help as much as I possibly can. Dad smoked 3 packs a day and I was forced to inhale that second hand smoke. Those 190 people have children that are no longer a victim to second hand smoke. How can you call that bad.

Logan Spiker said...

I am 21 years old and was smoking from when I was 13 till I was 20. I treated myself a little over a year ago to an E-cigarette and haven't touched a cigarette since. This has not only helped my lung health, but entirely changed my life. Vaping started my upward spiral, which then led to eating healthier, I stopped drinking pop, stopped having acid reflux issues, and finally decided to join a gym and have been at my gym 4-5 days a week for the past year. I cannot express how much e-cigs have improved my life, but have also improved everyone around me. I passed on vaping to customers of the store that I work at, friends, family, and even strangers. I can honestly say that I am passionate about vaping, as I know many people are.

jabr360 said...

Been a smoker since 1991; finally educated myself e-cigarettes and how they are safer and an easier way to quit the habit. It's been 2 months and I'm never smoking again.

Cathy Wilson said...


This is my story about the e-cigs and the effect it has had on me as an individual.
I am a sixty-two year old woman I have been smoking since I was 12 years old. Of course at the time I started smoking the effects of cigarettes had barely become known. In fact I can remember them putting the first warning labels on each pack. But of course I continued to smoke because by that time I was addicted to them.
At the tender age of thirty-five I got my first taste of the effects of smoking. I had developed cancer. But the cigarettes had their hold on me I couldn’t quit smoking. I did try and try and tried again and again, without any success. In the meantime the cancer was visiting me quite frequently. I would go in for more surgery, only to have cancer poke its ugly head up again and again.
I tried patches, I tried gum, I tried pills, and even a hypnotist and acupuncture. I tried everything the doctors had suggested. It would last three months tops and I had the habit picked up again… UNTIL…. I found Vaping.
Since I started to Vape I have not had a cigarette. NOT ONE and I don’t have the craving for one either. I will not pick up or buy another harmful cigarette as long as I can Vape. The effects of smoking was killing me with all the cancer causing carcinogens that are found in the cigarettes. So far, as I can tell you, that the cancer has not visited again. I hope it will continue that way. At least I am doing what the Doctors are telling me to do. That is DON’T SMOKE!!!
I hope that you will take my story and consider the positive effects that Vaping has had for me and many others just like me. This is my last hope for getting off and staying of the traditional cigarette’s and the harmful effect it has on others.
I would like to thank you for your time and consideration that you have given to me while reading my story!
Thank you again!
Catherine A Wilson

Flatouts said...

My wife and I are both in our 50s. We have both been smoking our entire adult life. We knew it was bad for us and we tried different methods to quit. Our kids (both non smokers) have constantly yet politely asked us to quit. We now have 3 grand kids. We would like to be around to see them grow up. Yet we were still smoking. This year we finally broke down and tried the E-cig craze. We really didn't think it was going to work. I've tried it before years ago with not much success. So we gave it another try. Wow, things have changed. We were able to find what we both liked and it has been three months without a cigarette. The smell of cigarettes is now repulsive. But we can both smell many other things so much better now. We don't feel hooked. Our nicotine level is 1/2 or less than what we were taking in and no carcinogens. We both feel much better and can breath and really take in the fresh air. It's a nice feeling. We don't plan on continuing the Vapor, although it is enjoyable we are reducing the Nicotine level and will soon be at zero. I think one of the major things that contributed to this is good advice from a local Vapor Store that suggested we find flavors we like that are as far from the cigarette taste as possible. This combined with the vast amount of good tasting alternative flavors available these days seems to have worked for us. All our friends and even our kids are very supportive and excited we've made the change. BTW my son investigates everything to the point of annoying sometimes. He researched everything he could find of vapor and presented us with the facts. He gives this two thumbs up. Even went so far as saying you could do this the rest of your natural life and not cause 100th the damage to your body as those cigs were doing. Course he also said if you do neither you will be even better off. Thus we plan to do exactly that. We started with 2.4 Nic and now just 3 months later at 1.8 Nic and don't even notice a difference. We even have some at 0 nicotine that we like. We can go all day without it and that's just fine. No more crutch - it feels nice to be smoke free!

Vince Witengier

Name: Ben said...

I started smoking at around 15 - 16 and when I was 22 I bought myself a Gamucci e cigarette kit, jump forward a few years and I haven't smoked a single cigarette since buying that first cigalike kit. I had no intention of quitting at the time and I didn't think I would ever be able to cut it out of my life but vaping has replaced my smoking habit completely. I started on 18mg and now I only use 6mg, sometimes even 0mg if I'm low on Nicotine solution. I would still be smoking today if not for p.vs and I say p.vs because I don't believe they are in anyway cigarettes. I'm sick of these poorly researched articles, plastering pictures of some generic brand cheap cigalike thing and talking about how it looks too much like a real ciggie... my omega rda on my nemesis isn't going to get confused for a cigarette any time soon. Vaping is a community that these anti-vapers have barely even considered, we do not need "10 facts you might not know about vaping" articles peddling fear and doubt. Vaping will replace smoking eventually, that is of course unless poorly informed and presumptuous politicians stand in their way. Vaping saves lives, mine included, end of.

Mr Sluggo said...

I am now 8 days free of cigarettes thanks to vaping. At 54 years old I have been smoking since 1972. I have tried pretty much every method to quit with the exception of the patch because it scared me. I have also been in recovery from an alcohol and drug addiction since August of 1995 and I have to say that smoking has been harder to get off than alcohol and drugs. Of course that is strictly my opinion only. I do not speak for others. I was introduced to vaping around 6 months ago and fooled around with it until this past Monday morning and I simply said enough was enough and I haven't touched a cigarette since. I am already feeling the effects like breathing better and sense of taste and smell are improving greatly. I had done extensive research into electronic cigarettes prior to making the switch and am glad I did. The nicotine levels I am currently using will decrease over time and I am on board with my Physician who is pleased with my decision to take this route to help me quit. My family, friends and coworkers are pleased with this decision also. As with the recovery process I treat this as a One Day At A Time process and every day gets better as do I. Just wanted to say thanks for giving me a solution to a long time problem that seems to be working.
Simon in NJ

Margo Flora said...

I smoked for 28 years last June I went to a local E-cig Store just to see what it was all about. I was only looking into it not intending to buy at that point but after I started talking to them I decided to give it a try. I had tried everything else and had no luck giving up cigarettes. the patch I was able to last half a day at most then I was sneaking out to smoke it was the same with the gum the lolipops amd the mini troches. so say that I was thinking I would never get the smoking Monkey off my back was true. with in a week of vapping I was done with smoking Cigarettes. on fathers day this june it will be a year since I last smoked a real cigarette. My Kids where so happy they say to me all the time how proud they are and how they wish everyone would vap rather then smoke. My daughter went to gremany over spring break with her Greman class and notice ow muchthey smoked over there and said to me that she wish tha if peoplewant to smoke why not vap instead. I fill the same only because I know how much better I feel not smoke all that crap in to my lungs.But I will never give a smoker a hard time because I was once one of them. I will tell anyone how vapping has help me.