Thursday, June 13, 2013

New York may ban the sale of electronic cigarettes
June 13, 2013

New York City has been in the news recently for attempting to ban the purchase of sugary beverages over 16 ounces as well as considering banning popcorn at movie theaters. It seems banning regularly used substances is not limited to New York City, as a bill has been introduced by New York State Senator Kemp Hannon to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes in the state. On Wednesday the Consumer Advocates for Smoke- Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) sent out a "call to action" requesting concerned advocates contact the Rules Committee in New York regarding this proposed ban.

According to CASAA, Senate Bill S07635, which would amend New York Public Health Law, was introduced in the Health Committee and may be referred to the Rules Committee. The Rules Committee meets daily so this bill could be sent to the full Senate at any time. Contact information for each member of the Rules Committee is available through the CASAA website....

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