Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bill Godshall's Tobacco Harm Reduction Update

Opinions expressed in Bill Godshall's Tobacco Harm Update do not necessarily reflect the views of CASAA.

E-cigarette News
CBS: CASAA’s Greg Conley and Carl Phillips advocate smokefree e-cigarettes for smokers, American Lung Association’s Deb Brown protects cigarette markets.

E-cigarettes light up economy

Lou Maiellano: E-cigarettes and the Future

Fr. Jack Kearney: There's No Such Thing as "Addiction" to Electronic Cigarettes!

ASU professor Peter Killeen: Nicotine does not cause cigarette addiction

Boston Public Health Commission issues 61 permits since March to sell e-cigarettes as more adult smokers demand far less hazardous alternatives. E-cigarette prohibitionists Matt Myers and D.J. Wilson falsely insinuate products are target marketed to youth.

HI governor signs bill (HB 672) to ban sale of smokefree “electronic smoking devices” to minors (a term drug industry funded e-cigarette opponents ACS/AHA/ALA are now calling e-cigs to deceive people to believe they emit hazardous tobacco smoke).

ND Rep. Blair Thoreson correct false claims about tobacco harm reduction resolution

Green Smoke sponsoring study on US smokers who try using e-cigarettes

Can electronic cigarettes help smokers kick the traditional habit?,0,7883805.story

Hookah manufacturer sues e-liquid manufacturer in federal court claiming trademark violations, and that e-liquid poses a “clear and present danger” to consumers, the latter of which was rejected by Judge Michael Anello

E-Cigarette Propaganda
WHO’s Dr. Florante Trinidad commits public health malpractice by falsely claiming e-cigarettes are more hazardous than tobacco cigarettes since the latter contain filters

Konstantinos Farsalinos exposes and properly criticizes WHO’s false claim that tobacco cigarettes are less hazardous than e-cigarettes.

Mike Siegel: Another day, another e-cigarette opponent fabricates evidence to deter use; this time, it’s the World Health Organization

WHO’s Dr. Susan Pineda-Mercado falsely claims e-cigarettes cause hypertension, heart attacks and strokes, falsely claims e-cigarette users switch to cigarette smoking, and falsely claims there’s no evidence e-cigarettes can help some smokers quit.

WHO makes even more false fear mongering claims about e-cigarettes (today) 

ECITA: Sorry … WHO??

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority falsely claims e-cigarettes are as dangerous as cigarettes, proposes to ban their use

Palm Beach Cancer Institute’s (OK) Dr. Robert Greene falsely claims e-cigarettes “may actually be more harmful than traditional cigarettes,” drug industry funded ALA repeats lies and fear mongering claims about life saving alternatives for smokers.

Mike Siegel: Another e-cigarette opponent fabricates the science to deter e-cigarette use

E-cigarettes: No smoking, but lots of fuming.  Prohibitionist Stella Bialous (who lobbied for Brazil’s e-cig ban) falsely claims products are “untried, untested and unknown”,0,7364980.story

FDA now planning to propose “deeming” regulation (that would ban all e-cigarettes not on the market before February 15, 2007) in October, 2013 

Tobacco regulators mull more oversight as e-cigarettes see increased popularity

CATO Institute: E-cigarettes, Cigars and FDA’s New Powers (Jacob Grier)

Mike Siegel: Anti smoking advocates call FDA action on slightly modified cigarettes “historic”; they are correct, but only for historical stupidity

Smokeless Tobacco
Brad Rodu: Censorship by the Norwegian Health Directorate (removes invited and accurate commentary on snus by Lars Erik Rutqvist from website)

European Union
Clive Bates: The case for regulating e-cigarettes as medicines (or not)

Former Advocate-General to the European Court of Justice Sir Francis Jacob describes the proposed ban on e-cigs as “an unreasonable measure which is liable to be annulled as being contrary to the principle of proportionality and/or the principle of non-discrimination.“

Clive Bates: Call to arms on e-cigarettes in the European Parliament (updated)

Electronic Cigarettes could hit BAT and Imperial harder than expected, say analysts
“We think electronic cigarettes will prove to be the most significant development in the history of the organised Tobacco industry, stretching back some 200 years.”

Clive Bates: MEPs – 10 things to think about before you vote

E-cigarettes: Is a smoking alternative being choked by regulation?

Open letter from electronic cigarette users from across the European Union

French e-cigarette consumers group (Aiduce) issues “The future of vaping in the European Union” opposing proposed EU TPD and “medicines” product regulation.

EP this week: tobacco, NSA inquiry, music copyright and regional policy

Nicolites says its e-cigarettes have replaced 200 million tobacco cigarettes, including 140 million in 2012

ACSH: Grassroots activism for public health -- for a change

Former German leader Helmut Schmidt buys 38,000 menthol cigarettes to avoid EU ban

Employment Discrimination
WI Governor Scott Walker vetoes his own proposal to charge state workers who use tobacco products $50/month

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Bill Godshall founded SmokeFree Pennsylvania in 1990 and serves as its executive director. SmokeFree Pennsylvania has advocated policies for smoke-free air, reducing tobacco marketing to youth, expanding nicotine addiction treatment services and educating smokers about less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes such as electronic cigarettes and modern, smoke-free tobacco products. Mr. Godshall also serves as a non-voting advisor to the CASAA board of directors. He emails subscribers this informative and timely newletter, "Tobacco Harm Reduction Update," every week. To subscribe, please contact him via email.

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