Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New E-Cigarette Store Takes the Smoke Out of Smoking

Capitola's first e-cigarette store has treats for smokers who miss smoking. Will it be regulated like regular cigarettes?

Capitola-Soquel Patch
by Rachel Stober
July 17, 2013

Capitola, CA--Philip Horne is trying to make smoking cool again. In a community and state where smokers are often treated like criminals, Horne has a new electronic alternative – the e-cigarette.

Capitola’s first store of its kind, e-Smokey Treats, tempts customers with all the benefits of smoking: nicotine, a social bond, and the activity of smoking itself, without any of the drawbacks: tar, chemicals, smelly breath and clothing, second-hand smoke and a hole in your wallet.

“It’s basically smoking, without smoking,” Horne said, taking a drag from pen-like instrument as he sat in a neighboring cafĂ©.

State Senator Ellen Corbett introduced legislation this year which would treat e-cigarettes like regular ones, banning them from clubs, restaurants, bars, public buildings and any enclosed workplace.

"These are cigarettes," Corbett told the Sacramento Bee.  "They might be fancy, high-tech cigarettes, but they're still cigarettes."

But opponents of the bill, including the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA), the California Association of Alcohol/Drug Educators and thousands of e-smokers across the state, disagree. The Bee reported that over 150 of them filled the hallways of the Capitol building, e-smoking in protest. Corbett claims that passersbys coughed and choked on their byproduct....

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