Monday, August 26, 2013

Anti-‘vaping’ legislation goes adrift

Law that would have regulated smokeless devices put off until 2014

Thousand Oaks Acorn
Darleen Principe

Sacramento--Electronic cigarette users are breathing a sigh of relief this week after a proposed state law that would regulate the smokeless devices the same as tobacco cigarettes was tabled until 2014.

Senate Bill 648 seeks to define e-cigarettes as a tobacco product and ban “vaping” in places where smoking is prohibited by state law. It passed the state Senate in May.

But last week, the California Assembly Committee on Government Organization postponed its Aug. 14 hearing on SB 648 after Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett (D-Fremont), the bill’s author, decided it needed more work.

“It is now on a two-year cycle, and it will not come back (to the state Legislature) until the next calendar year,” said Sergio Reyes, a spokesperson for Corbett, who introduced the bill in February.

Reyes would not say specifically why Corbett decided to pull the bill.


After the Assembly hearing was postponed last week, the Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association—a nonprofit group of activists in support of e-cigarettes—released a statement saying they helped “defeat” the ban.

“The news from Sacramento is that Sen. Corbett pulled the bill from the agenda because the members of the Committee on Governmental Organization were prepared to vote it down in great numbers,” said Gregory Conley, CASAA’s legislative director. “While this bill may be resurrected for the 2014 legislative sessions, all indications are that it is dead for the rest of 2013.”

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Ben Hennessy said...

These fucking hypocrites are no different than the anti-abortion people who oppose Plan B. If you're so against second hand smoke, wouldn't you be FOR something that takes that element out of smoking, or you just feel it's your duty to mandate how strangers run their lives? I mean take the church, they say they're against abortion, great, we have this pill that will solve that. But that's not good enough. So are they against abortion or are they against consenting adults having a little fun and having sex outside of marriage?