Monday, August 19, 2013

Call to Action: Please participate in the CASAA E-cigarette Consumer Survey TODAY!

CASAA has just released its 2013 Electronic Cigarette Consumer Survey!

You may recall that CASAA did an informal survey in 2010 that has been put to great use over the years. This updated survey has been designed by professional researchers to help us better understand the demographics and preferences of electronic cigarette consumers. This valuable information will help us answer questions from legislators, the media and government officials such as age, dual use, non-tobacco flavors, smoking cessation, health effects, devices, nicotine strengths and more.

We will use this information to help us answer questions on e-cigarette use during CASAA's meeting with the FDA on August 26th, 2013, as well as for other purposes (so if you are seeing this after that date, please still go ahead and complete the survey). In order to have this information in time for the FDA meeting, we need as many completed submissions as possible within the next day or two. So, please do not delay! The survey is mostly multiple choice and takes less than 10 minutes. Please be sure to also share this blog post or the link with other electronic cigarette consumers.

Note: This survey is separate from and in addition to the "Testimonial Survey" recently done by CASAA.

Take the survey:

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Jasen Bartlett said...

What came about from the August 26th meeting?