Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Call to Action: Tooele, Utah proposed e-cigarette use ban URGENT! -

UPDATE (8/07/2013): The Tooele City Council decided to table an ordinance regulating the use of e-cigarettes on Wednesday. (See article.) CASAA will issue an update if it comes up for consideration again in the future.
The Tooele City Council (Utah) is proposing an e-cigarette use ban at public parks, playgrounds and sporting areas.

Information given to a local reporter by the city Council and relayed to CASAA is that they have been told that exhaled vapor is harmful to bystanders. Smoking bans are enacted to protect the public from the harm of  secondhand smoke, but e-cigarettes have not been shown to cause harm to bystanders. In fact, all evidence to date shows that the low health  risks associated with e-cigarettes is comparable to other smokeless  nicotine products.  Banning use outdoors is not evidence-based government.

The proposed ban will be addressed tomorrow (Wednesday, August 7th) at the city council meeting and their work session, which are both open to the public. The Council meeting at is at 5:00 PM and the work session follows at 7:00 PM at 90 North Main, Tooele, Utah.

If you live in the area and can attend the meeting, please contact us at board@casaa.org 

CASAA Regional Representative Aaron Frazier will be attending the meeting. If you would like to join him, he can be reached at afrazier5@utahvapers.com.


amy wade said...

2nd had vapor is no more harm to anyone than a fog machine! Intelligent people will get the facts!

TJ said...

That's stupid! It's already banned at those places by Utah state law. (2012 HB-245)

stephie tylor said...

It's a LOT more harmless then a normal cig.. People should re search and know their facts before already assuming that this "alternative " is harmful.. ^ like the above person stated. It's no more harmful then a fog machine.. All it is, is water vapor... It can't harm by "second hand smoke" because it isn't even smoke it's only water vapor. you can get them without any nicotine also. The vapore cigs also have made it so I've quit ciggeretts all together and I don't even have nicotine in mine at all. If they want to banthem, why don \'t they try banning more serious issues.. Alcohol kills people everyday, it's addictive, it damages your body, and ruins lives. But it's still legal isn't it. Many people will judge a book by it's cover. People say " It has tobacco and nicotine lets ban this product!!"... Wake up people, theres no tobaccounless you request it.. and like I just stated, you can get flavor with 0% nicotine... I'm living proof that I was able to quit smoking thoes cancer sticks. I rarely even smoke the vape cig, But if I ever crave a smoke, I take one puff of the vape and don't have the urge anymore...
-there's my opinion :)

dglsdxn said...

I would like you to understand that after a lifetime of smoking cigarettes I have been diagnosed with a disturbing list of crippling smoking related diseases, and nothing I'd tried to stop smoking worked, at all: patches, gum, and pills, none of it. I was dying from 42 years of tobacco addiction. As a last resort I purchased an E-cig kit on-line.
It has been over year now and I have not touched another cigarette since nor ever want to. I also know personally of many others who have freed themselves from tobacco use as well by using E-cigs. Since then I have researched this issue thoroughly, and have come to the conclusion that they in no way harm myself or anybody nearby. I can smell, taste food; my doctors were so amazed that they just had to know how my lungs suddenly cleared completely up! E-cigs emit a small water-base vapor that is virtually undetectable. Long-story short; it would be greatly distressing to see Big Tobacco/Big Pharma win this decision, because it’s really just about the money now, isn't it? Why would you ban E-cigs when its tobacco that needs to be banned!
I'm a disabled former smoker who now can never work again do to tobacco use. I live in Madera California, USA and if you could see your way to support folks such as myself and others in defeating any effort that would jeopardize E-cigs, it would go a long way in the hearts and minds of E-cig users and future E-cig users who are still suffering from tobacco addiction; in not only America, but also civilization as a whole. History books will document our decisions.
It’s not often in our history where something as beneficial as E-cigs comes along, and the numbers prove it. To those who still have doubts, I pray that you'll consider what I'm trying to say here as E-cigs have entirely saved my life, as well as thousands of others!

Michael Apostol said...

They are opposed because they have worked with lobbyists from pharmaceutical and big tobacco. With big tobacco, the reasons are obvious. There product is outright dangerous for consumption. They have been sued and lost because of the dangers. E-cigarettes on the other hand make no claim that it is completely harmless. Every study done to date on the product shows no significant harm, to humans. Therefore can be labeled as a tobacco harm reduction product.
Now with pharmaceutical companies in a nutshell their product although meant well fails to live up to effective standards. With all the products the gum, the patches, the lozenges etc. have only a 5% success rate combined. If you can quit tobacco with these products then that is great. However 95% of the people fail. They will tell you in smoking cessation classes it takes seven times on average to quit. I quit the with one good effort on e-cigarettes. I never went back, smoking sickens me now.
With good effort you can wean yourself off nicotine the e-cigarette way. Much like they decrease the nicotine with patches. I know it makes to much sense it will never work.

John Coppers said...

After smoking for 30 years, 18 months ago i tried Ecigs, I have not touched a cigarette since then and have no desire to do so. Michael hit the nail on the head, big tobacco and the pharmaceutical companies are spending millions on lobbyists to get rid of these things. We as a community need to let our elected officials know that we are watching them, and they need to vote on whats right, not voting for people who are lining their pockets.