Thursday, August 15, 2013

CASAA helps defeat California e-cigarette use ban

Sacramento, CA -- California Senate bill 648, which would have banned the use of vapor products wherever smoking is prohibited and declared that the devices "may be a hazard to the health of the general public," had already passed in the California Senate and was scheduled to be discussed yesterday by the California Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization.

CASAA members, consumers and California NORML members called their representatives and sent hundreds of emails and letters in opposition to the proposed bill.

"The news from Sacramento is that that Senator Corbett pulled the bill from the agenda because the members of the Committee on Governmentlal Organization were prepared to vote it down in great numbers," said CASAA Legislative Director Gregory Conley. "While this bill may be resurrected for the 2014 legislative sessions, all indications are that it is dead for the rest of 2013," he said.

Conley said that having SB648 pulled from the agenda is a victory that was "all thanks to the great amount of pressure put on legislators by e-cigarette users and supporters."

CASAA member Jan Parcel was in Sacremento yesterday, to speak before the Committee, when she was approached by a state assemblyman.

"He recognized us and said SB648 was off the agenda until January at the earliest," she reported.

"The Representative said Senator Corbett might have decided that she did not have enough votes to get through committee at this time. A speaker that we recognized as being one of Senator Corbett's co-speakers from the Senate Health Committee hearing was there 1/2 hour early and, unlike us, was clearly surprised at the cancellation," Parcel said.

CASAA will be watching for SB648 to be reintroduced in the January session, but encourages members to continue to contact their representatives asking them to oppose the bill. More information can be found at


Qua Couron said...

CASAA ROCKS! This is the greatest news I've heard in a while. I really hope other states will be just as lucky. :)

Lisa Bell said...

The tired new but getting old fast argument, that non-smokers will use an e-cigarette and become smokers has me up in arms! Here is a rebuttal idea. Just remind these dimwits that the statistics for deaths related to smoking are great ask them why they continue to ignore the life threatening effects of smoking and concern themselves with those who never have tried vaping the new designer/gateway drug which they insist will lead to smoking. Is there anyway that smokers in all the past 50 years could ever be treated with some care??????????? All other addicted groups seem to be.

Lisa Bell said...

I do also wish to thank CASAA for the great work in helping postpone "trendy" CA bill. Thank you Greg Conley and all who took the time to spread the truth.

Riz said...

Just to play devils advocate... lets suppose someone who never smoked decides to start vaping. One day this person decides, "hmmmm, since i like vaping so much, I think I'll try a real cigarette!" Can you imagine how disappointed that person will be with the gross taste/smell of an analog? How thier mouth tastes the next morning? Vaping is a gateway to not smoking, not the other way around.

John Adams said...

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