Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CASAA Public Service Announcement

Note: This is the first in a series of blog posts featuring CASAA's public service announcement graphics.

According to the most recent CDC report, only 6.2% of smokers had successfully quit in the previous year. That means 43 million smokers kept smoking, with most believing that they had no safer alternatives. Ignoring this fact, anti-THR advocates continue to push abstinence-only policies and pharmaceutical products, leading the public to believe that those policies are the safest course for smokers. This is simply not true. Every day that someone inhales smoke, instead of using a smoke-free alternative, they are significantly increasing their health risks. Low-risk, smokeless options (such as modern, smoke-free tobacco products and electronic cigarettes) can hep reduce the health risks for those 43 million smokers who cannot or will not quit smoking this year.

CASAA believes that those who are in between quit attempts and those who will not even try to quit this year deserve to know the truth - there are better alternatives to smoking and there are far safer choices if they want them. Let's not dismiss those who continue to smoke as if they "deserve to die" because they can't or won't quit - harm reduction policies work!

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Unknown said...

I truly never thought I could quit, the electronic cigarette is a smokers dream come true! Don't listen to any false claims that it is not safe, it is. They just haven't figured out who will make the money on it.. Please support any and all electronic cigarette vapors, we need you to help us!

Trulycdn said...

why start in the first place! just saying!

Kristin Noll-Marsh said...

Why do people start drinking caffeine? Or alcohol? Or eating food that isn't good for them? Or drive too fast? Or ride motorcycles? The point isn't about berating people who made certain choices after the fact. It's about not judging and just letting them know that there are safer options available to them.

Laurie Carlson said...

You hit the nail on the head! They can't figure out WHO will make $$$ on it all! That is ALL it boils down to. ALL of this ridiculous banter because of $$$. STOP it and just let it go! CASAA did say what I feel is true. They said, "Let's not dismiss those who continue to smoke as if they 'deserve to die' becauses they can't or won't quit - harm reduction policies work!" Thank YOU, CASAA! So now let's STOP bickering and LET PEOPLE USE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES! THEY WORK! People ARE quitting! Take ME, for example, who NEVER even attempted at trying to quit because I KNEW I could NOT! Now I HAVE!! Yes, I still use electronic cigarettes, but at the lowest nicotine level, which is NO more harmful than caffeine (and I can't use caffeine, so that cuts any further risk out! IF caffeine is bad for you?? That's another issue they can NEVER agree on!) but I am no longer using cancer sticks! If I need to continue using ecigs, so be it! I LIKE to vape! If it weren't for these, I would slowly be continuing to kill myself and that was HEAVY on my mind. I feel SO LIGHT NOW! And VERY happy! I did my body good! Give the $$$ UP already!

Laurie Carlson said...

Because most of us did when we were young, at a time when we thought we were INDESTRUCTIBLE! I'm SURE 'you' did things YOU thought made YOU indestructible, too! It may not have turned into a habit, but ours did. We did not think of that when we were younger, so we continued to smoke because we LIKED IT!
Just like alcohol. People use it, people get hooked on it. Tell THEM why start in the first place? Or, like the person below me writes, why start ANYTHING? It's NOT that simple!

Tara Slinger said...

I personally know several people who had been long time smokers that were able kick the habit because of their access to E cigarettes. I support the right to a healthier option.