Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vero council delays vote to ban flavored tobacco (including e-cigarettes)

VERO BEACH — The city council Tuesday decided to table a vote to schedule a public hearing on a proposed prohibition on the sale of flavored tobacco products within the city limits.

Gregory Conley, board member of
Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free
 Alternatives Association, uses
 an electronic cigarette.
Photo: CASAA.
Council members and legal staff said they intend to keep researching the issue, including looking into ramped-up enforcement of the current laws on the books regarding sales to minors.

Councilman Jay Kramer also mentioned that the city police department should coordinate with Sheriff Deryl Loar regarding enforcement and Councilwoman Pilar Turner said, "I don't think what we're doing in restricting our 11 square miles is going to make a difference," but that it needs to be addressed at a county or state level."

Another reason why the council did not forward the ordinance along for a public hearing is that, in drafting the proposed regulations, city leaders did not anticipate a question that arose about electronic cigarettes, which are also available with flavor additives. E-cigarettes, it was stated during the meeting, contain an extract of tobacco which delivers nicotine.

Dr. Barry Hummel of the Tobacco Prevention Network of Florida in Gainesville spoke about the e-cigarettes, noting that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not yet regulated e-cigarettes. Hummell had spoken to the council previously, emphasizing how the tobacco companies target young people with the flavoring, colorful packaging and even the placement of their products.

Vice Mayor Tracy Carroll pointed out that flavored tobacco products are showing up in local schools.
Representatives from local convenience stores were present, but did not speak.

CASAA general member, Jeffrey Eaton, of Hobe Sound, who uses e-cigarettes spoke on behalf of people trying to quit smoking, who sometimes add flavors to their devices because they no longer like the taste of tobacco, bringing up a use of the products by adults.

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Laurie Carlson said...

Thank you, Jeffrey Eaton, for going and standing up for us vapers everywhere! You tell the TRUTH! You couldn't be anymore correct in stating what you said about when people who are trying to quit do NOT like the tobacco taste anymore! That said a LOT for us Vapers who prefer flavors over tobacco! That tells them there IS a reason to HAVE flavors available for us! I'll say it again: EVERY place you go, you stand up for ALL of us EVERYWHERE! YOU ROCK! Thank you SO much!