Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wall Street Journal clarifies report of FDA "online sales ban"

An article published Friday in the Wall Street Journal that stated that the "Food and Drug Administration has been in discussions with the e-cigarette industry about a possible online-sales ban of the product" was updated with a correction later in the day. The article was changed from its original version to reflect that the Food and Drug Administration did not actually initiate the idea of a proposed ban on online sales of e-cigarettes. It also clarified that the FDA did not make nonpublic information available in its discussions with e-cigarette makers.

 According to the updated article:
 "Mr. Zeller said the FDA didn't release any nonpublic information in the listening sessions and didn't weigh in "on potential regulatory options—including any potential restrictions on e-cigarettes or any other particular product category." He said that any proposed rules will be issued to all interested parties at the same time."
Because CASAA will be meeting with an FDA panel for a listening session on Monday (to discuss the ramifications for its members with potential regulations), the organization asked its members via its social media outlets to refrain from contacting the FDA regarding the Wall Street Journal article until more information was available.

CASAA has stated that it will issue a Call to Action regarding the deeming regulations once the FDA actually posts the proposed regulations for public comment. The FDA has announced that those proposed regulations should be made public in October.


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Converterjoe said...

There seems to be a big push for disinformation out there. More and more places are banning vaping. Don't believe for one minute that the government wants you to quit smoking. If tobacco taxes were actually spent on health care for smokers there would be more than enough money to cover those costs. Most importantly, smokers don't live as long as non-smokers and therefore save the government BILLIONS every year in social security payments. This push to regulate e-cigs is nothing more than an attempt to either keep you smoking analogs or to tax e-cigs and juices to recoup the loss of tax revenue from those who successfully quit by vaping. And the pharmaceutical companies? They want to sell you drugs to help you quit! Not nearly as effective as vaping but they don't care. The drugs are a HUGE money-maker for them and they don't want vaping to get in the way of that gravy train. Please everyone...GET INVOLVED!