Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Call to Action: World Vaping Day is 9/19/2013!

This year, World Vaping Day falls on September 19th. There will be a week of events from Monday 16th through Sunday 22nd. The event was first held in 2012 to raise awareness about the benefits of electronic cigarettes for adult smokers.

The organizers of the event have a web site at http://www.world-vaping-day.com/. From there, you can find all sorts of ideas of how to be an advocate for electronic cigarettes as reduced harm alternatives, from helping to educate smokers to contacting legislators and government agencies to urge them to write pro-tobacco harm reduction policies.

Go to http://www.world-vaping-day.com/get-involved.html to find ideas for events and actions such as:

  • Contact your local radio station and tell them about the Day
  • Contact your local newspaper and tell them about the Day
  • Download the A5 flyer, print it, and hand it out
  • Take some flyers to your doctor’s office
  • Print the Health Info flyer and take to your doctor’s office
  • Print off some of the Drop Cards to had out
  • Take some flyers to your local pub
  • Take some flyers to your local newspaper office
  • Go to the local plaza, vape, and hand out flyers
  • Organize a vapemeet at a local pub or diner (get management permission first)
You can find great handouts to download and print on CASAA's web site at http://casaa.org/Printable_Material.html

Maybe you'll be inspired to order some of CASAA's new folded informational cards to hand out for the rest of the year and beyond: http://shop.casaa.org/CASAA-E-cigarette-Information-Cards-casaacards.htm

CASAA will also be holding an online Member Meeting on the evening of Thursday, September 19th. If you haven't attended a CASAA meeting yet, what better time than World Vaping Day! Register for the meeting at http://casaa.org/Member_Meetings.html.

CASAA member Matt A., who puts out the "Fight for your Right to Vape - Daily Action Plan" has put together his recommended list of possible actions for this week:
  • Action #1 Ask Vapers to call there congressman and Senators to make the aware of the FDA potential deeming regs. Give a link to show how to find there reps also give talking points.
  • Action #2 Copy and paste your e-cigarette testimonial story into your Congressman's email contact form.
  • Action #3 Tell your Ecig story on the American Lung Association, American Heart Association and American Cancser Society Facebook pages.
  • Action #4 Spread it Tweets for Obama and FDA Tobacco.
  • Action #5 Ask celebrity Vapors to tweet and talk about World Vaping Day. Something like "@VapingCeleb Hey did you know it's World Vaping Day? How are you Celebrating?" (Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/casaamembers/permalink/563548737016311/ )
  • Action Plan #6 Call one of these Senators (who oppose e-cigarettes) per day:  Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Tom Carper (D-Del.), and Ed Markey (D-Mass.) Find contact info: http://whoismyrepresentative.com/
Aaron Frazier, an active CASAA member and director of Utah Vapers, has a web page of events in Utah for the day: http://www.utahvapers.com/WVD/wvd.html

Another CASAA member, Robin L., has started a thread on E-Cigarette-Forum.com called "World & National Vaping Day -Sept 19th- Be a part of History! This is what YOU can do."  Members there are working on ways to get the positive media attention that vaping needs, including a sample email for contacting news outlets. She wrote:
"On the 18th, I will supply the email addresses of the different new agencies that we want the emails to go to.  
The plan is to flood the media with Positive stories about how the e-cigarette has helped us quit smoking and better our life. We want to flood them on ONE day. World & National Vaping Day which is September 19th. We would like the Subject line to be as consistent throughout the emails so that it shows a unified front.  
In a sense, this is a positive peaceful protest.
The hope is to get a couple of news agencies to see that there ARE positives about the ecigs and they are worth looking into as a healthy alternative to smoking...."
Please visit the forum (it's free to join)n to find out how you can help spread the word and advocate for pro-harm reduction policies: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/general-e-smoking-discussion/466048-world-national-vaping-day-sept-19th-part-history-what-you-can-do.html

You can also find the same discussion on CASAA's Facebook group, We Are CASAA, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/casaamembers/permalink/559630960741422/


Miriam said...

The Utah Vapers World Vaping Day turned out to be.....NOTHING! I found the ad for it (made it sound like a huge event w/ raffles, etc.!), traveled all the way across town to some place called The Garage, where no one there knew anything about it! I didn't see even ONE other vaper besides me. WTF??? Who supposedly planned & advertised this joke, anyway??!!??

KLStreet said...

The date was the 21st, looks like you were a day early

Tom Black said...

The problem I had was that I knew nothing about this until CASAA emailed me 12:30AM The DAY OF the event! If I would have known about weeks, months, even days in advance I could have at least made sure I didn't have other plans that day. If this were promoted properly it could have really helped the cause. I am sure people "in the know" knew about it in advance but it is the average everyday vaper that could have and should have known/been told in advance! The average vapers could have planned events and showed up in numbers and numbers get attention!

To the commenter above: The headline reads "Call to Action: World Vaping Day is 9/19/2013" So you were either 2 days late or us vapers just looked like a bunch of idiots that didn't even get our days straight.