Thursday, November 21, 2013

CASAA Director moves on to consulting, advisor

After 3 years of extraordinary service on behalf of consumers, CASAA Legislative Director Gregory Conley has stepped down from our Board of Directors to embark on a new venture.  Greg has started a consulting organization for the purpose of assisting those in the e-cigarette industry with responding to legislative matters.

Gregory will serve as a valued CASAA Advisor, and we look forward to continuing to work with him and his new organization on matters where interests of consumers and vendors coincide.   We hope the entire membership will join us in thanking Greg for his hard work on our behalf and wishing him the best with his new business.

CASAA will continue its legislative advocacy on behalf of consumers with CASAA’s Julie Woessner serving as Legislative Director.   Julie, a retired attorney, has been a tobacco harm advocate since she first switched to e-cigarettes from smoking nearly five years ago.  She has been actively involved in CASAA since its inception and joined its Board of Directors in 2012.


Unknown said...

Thank you Greg so much for your consistent efforts!!! We will miss you!!

Unknown said...

Just to share the latest story of the day.. A friend went to bar in RI last weekend, smoking cigarettes allowed, she pulled out her e-cig and was asked by management to go outside, as the e-cig is dangerous..real story. will find the name of establishment soon and will post.

Deepika Singh said...

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