Monday, January 27, 2014

Local Alert: City of La Mesa, California - E-Cigarette Sales Ban

According to a report in the La Mesa Courier, Mayor Art Madrid of La Mesa, California is encouraging the La Mesa City Council to enact a BAN on the sale of electronic cigarettes to adults.  The Mayor will present his idea before the City Council at their meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 28th) at 6 PM at the La Mesa City Hall (8130 Allison Avenue in La Mesa).  

The agenda of Tuesday night's meeting reveals that the Mayor is supporting his push for a ban with only two documents; (1) a newspaper editorial co-written by someone who regularly obfuscates facts about e-cigarette science; and (2) a spam e-mail advertising. (See page 105 of the agenda

If the City Council agrees with the Mayor, it is possible that they may try to ram this proposal through as an emergency ordinance. That's why we need you to make your voice heard, either by attending the hearing or contacting the City Council. (Note: If attending the hearing, please be sure to be passionate but respectful and to refrain from openly vaping in the Council chambers). 


(1) Call Mayor Art Madrid's office at (619) 667-1100 and tell your story about how e-cigarettes changed your life and state your opposition to a sales or usage ban.
(2) Call the voicemails for City Councilmembers Mark Arapostathis, Kristine C. Alessio, Ernest Ewin, and Ruth Sterling at (619) 667-1106 and leave a message telling your story about how e-cigarettes changed your life.
(3) Send an e-mail to all members of the La Mesa City Council by using this webform on the City Council's website.


Cajun Vapes said...

I just got off the phone with the Mayor, Mr. Madrid, of La Mesa City and I think I may have actually made a difference.....I cannot wait to see what happens with this

James B said...

Emails sent.

Brad Franciosi said...

E-mail sent...and I'm from Michigan.

Lisa said...

Email sent

Michael's Mindful Ramblings said...

Email sent... I would love to share it if you have a forum where posting would be appropriate.

Vocal EK said...

You could post it as a response to this thread:

Ashley Workman said...

Emailed and called all the way from Tennessee! I hope we make a difference!