Thursday, May 15, 2014

Call to Action! Missouri Vapers, Ask Governor Nixon to Sign SB 841, Common-Sense Ban on Sales to Minors

We need Missouri vapers to immediately contact Governor Jay Nixon’s office and ask him to sign Senate Bill 841. 

After the Missouri Legislature overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 841, we need you to contact Governor Jay Nixon to encourage him to sign this important legislation that will (1) prohibit minors from purchasing vapor products (e-cigarettes) and (2) clarify that vapor products are not subject to the same taxation or regulation as combustible cigarettes.  

CASAA supports Senate Bill 841 and has worked to achieve passage of this common-sense regulation in the Missouri House and Senate.  Senate Bill 841 passed the Senate by a vote of 27-4, with 20 of the 22 voting Republicans supporting this Bill and 7 of the 9 voting Democrats supporting this Bill.  Senate Bill 841 passed the House by a vote of 127-19, with 96 of the 102 voting Republicans supporting this Bill and 31 of the 44 voting Democrats supporting this Bill.

Your story must be heard so that Governor Nixon supports this important legislation that was passed by your democratically elected representatives.  

Governor Nixon is undoubtedly subject to pressure from “public health” organizations that inexplicably oppose these potentially lifesaving products. But we cannot allow this misinformation campaign to overshadow our true success stories and the work of our Legislature. 

We need your support to make sure that Governor Nixon understands the importance of supporting this legislation. 


FIRST, this link will take you directly to the site for CASAA's campaign for Missouri SB 841.  You'll note that it asks for personal information. This is necessary for your email to be delivered to the appropriate recipients.  (If you allow the program to save your information, it should be automatically generated for you the next time you visit to participate in a campaign.)

The email for the campaign has a beginning and end that aren't editable. The middle, however, is for you to add your story. 

(This campaign is a beta run of CASAA's new CQ Roll Call program, so forgive (and report) any glitches and offer feedback.  Some people have reported that when switching between open tabs on their browser or when keeping the window open for an extended period of time, text may be lost.  Thus, you may wish to prepare your story--to be inserted in the middle of the email--in a word processing document and then copy and paste it into the email when you are done.)

If you prefer to write your own letter, you can do so using the talking points below, and you can send it to Governor Nixon either via web mail or mail a letter to 

Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102

SECOND, please call Governor Jay Nixon’s office (573-751-3222) and respectfully, but firmly, tell him in your own words that:

  • Senate Bill 841 prevents access to vapor products by minors. As recognized by the House and Senate, as well as the Federal Food and Drug Administration, it is important to prevent youth access to these products.
  • While the draft FDA regulations also propose ban on sales to minors, it could be years before the final Rule is put into place, and in the meantime, it would be perfectly legal for Missouri retailers to continue to sell vapor products to minors.
  • Senate Bill 841 also clarifies that vapor products are subject to tax – specifically Missouri state sales tax. But importantly, this legislation also clarifies that these products are not subject to the tobacco excise tax. Vapor products are not at all like traditional tobacco products, so this provision is correct and proper.
  • Any attempt to tax vapor products as tobacco products would not only represent a tax increase on working-class Missourians, but it would also act as a barrier to those Missouri smokers who wish to reduce their health risks by switching to this incredibly low-risk alternative to smoking.
  • Additionally, imposition of taxes on Missouri businesses will cause a dramatic loss of business to the hundreds of vapor product retailers in Missouri as more Missouri vapers purchase products online. This will cause a loss of jobs and business in Missouri.
  • Similarly, this bill clarifies that vapor products are not to be regulated as tobacco products under state law.  Given that vapor products are nothing like traditional tobacco products, this is a sound approach. This language prevents unelected administrative agencies from regulating vapor products (estimated to be 99% less hazardous than smoking) exactly like traditional cigarettes
  • Explain to Governor Nixon that you live in Missouri and tell him your story of how vapor products allowed you to quit smoking.  Or if you are a business owner, tell the story of how you built your small business and now employ Missourians and pay sales tax to the state and your local municipality.  Ask Governor Nixon to respect the wishes of Missourians and our elected representatives over and above special interests  Remind Governor Nixon that if he vetoes this legislation, he will be allowing minors to purchase vapor products notwithstanding the super-majority of the legislature that passed legislation to the contrary.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone posted or commented about section 407.926 subsection 2 which essentially eliminates our ability to compete via the internet. It does not allow for current or future technology to verify age. This section marketably changes missouri vape stores to compete with the rest of the country. The Governer should be able to eliminate this portion.

Anonymous said...

I submitted a request to the govenor and I hope all of you do the same ! please ask the governor to help us stay off of cigarettes!

Anonymous said...

done. If you want to vape in Missouri do your part!

Anonymous said...

Why do we need a law? Silly, and a waste of money.

Anonymous said...

Contacted and added many things to protect users as a shop owner myself.

Anonymous said...

To the commenter about 407.926.2, I do not agree that this changes anything. All it does is require, in order to avoid a fine, that age be verified in purchasing. It does not specify a method. Cigar retailers have been operating under this law for years with no problem. Most use third-party age verification services, which is what I would recommend to Missouri online vendors. The driver's license provisions are really only for in-store purchases. Don't sell to minors and take reasonable steps to verify age (i.e. not just a "click here if you are 18 button") and it will not be a problem. Also, the Governor has no ability to change this legislation even if he was inclined to do so. We do not have line-item vetoes in Missouri except for appropriations bills (which this is not). This is good legislation, because it prevents sales and taxation as tobacco and includes a minor ban. If you have further questions, feel free to join BRAVE and post there (

Harry Heitmeier said...

I would think part (2) would be of interest to anyone that purchases products.
It will also be the first part to go by way of future legislation--there's just too much $$ at stake and we all know politicians hate $$.