Thursday, January 1, 2015

Call to Action! We need Michigan vapers to immediately contact Governor Rick Snyder's office and ask him to sign Senate Bill 668 (CONCLUDED)

Updated 1/18/15: On January 16th, Governor Rick Snyder vetoed a package of bills seeking to regulate electronic cigarettes because it would not regulate and tax the devices like tobacco products, leaving Michigan one of only 10 states which permit those under age 18 to purchase e-cigarettes.  We are disappointed that the governor caved to pressure from the tobacco control community, a community that has increasingly proven itself to be not terribly concerned about genuine public health when it comes to freedom to choose low-risk alternatives to smoking.
Updated 1/7/15: This Call to Action was originally issued in June of last year, but it's still vitally important, perhaps more so now than it was back in June. If you've already participated, please take a moment to do so again. 

We need Michigan vapers to immediately contact Governor Rick Snyder’s office and ask him to sign Senate Bill 668. 

After the Michigan Legislature overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 668, we need your help in contacting Governor Rick Snyder to encourage him to sign this important legislation that will prohibit minors from purchasing vapor products (e-cigarettes). 

CASAA supports Senate Bill 668 and has worked to achieve passage of this common-sense regulation in the Michigan House and Senate.  Senate Bill 668 passed the Senate by a vote of 38-0, and passed the House by a vote of 96-14.

Your story must be heard so that Governor Snyder supports this important legislation that was passed by your democratically elected representatives.  

Governor Snyder has publicly stated he is considering vetoing this bill.  This is undoubtedly the result of pressure from “public health” organizations that inexplicably oppose these potentially lifesaving products. But we cannot allow this misinformation campaign to overshadow our true success stories and the work of our Legislature. 

We need your support to make sure that Governor Snyder understands the importance of supporting this legislation. 


FIRSTthis link will take you directly to the site for CASAA's email campaign for Michigan SB 668. You'll note that it asks for personal information. This is necessary for your email to be delivered to the appropriate recipients.  (If you allow the program to save your information, it should be automatically generated for you the next time you visit to participate in a campaign.)

The email is completely editable by you, and we encourage you to make changes to the email to reflect your views and to share your story.  If you plan to substantially edit the email, you may wish to copy the text into a word processing program and make the edits there, then copy and paste back into the CQ Roll Call email.  We have had two reports over the last several months that CQ Roll Call might "reset" when you keep the window open for a long time or when you open a separate browser window, causing you to lose any unique text you've added (and reverting back to the original).   

If you prefer to write your own letter, you can do so using the talking points below, and you can send it to Governor Snyder either via web mail or mail a letter to 

Governor Rick Snyder
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan, 48909

SECOND, click HERE for the phone call campaign or simply call Governor Rick Snyder’s office (517.373.3400 or 517.335.7858) and respectfully, but firmly, tell him in your own words that:

  • Senate Bill 668 prevents access to vapor products by minors. As recognized by the House and Senate, as well as the Federal Food and Drug Administration, it is important to prevent youth access to these products.
  • While the draft FDA regulations also propose ban on sales to minors, it could be years before the final rule is put into place, and in the meantime, it would be perfectly legal for Michigan retailers to continue to sell vapor products to minors.
  • Senate Bill 668 also clarifies that vapor products are subject to tax – specifically Michigan state sales tax. But importantly, this legislation also clarifies that these products are not subject to the tobacco excise tax. Vapor products are not at all like traditional tobacco products, so this provision is correct and proper.
  • Any attempt to tax vapor products as tobacco products would not only represent a tax increase on working-class residents of Michigan, but it would also act as a barrier to those Michigan smokers who wish to reduce their health risks by switching to this incredibly low-risk alternative to smoking.
  • Additionally, imposition of taxes on Michigan businesses will cause a dramatic loss of business to the hundreds of vapor product retailers in Michigan as more Michigan vapers purchase products online. This will cause a loss of jobs and business in Michigan.
  • Explain to Governor Snyder that you live in Michigan and tell him your story of how vapor products allowed you to quit smoking.  Or if you are a business owner, tell the story of how you built your small business and now employ Michigan residents and pay sales tax to the state and your local municipality.  Ask Governor Snyder to respect the wishes of the people of Michigan and our elected representatives over and above special interests  Remind Governor Snyder that if he vetoes this legislation, he will be allowing minors to purchase vapor products notwithstanding the super-majority of the legislature that passed legislation to the contrary.