Thursday, July 17, 2014

First Call to Prepare for FDA Proposed Regulations - Prepare Draft Comment

On Thursday, May 8th, CASAA released the Overview of its Action Plan Regarding Proposed FDA Regulations.  
As noted in CASAA's Action plan, this is not a battle that is going to be won based solely on comments to the proposed regulations. Accordingly, we are attacking this on several different fronts. Before the draft regulations were published, we had envisioned a single Call to Action with several suggested actions. However, upon seeing the details, we decided the best strategy to effect positive change is to prepare a comprehensive Action Plan which consists of several Calls to Action issued at staggered dates to maximize effectiveness, and extending beyond comments to the FDA docket.
  • On May 11, 2014, CASAA released the first of several Calls to Action anticipated in CASAA's Action Plan.  
  • On May 21st, 2014, CASAA released the second Call to Action.  
  • On June 13, 2014,  CASAA released the third Call to Action.
This is the first Call to Prepare in CASAA's Action Plan.  This Call to Prepare is your opportunity to begin laying the groundwork for your formal, substantive comment to the FDA.  Consistent with our earlier instructions, we are asking consumers to continue to wait to file substantive comments for a few more days, but now is the time to prepare part of your comments in earnest.  For now, write up a few paragraphs on each of these three points so it is ready to assemble into your final comments.

These guidelines are written for people who have used e-cigarettes for tobacco harm reduction. Obviously, we encourage comments from other CASAA members or other consumers, but much of this (it is obvious which parts) will not apply.
FIRST, if you haven't already done so, please begin preparing your personal story.  While it is tempting to provide a long narrative, we believe that for most people, limiting the personal story to perhaps 3 paragraphs will be more effective.  In preparing your personal story, please consider including information about
  • How many years did you smoke and how many cigarettes a day did you smoke?
  • Do you still smoke?  If so, how many cigarettes do you currently smoke now that you are vaping? (In other words, have you eliminated or reduced your smoking habit by using e-cigarettes?)
  • How long have you been using e-cigarettes? If you no longer smoke or have substantially reduced your cigarette consumption, how long ago did you do that?
  • How many times did you try to quit using FDA-approved methods?  List the products/methods you tried, as well as provide a number of quit attempts and note how successful/unsuccessful those attempts were.
  • What health benefits have you experienced since using e-cigarettes as a complete or substantial replacement for smoking?  

SECOND, please  explain to the FDA how you will personally respond if the only e-cigarettes available for purchase are “cigalikes” produced by a few big companies, probably limited to a few cigarette-like flavors.  (As CASAA members know, the proposed regulations in their current form would devastate the e-cigarette industry, with the paperwork burden driving more that 99% of producers out of business or into shadow markets.  This will almost certainly leave only “cigalikes” produced by the largest companies available in the FDA-regulated market.  It is also likely that nicotine-containing liquids for refillable devices will be unavailable except for on the black or shadow markets.  While flavors are not explicitly banned by these proposed regulations, it is widely believed that the FDA will seek to eliminate flavors other than tobacco and menthol in the future.)   

Before answering, please read Predicting the Black Market in E-Cigarettes to better understand the real-world consequences of the proposed regulation and think about how you will react to the black/shadow market scenario we predict.  

  • Will you use the regulated mass-market cigalike products that the FDA approves?
  • Will you vape zero-nicotine e-cigarette liquid?
  • Will you return to smoking?
  • Will you switch to another nicotine source (e.g., snus) and perhaps continue to vape zero-nicotine liquid?
  • Will you continue to buy/modify hardware, and purchase nicotine-containing e-cigarette liquid on the black market?
  • Will you continue to buy/modify hardware and try to make your own nicotine-containing e-cigarette liquid, either by mixing pure nicotine or higher strength nicotine liquid with flavored liquid, or making liquid from scratch?

Specifically, if you intend to continue to use nicotine-containing liquid, explain how you fear that creating a black or gray market will (1) increase your risk since you will no longer be able to purchase from reputable companies who stand behind their products and follow good manufacturing processes, and (2) force you, an otherwise law-abiding citizen, to break the law.  

If you do not feel that you will purchase supplies on the black or shadow market, explain whether you believe that limiting yourself to the types of products that are likely to be approved by the FDA will cause you to consider returning to smoking.

If you believe you will simply comply with the FDA and buy whatever is approved, describe how that will lower your welfare (i.e., make you less happy).

[Note: depending on how militant you feel about this, you might not want to tell the government “I intend to break the law.”  If you wish to avoid saying that, choose your exact words carefully, perhaps by saying “I expect people like me will...”]

THIRD, while e-cigarette flavors are not limited by the proposed regulations, FDA is specifically asking for information about the connection between flavors and e-cigarette use by children.  The questions posed by the FDA in connection with flavors are leading and thinly-veiled.  They suggest it is likely that if FDA gains regulatory control over e-cigarettes, FDA will later seek to ban all flavors other than tobacco and perhaps menthol.  In fact, FDA has specifically stated that the current proposed regulations are only the first step in their attempts to regulate e-cigarettes.

Please explain how a ban on flavors (other than tobacco and menthol) would impact you.  

  • Do flavors help distance you from your former smoking habit (assuming you have completely or substantially replaced smoking with e-cigarette use)?
  • Do you find flavors make e-cigarette use more enjoyable than smoking?
  • Does the variety in available flavors help keep you interested in e-cigarette use as opposed to smoking?
  • Are you willing to purchase flavored nicotine liquid on the black market if flavors are banned?
  • Will you try to make your own flavored liquid?

We anticipate issuing the Second Call to Prepare early next week, which will provide guidance on further refining draft comments.  The Fourth Call to Action (requesting consumers assemble their prepared thoughts and submit the comment to FDA) is expected to be issued towards the end of next week.

68 comments: said...

First: I smoked a pack a day or slightly more from age 19 until age 36, or roughly half my adult life. I am now 39 years old, and haven't smoked a cigarette in three years, give or take a couple of months during which time I was in the process of making the transition from smoking to vaping. I've been vaping exclusively since then. Because of making this switch, I don't suffer from cold, flu, or other common/mild respiratory diseases even one third as frequently as I did before I switched.

Second: If the only electronic cigarettes legally available are reduced to the cigarette lookalikes produced by major tobacco companies, I will simply break the law and purchase products of my choice on the black market. To quote Martin Luther King, Jr., "One has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws." Any collection of regulations which is designed to expose Americans to greater harm than necessary, as I believe is the case with the proposed regulations under discussion, is unjust. Consequently, I would find myself compelled by conscience to defy them.

Third: The variety of flavors available for vaping provides a greater "distance" between vaping and smoking that helps to ensure that I will not be tempted to return to smoking. Avoiding a return to the far more hazardous activity of smoking is my primary reason for vaping. Consequently, if flavors other than tobacco or menthol are prohibited by regulation -- as I have stated previously -- I will simply defy that regulation on the basis that it unjust and injurious to the public good and to my personal health and happiness. I will buy liquid in the flavor of my choosing, as dictated by the extralegal marketplace.
Although this will place me at greater risk due to the lack of recourse against unskilled or negligent eliquid and hardware creators than I have currently, it is a risk which I will assume in pursuit of the freedom which is my due as an adult American citizen.

FINALLY: As a reminder to the Food and Drug Administration: You serve the American people. The American people do not -- and WILL not -- serve you.

Robby! said...


Make sure you keep track of this response and add to it with the subsequent Calls to prepare. Ultimately it will have to end up on the FDA comment site to accomplish its goal.

Anonymous said...

1. I smoked for 37 years. I had a horrible cough, I felt terrible all the time and I had to find an alternative. I have tried patches, gum, lozenges....etc....nothing helps the urge to smoke. I decided to try vaping and I have not smoked in over 2 years and have no desire to smoke.
I feel better, I can take a deep breath, the cough is gone and I can actually run with my dogs now.

2. I will continue to vape. I began with nicotine levels at 24mg and have lowered myself to between 0-8 mgs of nicotine. If I have to, I will purchase supplies and make the liquid myself whether I have nicotine or makes no difference to me.
As an American citizen it is my right to have the freedom to decide what I want to do, whether I want to smoke or vape and I should be allowed that freedom of choice. I do not vape tobacco flavors and I will find flavors that I can add to the liquid I make. If my only other alternative is to purchase liquid and break the law, then I will make that choice accordingly.
Staying away from tobacco flavors has helped eliminate the craving for a cigarette.

Commercial ads and non-smoking campaigns continuously report the dangers of cigarettes. Many of us have found a way to quit that works for us. Now, you, the FDA, think you can come in and take that option and our right to freedom of choice away, and you think it will stop any of us? Guess again, people!
I will continue to vape and I will get the liquid I want one way or the other.

Leonard Young said...

I smokes for 13 years and tried everything available to me to quit with failure after failure. I tried the ecig look alikes and they didn't work for me. Went back to smoking. I decided to give making my own devices a try and never picked up a cigarette again. I feel amazingly healthier. No more asthma attacks and I can actually breath outside on a hot day.

If only mass produced cigarette look alikes are available I will simply break the law. Period. I will not ONLY use what you deem appropriate so you(fda) can line your pockets with as much money as possible. Not happening. Again I will just continue doing what I'm doing like you don't exsist. I was only able to quit my habit once I started making my own.

Having so many flavors absolutely is what kept me from smoking cigarettes. After about a month of Vaping a flavor your taste buds get use to it and you crave a different flavor. If the fda regulates flavors to tobacco and menthol I again will simply ignore it and buy online internationally.

I'm sorry I have quit the addiction you(fda) regulated that was GOING to KILL me! And I don't care your stance on the matter as my opinion comes from a strong belief that Vaping has saved years of my life. I've buried 3 grandparents because of your regulated cigarettes. That trend ends now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

my mother smokes 53 years and was diagnosed with COPD,, so I got on the internet and started looking for alternatives for her,, she tried chantix but it made her a little loopy,, in the midst of all this I started an electric cigarette business two and a half years ago,, she was my first customer, she has not smoked since that day 2&a half years ago, her doctor actually send me his patients to tried to help him get off cigarettes and I've had several success stories,, electric cigarettes are surely a lot safer than the conventional cigarettes,, the name of my company is Electra smoke shop we are located in Middletown Ohio 45042, and I'm on board with helping to kick the government from stopping electric cigarettes feel free to contact me at 513 460 1775

Anonymous said...

I will do every thing and I will use any thing to continue to vape if liquid nicotine is banned I am free to do what I want to do, no one can stop me,I will do my own liquid and my own mod THIS IS MY LIFE NOT A JOKE

Anonymous said...

I smoked for close to 50 yrs.. I smoked cigarettes and occasionally cigars. My lungs and bronchial tubes took a terrible beating because of it. I got started when my father would go out to cut wood he would throw an almost full Chesterfield on the fireplace hearth on his way out. I was around yrs. old when all this took place. Then I started taking them from him and my mother. By the time I hit 30 I already had damaged my lungs and was coughing all the time, was harder to breathe, and was being told to quit. For the next 30 yrs. I tried that probably 30 times at least with every known treatment and product on the market including hypnosis and they all failed repeatedly. I had given up hope and resigned myself to the fact that I would die from tobacco. Then the E-cigarette came out. My first puff on one I thought these aren’t going to work but I gave them the same try I did all the other products and treatments I had tried and after a week I realized I had gone a week without tobacco and wasn’t going through withdrawal. My lungs cleared up and in fact my Otolaryngologist wanted to know all about them. He said my lungs and bronchial tubes had completely cleared out and they might help his other smoking patients.
I tried mixing my own e-liquid but found the premixed was easier for me. I use mainly tobacco and sweet tobacco flavors but for a while I used the other flavors and thought how that would help other people completely get away from the tobacco mindset. For me though I found the flavors I like. But it’s nice to know that if these flavors are not pleasing any longer I can always find another flavor.
I have found the only thing that works for me to remain abstinent from smoking and will continue to use the e-cigarette no matter what the FDA does. I would be a fool not to. I have yrs. tied up in trying to quit and now that I have found a way that both me and my doctor agree is healthy I’m not going to go back to killing myself because big tobacco and big pharmacy are losing money and that’s what this FDA move is about. If I have to and the FDA bans my healthy alternative I will have to use the black market before I will give up my health. I hope the FDA thinks of the Citizen and the good this industry has done for them and forgets taking care of lost revenues for other companies and institutions.

Elaine said...

I smoked for 37 years. Like so many others, I tried the patch, shots, gum and hypnosis. The longest I stayed quit was three months and that was only one time during 37 years. I started vape 10 months ago and have not had a cigarette since. I will do as recommended and get my thoughts together for a strong letter.

Anonymous said...

I started smoking Cigarettes when I was 12. I'm now 31. I smoked a pack a day sometimes more. I've been vaping for over a year now. I feel healthier, I rarely get sick anymore, and I don't smell like an ashtray. Taking away flavor choices, is like saying the American people can only drink Coca Cola. No more producing Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, ect...... I tired of being told what to do in country that is of the people, by the people, for the people. We're American citizens and have rights, freedom of choice.... Our freedoms that people like my father, mother, uncles, and grandfather served in our military to fight for and defend.

Anonymous said...

1. I have smoked roughly 15 yrs at 2+ packs a day, I am 32 now. I have vaped roughly 2 yrs now and don't cough, get sinus or lung infections. I personally have encouraged many people to try/ start vaping and have seen there success and health gains. I started vaping at 24mg of nicotine and am now at 11-8 mg.
2. I will continue to vape and never will be able to go back to an ecig/cigalike type because they don't work doesn't feel the same or relieve any of the addiction. I believe that if cig alike types were the only option I'd have to find more ways to make my own. I also believe alot of people might go back to smoking which we all know is a death sentence and wrong.
3. I believe if it wasn't for the wide variety of flavors that vaping wouldn't work well as it is possible to vape out on flavors. Also it can help move away from the smoking flavors. I hope

Anonymous said...

Elc cigs saved my life .i love the ecigs my lungs feel so much better.thks to ecigs :)

Anonymous said...

I smoked a pack a day for over 40 years and since starting to vape, I haven't smoked in 10 months. I will continue to vape for whatever means necessary regardless of the law. I've tried every other method to help me quit and vaping was the only successful method that has worked so far...

Anonymous said...

I smoked for 45 years, I stopped cold turkey when I found ecigs, I have not smoked for 3 years. I have also lowered my nicotine levels. I do not have as many colds or get as sick. I WILL DO WHAT EVER TO KEEP VAPING, my husband now has COPD and I don't want to go back to smoking. I have tried many times to quit but the habit was to hard to break. With vaping it was easy my son and his girlfriend have both also quit. Since I started vaping 4 other people at work have started vaping and quit smoking. The only trouble we had was finding the right flavor. Leave the vapors alone Hell you are letting people smoke pot, find someone else to pay your bills and leave us alone REALLY.

Sandie09 said...

FIRST: I was. 2 1/2 pack a day smoker for 35 yrs, I tried the patches, the gum and the nicotine inhaler and none worked, I had just decided to smoke til it killed me that's how bad of a habit it is. On March 20' 2013 I bought my first ego kit and never picked up another cigarette, I don't like tobacco or menthol I currently vape 0mg nicotine, and I prefer fruity vapes, I started at 12mg and worked my way down, that's when I realized the addiction is not about nicotine for me it's the act of smoking. Since I quit I no longer need to use a inhaler I used to have to use it 3 times a day, I don't have to take my high blood pressure or cholesterol medication, I can run, walk, jump rope and it's GREAT. I've lost 30lbs and I've never felt better.

SECOND: If the proposed regulations pass, I won't buy the cig a likes they didn't work for me and I don't want to go back to tobacco or anything that resembles a cigarette, I also won't go back to buying cigarettes which is obviously what the FDA wants it's all about money, since I don't use nicotine I'll just make my own e liquid I won't let you dictate to me that you would prefer my premature death to a healthy alternative.

THIRD: If flavors are taken off the market as stated above I will make my own, I'm no longer a smoker so why would I want something that replicates it, as far as the FDAs concern on children, wouldn't you rather have them interested in vaping then smoking, all teenagers are the future smokers of the world I'd say 99% of smokers started as teenagers so I don't understand that argument, tobacco has been addicting teenagers for decades there the prime market for keeping cigarettes on the market once they've killed all the current smokers off they need a replacement demographic. Correct? So why is it ok to still have cigarettes easily available but not a healthier alternative. I know I'm healthier I know how mt body feels now so I don't need studies I'm living the difference.

Anonymous said...

This is more governmental regulation to line pockets in the guise of "caring" for the greater good. I call BS. I believe if these politicians (I want to call them organized crime like they truly are) don't change their ways we are going to have another civil war on our hands. You can only push the little guy around for so long before he bloodies your nose and this is the greatest freedom loving country in the world. They may have undermined many beliefs and moral standards in the schools but one that still runs strong is the U.S. belief in freedom from persecution. Better watch the levy or it might just break....

Anonymous said...

I had smoked 2 packs of cigarettes for over 45 years till I started using e-cigarettes. I am now cigarette free for the past 10 1/2 months. I had tried to quit numerous times using various products. I tried the patches, the gum, smokeless tobacco, Chantix and even cold turkey. All of these methods did not work and I was back to smoking shortly after. I can honestly say that using e-cigarettes has saved my life. I no longer have the desire to light one up, and as a matter of a fact I’m now repulsed by thought. I can smell better, breathe better, taste better, and feel 100% better than I have ever felt in my adult life. I feel that I will live a long and healthy life now that I have quit smoking.

I believe that if you put stringent regulations on the e-cigarette business it will only lead myself and others back to what you claim to be hazardous to our health. Cigarettes! By using different flavored products like e-juice it has kept me from wanting a cigarette. Also the multiple delivery devices, what we call mods and atty’s cannot be replaced by something as simple as a look a like cigarette. This in no way can sooth the cravings that most people have. To limit this to just a couple of Tobacco Companies, the same people who for years told us that smoking was safe, is like handing the keys of a prison to the inmates and asking them to keep the door locked! I also believe that restricting from whom, where, and what Adults can buy their products from will only lead to a secondary market with No Regulations! Just how safe do you think that will be?

Yes I believe that it should not be sold to minors. Yes there should be some standards on the packaging labels such as nicotine levels, ingredients and the like. I also believe that childproof caps are necessary, but to completely gut an industry and give to those who lied to us for years is completely insane! To say that children are enticed by flavored nicotine juice is a complete falsehood. Where was, or is your concern for the children when it comes to flavored liquor or beers. The last time I looked you can find that anywhere! Supermarkets, Drug stores, even the local convenient stores has shelves with such products. Outrage? Right? Queue the crickets now!

Anonymous said...

first I was a pack and a half smoker for 11 years and tried to quit 6 times using over the counter products such as the nicotine gum the patch and even the inhaler, not one was successful and I tried the multiple strength and time. It was very disconcerting trying to use these products because I could not sleep with the patch because of nightmares, couldn't use the inhaler cause it burn my throat, finally the gum was absolutely terrible and actually pulled one of my feelings out.
secondly my grandpa and grandma on both sides of my family passed away due to smoking related illness which absolutely horrified as me then I couldn't stop smoking until I came across the e-cigarettes. now I have to say when I first tried the product the cigarette look alike ones they sell at the gas station I wasn't satisfied it was enough so I was still smoking but I did cut way back, then I was introduced to a vapor shop and showed me an actual vaporizer that I could control my nicotine with so I started with 24 milligrams which someone pulled is equal to about a pack which is what I smoked so it was great it was fantastic the next day I didn't have a single cigarette and three years later I still haven't had a cigarette. Now I am at 6 milligrams of nicotine and sometimes 3 then depending on my mood I can just vape on 0 NIC I could never do this with a real cigarette there's no way I can control my nicotine being introduced to vaping my lungs cleared up I no longer have asthma and I also have lost weight because I'm able to work out it's been a godsend to me there was a lot of ailments that I was going through that I didn't understand why and when I started vaping it all went away. If they ban vaping what am I gonna do I can't go back to smoking that would be terrible so my only option would be to make my own device and make my own juice if I have to use the black market I will have to you're not gonna give me a choice if you regulate them to the point were we can't control or nicotine and/or vaping experience this is something that is four the consumers to do as a hobby as sorts I enjoy vapeing and there's no harm in USA made e-juice because here in the usa we are using strict recipes and calculators that you can find online were you will only find 4 chemicals pg VG and simple flavoring all things you can buy over the counter and make yourself except for the nicotine so in closing the only thing that I would have to do is fine nicotine if you regulate this and I can still make my own device make my own juice and you are not going to stop me it saved my life and I'm not going to allow you that away from me I'm standing up against this policy and I will continue to vape thank you.

Anonymous said...

i smoked for over 25 years and tried to quit many time through various methods. e-cigs is the only method to get me off of cigs all together. I am in much better shape thanks to e-cigs and I will continue to use them even if I have to purchase on the black market

Tom Wright said...

Hello FDA
I am Tom Wright A USA FREE AMERICAIN TAX PAYING Citizen. Who wishes you would back The ______ OFF.
• I smoked 31 years and dipped for 9 years before that I have been addicted to tobacco products all my life for the most part I smoked 1/2 – 1 ½ packs per day 100s.
• I stopped smoking 3 months Ago thanks to vaping and the new Equipment on the market and it was not due to the cigalikes either they are waste of money!
• I have tried over the years 50-60 times to quit using FDA approved gums, patches and patches, pills, candy, cold turkey but none of them ever worked even tried the cigalikes which did not work as well.
• Sleeping better, not hacking when I wake up in the morning breathing better just feel all around better since I stopped using the poison the FDA already allows. (from Tobacco Companys)
I will myself keep doing what I am currently doing I will not buy from manufactures of ejuices Or tobacco company’s If the black market where I have to go then so be it. I don’t trust the FDA any ways Its only doing this for the big company’s and their friends not the small stores and businesses its all about greed cant keep them hooked on something we can tax them on bullshit! I know what you are up to Cigarette’s, Fuel, oil, even in some cases food. All these items are taxed to death and they are all things we have to have. I see a Tea Party coming real soon.
• I Will NOT use the regulated mass-market cigalike products that the FDA approves!
• I Will vape what ever the hell I want!
• I Will NOT return to smoking! Give any of you my money any more!
• I Will continue continue to buy/modify hardware and try to make your own nicotine-containing e-liquid, either by mixing pure nicotine or higher strength nicotine liquid with flavored liquid, or making liquid from scratch?

I will do everything in my power to fight The FDA and the powers that be. If they try and Ban my products that I love and so far I am not a criminal and be leave that tobacco company’s should be banned and ecig company’s left to continue with the good work they have been doing saving people’s lives Looks like FDA not only wants to tax us to death but allow tobacco companys to continue to kill us as well hmmmm, and they are saying they have our best interest in mind f***ing Crooks that’s all! BUCH F****ing IDIOTS! OH MY DEAR LORD JESUS PLEASE HELP ME NOT TO JUST GO OFF! This is how angry you have made me enough said! Don’t mak me come up there!

heidi cummins said...

Dear Federal Drug Administration,
I am a 50 year old female and I smoked 20 cigarettes daily for 34 years. I started dabbling at age 9. I have recently spent a week in the hospital for cardiac issues. While I was in the hospital I found a Blu cigarette that I had purchased a year ago in the bottom of my purse, and I started using it as I could not smoke while in the hospital. It was revolting. When I was discharged from the hospital I did some research online and ordered some V2ecigs for my husband and myself. My husband managed to stop smoking and dipping snuff immediately. However, I continued to smoke 2 tobacco cigarettes in the morning for two days after I commenced the ecigarettes, then I quit completely on the third day.
I have destroyed a large quantity of tobacco that I had purchased duty free. I started vaping ecigarettes on 6/28/2014 and have been tobacco free since 7/1/2014. I am so excited that I have had no desire for a real cigarette since.
In the past I have tried to stop smoking using nicotine replacement therapy and oral medications. I have used the patches on 3 separate occasions and Chantix on 3 separate occasions. Both methods failed miserably I had awful side effects and I really enjoyed smoking tobacco.
I have asthma, emphysema, pneumonia (hospitalized 3 times) and bronchitis every winter due to smoking tobacco. I have noticed improvements in my health already. 17 days ago I was coughing, wheezing and short of breath not only in the mornings but throughout the day. I no longer wheeze, cough or have shortness of breath. In fact I have been able to cut down my Advair inhaler to just once daily from twice daily from day two of no tobacco. I anticipate not needing the Advair altogether in the not too distant future. This will be wonderful as it is very expensive.
When I first started using ecigarettes I was using the 24mg strength of nicotine and after one week I am down to 18mg. I am planning on reducing my nicotine intake over a period of time and I would like to do this at my own pace and not feel pressured.
I am not using the first cigalike kit that I first purchased as they are too limiting in flavor (menthol and tobacco). I dislike these flavors so I have upgraded my equipment to an ego twist battery and a tank method of delivery of my e liquids. I have found that I prefer the fruit, beverage and bakery flavors, which is better for me as it is completely unlike tobacco. If I am unable to purchase the variety of flavors that I enjoy, judging from my past experience, I can predict that I will relapse and start smoking tobacco in the future. I really do not want to go back down that road.
My goals for the future are to decrease my level of nicotine, but I will not be able to accomplish this goal using the cigalike ecigarettes. I may even just settle on a low dose 6/3mg. But I want that to be my decision not the governments.
If I do not have the freedom to purchase the supplies necessary to remain tobacco free. I will find a way to continue vaping, whether it will be the black market or attempting to make may own e liquids. I do not want to break the law.
In regards to children and eliquids if adults are responsible and use common sense and store them appropriately like they would bleach or Tylenol out of reach of children there will be no issues. I only buy eliquids with child proof containers and believe that they should all be sold this way. Tobacco products are not sold in child proof containers, I had my first cigarette at age 9 and my smoking habit lasted 34 years.
My father died of lung cancer 2 years ago; he quit smoking 10 years prior. It was a terrible death. Please give me and others like me the opportunity to increase our odds of survival; and the freedom to choose an alternative for the dangerous habit of smoking, chewing, dipping tobacco products.
Heidi K Cummins

Leanne Armold said...

I have been a smoker since I was 16 years old. I have tried the patches, nicotine gum, and those things that we where to suck on, and none of them have helped me. I have tried to quit smoking at least a dozen times only to fail over and over again. When I turned 42 I was told that I have CPOD and Emphdeema (sorry don't know how to spell that one). I knew I had to quit smoking but had no idea how I would do this because nothing worked. Two years later, and after many hospital stays due to lung infections I was told about vapeing.

I went online and bought my first e-cig, and 3 months later I put the cigarettes down for good!!! I haven't picked one up in three years, plus I haven't had a lung infection since! I consider myself an honest person, a law abiding person, someone who would never think about braking the law! If I'm forced to stop vapeing I know I would end up smoking again and if that happens it would end up killing me. Vapeing keeps that from happening, I believe it saved my life. I would do anything to keep myself from smoking again, and if that means buying my vapeing supplies from the black market, than that's what I will have to do. Please don't let that happen, my lungs have never been as healthy as they are now in years, and I owe that to being able to vape!

What I don't understand is you are willing to make e-cigs with nicotine illegal, the very thing that helped me quit, but you allow all the differnt flavors of cigarettes with all the other harmful additives in them to be sold everywhere. I just don't get it!!!

Leanne Armold

Anonymous said...

1: I smoked 2 packs + a day from age 16 until 47, or roughly most my adult life. I am now 48 years old, and haven't smoked a cigarette in a year, since I started Vaping, I have tried every methods to quit smoking cigarettes from patches to pills to hypnosis to no avail, my breathing was very bad and I had a constant cough, bronchitis and asthma, I have also lost family to cancer from smoking, I have tried it all But happily after 32 years I found the Vaping and am no longer plague by breathing problems or constant coughing in fact my breathing is better today then 5 years ago.

2: I do not dispute putting age restrictions; children should not have access to these and certain other sensible regulations on Vaping but as for the FDA’s findings they continually publish on electronic cigarettes containing harmful chemicals, including diethylene glycol, a key ingredient of antifreeze, I depute there claims, currently I purchase my own vaping, tanks, batteries and chemicals and make my own e-juice (as do many, many Americans) and I know precisely what is in them, beside the Nicotine all the rest are ingredients found in every day foods such as propylene glycol witch is found in most foods and medications and has been labeled as safe by the FDA, vegetable glycerin also labeled as safe by the FDA and food flavorings, the same ingredients as the reputable US providers of Vaping products

3: If the only electronic cigarettes legally available are reduced to the cigarette lookalikes produced by major tobacco companies, I would most likely return to smoking so to prevent this I may simply have to break the law and purchase products of my choice on the black market.

4: I will continue to vape and I never will be able to go back to an ecig/cigalike type the variety of flavors ,tank and battery configurations available for vaping provides a greater avenue to keep me from feeling the need for real cigarettes and helps give me better control over my health and well being

Anonymous said...

I have smoked cigarettes for 38 years at a pack a day. I tried to quit numerous times with the FDA regulated crap available and none of them worked. I always fell back to smoking. One day i went to the liquor store next to my work and purchased my first EGO devise. I have not had a cigarette since and this was 1 year ago. I can breath better, smell better, taste better and i am able to go on bike rides with my daughter with out getting winded after 20 mins. By the way, my daughter is incredibly happy that i have quit smoking and so am i since i know i will be around alot longer now to enjoy watching her live her life. I know i will be there to walk her down the isle for i wont be dead from an FDA approved cigarette smoking caused disease. Ecigs are the first and only thing that has helped me quit. Why in the world would you want to limit ecigs to tobacco flavors only?? Thats what we are trying to avoid. I can tell you this, I damn sure will go straight to the black market for my juices and mods if i have to. This is the United States. We have the freedom of choice or at least i thought we did. We might as well go communist and be told where to work, what to wear what to do etc. Ecigs in my mind have saved my life and i will continue using them no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I smoked for 4 and a half years, and I smoked about 10 or so cigarettes a day if not more. I do not smoke anymore thanks to vaping, it has saved me I can breath better when I wake up in the morning now, I have been using an e-cigarette for about a year and 2 months now, I tried a couple different times to stop smoking I tried cold turkey but that didn’t work I tried the patch and that didn’t work I tried a few other alternatives but nothing worked and then I found vaping I got into it and next thing I knew I wasn’t having withdrawals or anything, I feel great now because of vaping.

I will NOT use Cigalikes because I do not like them plus you can’t change flavors I will continue to use my mods, and as an American I believe I should be able to vape whatever nicotine level I want to. No I will not return to smoking, as it is a disgusting habit that I now hate. If it came down to it I would have to buy e-liquid somewhere elsewhere. I would make my own liquid if it came down to it, I love being able to have many different flavors to try all the time.

Yes flavors help me distance myself away from my former smoking habit this way I feel like I don’t have that tobacco flavor in my mouth and I don’t even feel like I am smoking anymore because of the fruity flavors and other flavors. The variety in flavors keeps me away because having options available like strawberry or other flavors like that keep me interested in vaping because the flavors are delicious. Yes I am willing to purchase on the black market if that’s what it really has to come to, but I don’t believe it should I believe we as in americans should be able to do as we please if we don’t want to smoke and would rather vape then so be it, just because the person next to us doesn’t like the whole vape scene and wants to kill themselves with cigarettes doesn’t mean the next person next to them that does vape wants to die that way that is why they switched over to vaping in the first place. And yes I will try to make my own liquid, I do not think it is harmful, because if you take away our flavors what else are we supposed to do?


James Tramm said...

I was a pack a day smoker for 25 years before trying my first electronic cigarette in 2010. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in over 3 years thanks to my electronic substitute. I never tried using nicotine gum due to the high price, or patches or pills due to other, possibly more serious side effects. This decision to continue to use electronic cigarettes has been discussed with my family physician and while there may be some unknowns, we are both in agreement that my health is now better and we know exactly what the risks of me returning to traditional smoking tobacco products would be.
I will not return to smoking cigarettes regardless of the FDAs decision.

However, if the FDA bans all but certain mass-produced items from large a few corporations, which are inferior to products I currently use, I will continue to use/modify my own for my personal use. If the FDA intends to ban refillable devices and make everyone buy pre-filled cartridges, I will not comply. Again, I will continue to make/modify what’s needed for my personal use. Beware; prohibition does not work. It did not work with alcohol. It is not working with drugs (see America’s bulging prison system for proof), and it will not work with nicotine. If the FDA were truly concerned with public health, which would no doubt be better if more people were to quit smoking cigarettes, then it would not be seeking to reduce the availability of alternatives to a hand-picked few products designed and marketed by some of the biggest corporations who were late to the game and whose products are far inferior to those already available.

I would also like to comment on eliquid flavoring. I am 48 years old and use eliquid in many flavor varieties. I currently vape a tobacco-flavored juice, cold-pressed lime, cotton candy, mango, and a few more flavors. I have many adult friends who enjoy flavored eliquids – peanut butter cup, gummy bear, etc. – it’s a long list. We are adults with children. To say “flavors” are for enticing underage people to start is just a fallacy perpetuated by the “ban this” mentality. No vape shop I frequent allows under 18 in the front door. It does seem quite clear to me that all those in charge of all this legislative hype concerning electronic cigarettes have never actually stepped foot inside of a vape shop. That’s too bad, because at this rate all they can do is make assumptions based on hearsay, which they will then try to turn into law.

Anonymous said...

I smoked since I was fifteen years old and last year when I was thirty seven my father died of lung cancer after smoking fifty years and the day after he passed my mother in law was diagnosed and passed a month later. I went to cigarette like vapes, but was at a level 24 nicotine and constantly craved cigarettes. I switchd to flavors and am now vaping less and I am currently at level 6 nicotine. I did this to honor the ones I lost and to try to avoid their fate. I have not smoked a cigarette since and have lost my smokers cough and the chronic bronchitis. I feel that if people are forced to smoke the e- cigarettes some wilk switch back to the regular cigarettes and risk their health. The government's stance on smoking has been encouraging people to quit for years and when we find a viable option its going to be yanked away. It makes no sense except that the government wants to try get a cut like with cigarrettes and the taxing. As to the flavors being said to entice teenagers to vape, thats ridiculous, I started smoking regular cigarettes at fifteen and was addicted for 22 years. After many failed attempts to quit and finally success, I think its unfair to take away what has worked for so many people and put restrictions and of course taxes so that people will have to go around this to stay off cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

Hello FDA...I am a 57 yr old female who used cigarettes since I was 19. Thanks to Vaping flavored e-juices I havent smoked in 4 yrs. My chronic cough went away completly after vaping for only 1 month. My overall health has greatly improved and I no longer suffer from sinus infections and rarely get a cold any more. After discovering Vaping products 4 years ago on the internet, I currently purchase all of my vaping supplies from a local business THAT HIRES LOCAL PEOPLE. That business is like many of the other businesses that sell vaping products, by that I mean, they regulate themselves by selling reputable,safe products and they dont sell to minors. They have been doing business in this manner without the need to get the government involved at all !
I tried many other methods to quit in the past and NOTHING ELSE HAS WORKED. I wont buy the cigalikes cause they dont work. I tried those already years ago. I went right back to cigarettes back then cause those are too much like the real cigarettes.
If you truely do care about the health of this nation you will listen to the people that are telling you right now THAT VAPING SAVED MY LIFE. BECAUSE OF BEING ABLE TO PURCHASE THESE PRODUCTS EASILY I WILL NEVER HAVE TO KILL MYSELF WITH CIGARETTES ANY LONGER.
Please help me and others win this fight against smoking.
Please join the fight with us.....once and for all. Do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I am 57 yrs. old and have smoked 40 yrs. of those 57. On April 30th, 2014 I walked in thinking this vaping thing is not going to work. I had a terrible smoker's cough, I tried it and it satisfied me and I have not smoke since the day I walked in there. My cough is gone away and I feel so much better. VAPING HAS SAVED MY LIFE, I TRIED THE PATCHES, EVERYTHING IN THE PAST AND IT DIDN'T WORK FOR ME. CIGARETTES WAS KILLING ME. DO THE RIGHT THING AND HELP EVERYONE GET OFF CIG'S.

bettyroug54 said...

I smoked menthol cigarettes/cigars for over 40 years. Multiple attempts to quit never worked. I tried cold turkey, prescription medications, nicotine patches, and nicotine gum to no avail. My children really wanted me to quit for my own health, but the cigarette addiction simply was too difficult for me to overcome, and NONE of the FDA approved methods worked for me.
In 2011 I came across e-cigarettes. I tried the look alike sticks that originally came out, and they did not work for me. I went back to smoking. It was not long however, before I discovered the modified batteries, clearomizers, and e-liquids available. I bought my first kit in late 2011 and have never looked back. I no longer purchase nor have a desire to smoke regular cigarettes. My health is so much better! I am no longer winded when doing physical labor, I no longer have the threat of COPD in my future, and best of all I no longer stink and neither does my home, car or personal belongings. I no longer fear being caught in a situation where I have to find a place to smoke, or looked at like I am some type of monster because I smoke.
If things suddenly changed and there was only one type of regulated FDA approved product available I am afraid I would have to break the law. I will not vape a nicotine free FDA regulated inferior and mass produced product. I will continue to buy or modify hardware and make my own e-liquid from scratch using whatever flavor I so desire, as this is what keeps me from going back to regular cigarettes/cigars. No one is going to tell me what I can and cannot purchase. The FDA needs to understand that they work for me, the taxpayer; along with millions of other taxpaying citizens in this country. Their rules and regulations by and large can be side stepped if one so desires, and if they decide to take away this freedom from the public it will only create a huge black market.
I am sick and tired of government intrusion. The government does not support me, and I do not need a nanny. If they think this is going to keep cigarettes or any other product out of the hands of juveniles, they are dumber than I thought. Making anything illegal or difficult to obtain legally does not make it unattainable.

Anonymous said...

I used to smoke a pack a day and sometimes more. I starting vaping a little over 2 months ago and havent had a tobacco cigarette since. When I was smoking I coughed, was always short of breath, had no energy, and I smelled nasty. Now that im vaping I feel better, the cough is gone, I have more energy, I dont stink, I can already notice its easier to breath.

I have a child at home and I have not had any issues with my child wanting to get into any of my supplies or mess around with my device. I keep them put up in a safe place and never leave anything out in the open. My devise is always in sight. Its not the mixed juice thats so harmful anyway its the concentrated pure nicotine. I personally dont keep anything like that.

If the FDA regulates juices, devices,ect yes I will definitely do what I have to do even if it means using the black market to get e liquid and other supplies. This is against our rights as americans to regulate something were doing to improve our health.

I will never use a cigalike manufactured by a tobacco company. As far as flavors go the great flavors are what kept me from going back to smoking tobacco.

In the past I have tried nicotine patches, gum, and a few other ways of trying to quit smoking all of which only led me back to smoking and usually more than I did before trying to quit. None of the fda methods worked for me nor do they work for a lot of other people.

Anonymous said...

im a 30 plus year smoker a time came where i thought of quiting i have tried your stupid hypnosis, your stupid gum and patches that made me sick to my stomach, theres time i would cry cause im so worried about my health if i dont quit. My youngest son and daughter asked me to quit but it was hard to quit with your so called regulated cancerous tobacco cigarettes, i know you dont give a shit about us, u dont care if we die or not but guess what i will not let you get the best of us you so called FDA, when ECIG came to my life took me only three days to quit your cancerous tobacco so called regulated cigarettes and im so glad now its been 2 1/2 yrs with no cancerous BS cigarettes, vaping or ecig helped me i feel better, my blood pressure got better my relationship with my kids got better, my skin got better over all my life got even better. Dont tell this BS about teens might get a hold of ecig, so do you rather have them get a hold of those cancerous cigarettes! so for saying this but you guys can see the whole picture but just dont want to admit the ecig is better, guess you know it is so please leave them alone and let us be so we could all live a healthier life and society FREE FROM CARCINOGEN FROM THOSE CANCEROUS CIGARETTE

Anonymous said...

You have hit it on the nose... More freedom is being taken away from us and our schools, plus much more. We have to fight hard for this and the people that run our Government are getting worse. I have a good story about the vapor cigs that will blow their mind. I want to thank you for your words of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

I support you and your words. The Lord will understand.

Anonymous said...

@johncastlewriter - You have made a near perfect response with only one addition that I would recommend. The FDA has a disgraceful and dismal record of "Public Safety", with Big Pharma Deaths being the 4th Leading Cause Of Death in the United States....

Anonymous said...

Here is an award winning documentary, "Certain Adverse Events" on the corruption, death, harm and suffering because of the FDA/Big Pharma....

Anonymous said...

I am 35 and was a smoker for 21 years until this past October 2013 when I tried vaping. I never looked back since. I never bothered trying the ones sold in the stores but got mine online. I completely quit smoking as soon as I received it. I tried smoking a few drags of other people's cigarettes once or twice and find it completely disgusting and can't see myself ever smoking again.

For now I have just replaced my smoking with vaping and am still at 24mg but since I quit I can breathe better, have no cough, can't handle physical exercise better, and I sing better (people who had no clue have commented asking if I quit smoking because I sound so much better). I mostly use a tobacco flavor but once in a while I switch to something else and plan to try more flavors in the future. I will definitely buy from black market if necessary and will not use the 'cigalikes'.

The argument that flavoring will entice children is an extremely poor and obvious excuse. As someone else here mentioned there are flavored beers as well and there is no ban or complaint on them. It is all about the money....the taxes....and the health problems it causes to make the drug companies rich.....with e-cigs this all disappears. FDA is not really fooling anyone.

Anonymous said...

I mean *CAN* handle physical exercise better.

L.mcginnis54 said...

To the FDA,

I am a 60-yr old female and I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for over 30 years. I have tried nicotine patches, lozenges, gum, and, under my doctor's care, I tried Chantix - twice (9 weeks the first try, 12 weeks the second time). I even tried the "cigalikes" multiple times. Nothing worked and I had given up. However, on June 28, 2012, I tried a modified electronic cigarette with e-liquid. I have not had a tobacco cigarette since. Not one! I have been tobacco free for over two years. Vaping is allowing me to be able to watch my grandchildren grow up. Do you have any idea what it feels like for me to be able to say this?

Yes, I'm addicted to nicotine. I'm also addicted to caffeine. I probably ingest more caffeine into my body than I do nicotine. Why are you not regulating Starbucks? The liquids in my electronic cigarettes are not tobacco flavored and haven't been for over a year now. I don't like tobacco-flavored e liquids and, as I said, the cigarette lookalikes didn't help me at all.

The vapor stores I frequent do not sell to minors - and they ask for identification. I've watched them do it. I also have had the children of family and friends in my home often over the past two years. I haven't had a single incident of any of the children even trying to get into my e liquids.

If the FDA bans the e liquid and the vaping devices I use I will do whatever I have to (i.e., order from the black market, order internationally, or build the devices and mix the liquids myself) in order to not return to smoking and in order to not use the FDA approved, ineffective, e-cigarettes ("cigalikes") that I have already tried without success.

Throughout my adult life I have been honest, I have worked hard, I have voted, and I have paid my taxes on time. In short, I've been a good citizen. Please help me be able to live the rest of my life the same way.

Malik Hassan said...


I smoked from age 19 to age 52, 33 years. I have not smoked a cigarette in almost 6 years and I never was a dual user. I went straight from cigarettes to vaping and never smoked another cigarette.
I tried 7 times quitting smoking cold turkey, twice with the patch, once with snus. Nothing worked and every time I returned to cigarettes.
I have COPD as a result of smoking and asthma. Since I’ve stopped smoking I can breathe much better and I now respond to natural remedies to clear my lungs which were useless before. I used to get bronchitis and sinus infections every year while I was smoking and now I don’t anymore.


I will not be forced into buying mass-marketed cigalikes. I stopped using cigalikes five years ago and I will not go back to them. I will not be forced into vaping zero-nicotine e-liquid. I will not return to smoking or be forced into using cigalikes not matter how hard the big tobacco companies or the FDA try to make me.
I find snus, nicotine gum, and patches disgusting and unacceptable and I will never use them again.
If I am forced into buying products from overseas I will seriously consider doing so, I prefer to not have to do this but I prefer not to allow the FDA to force me back into a behavior that I don’t want to adopt.
I will try my best to follow the law but I will have to consider buying hardware and e-liquid even if I have to obtain them from a non-US source. I am afraid that by creating a black or gray market the FDA will increase my risk as I will no longer be able to purchase from reputable companies who stand behind their products and follow good manufacturing processes, and you will be forcing me, an otherwise law-abiding citizen, to consider breaking the law. If I don’t purchase supplies on the black or shadow market, I believe that limiting myself to the types of products that are likely to be approved by the FDA will cause me to consider returning to smoking.


A ban on flavors (other than tobacco and menthol) would directly impact me.

Non-tobacco/non-menthol flavors greatly help distance me from my former smoking habit. Flavors make e-cigarette use much more enjoyable than smoking. The variety in available flavors helps keep me interested in e-cigarette use as opposed to smoking. I am willing to consider purchasing flavored nicotine liquid on the black market if flavors are banned and I will probably also try to make my own flavored liquid if I cannot obtain it from a reputable vender.

Anonymous said...

I am a 54 year old male that smoked cigarettes heavily for years. I started at age 9 (You do the math). My Mother(God Bless her),who didn't know any better,decided that instead of having me sneak around smoking,gave me a pack every two days! Two years ago I heard about eCiggs through a gentleman in my church congregation. I ordered my first kit the next day and got it about 5 days later. I started vaping the day I got it and have never looked back! I have not touched a cigarette since. It is amazing that I was able to quit smoking at all! I tried everything to quit,but could Never achieve my goal of not smoking. The flavors help keep me interested and I detest menthol. They keep me from returning to smoking as I enjoy them.
If the FDA approves on these measures I assure you that I will either go back to smoking (and be a burden on the national health system) or I WILL find a way to produce these on my own or go to the black market for the products or both.

Robert said...

Making your own nicotine-containing vapes would not be breaking the law. The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and state pharmacy laws do not apply to people making products for their own use. Since nicotine is not a controlled substance, and FDA cannot make it so, and it is not protected by patent, then no matter what regs FDA adopts, it will continue for it to be legal to make your own nicotine-containing vape fluid.

It is also perfectly legal for you to lie to suppliers of nicotine regarding your intended use of the product; however if you are honest to them and tell them you're going to use it to vape, then it may be illegal for them to supply it to you under that reg, because then THEY could be said to intend YOUR use of it that way, even if it is otherwise a general-use article. Don't worry, they won't mind at all your lying to them.

Lordmage said...

done and saved to me g drive for more tweaks here is a current copy

I smoked from age 18 to approx. 25, an AVG of a pack a day (100’s) at the worst and a pack a week at the best.
E-cigarettes allowed me to completely eliminate smoking 7 years ago from my life.
I tried to quit using Gums, inhalers and patches , cold turkey to quit with ultimately no success in my reduction or long term removal of cigarette from my life at best I went back to smoke within a week. I tried a total of 30 times with each product type and cold turkey over the corse of 2 years.
What health benefits have I experienced since using e-cigarettes as a complete replacement for smoking? Well I no longer have trouble breathing when walking up flights of stairs and find my recovering from such extended activity to be much quicker when compared to when I was a smoker. I also find and prolonged physical activity to no longer affect me with in the first minute. i do not wake up short of breathe randomly thru the night nor do i wake up coughing.

I would also like to explain how the FDA Proposed Deeming regulation will directly affect me when it comes to e-cigarettes availability for purchase. And, how “cigalikes” are produced by a few big companies, probably limited to a few cigarette-like flavors. As CASAA member I know, the proposed regulations in their current form would devastate the e-cigarette industry, with the paperwork burden driving more than 99% of producers out of business or into shadow markets. This will almost certainly leave only “cigalikes” produced by the largest companies available in the FDA-regulated market. It is also likely that nicotine-containing liquids for refillable devices will be unavailable except for on the black or shadow markets. While flavors are not explicitly banned by these proposed regulations, i believe that the FDA will seek to eliminate flavors other than tobacco and menthol in the future.
Reduction of what I am able to currently acquire due to the FDA regulations thru this deeming Regulation will ultimately reduce my quality of life and possibly make me more depressed and stressful.
I find the "cig-a-likes" which the FDA will approve due to either Equivalent design or due to the ability of the manufacturer's to pay more for testing to be ineffective and either over flavored or do not hold up to my satisfaction.

Will I vape zero-nicotine e-cigarette liquid? If I have to I will but prefer not to.
Will I return to smoking? Worst case yes
Will I switch to another nicotine source (e.g., snus) and perhaps continue to vape zero-nicotine liquid? That is a possibility
Will I continue to buy/modify hardware, and purchase nicotine-containing e-cigarette liquid on the black market? I expect people like me will. I fear that creating a black or gray market will
(1) increase my risk since I will no longer be able to purchase from reputable companies who stand behind their products and follow good manufacturing processes,
(2) force people like me, an otherwise law-abiding citizen, to break the law.
Will I continue to buy/modify hardware and try to make your own nicotine-containing e-cigarette liquid, either by mixing pure nicotine or higher strength nicotine liquid with flavored liquid, or making liquid from scratch? Yes, which if done improperly can have negative effects on me.

Do flavors help distance me from my former smoking habit? Yes due to the fruit flavors and candy flavors I can get my nicotine without the taste of constant reminder tobacco.
Do I find flavors make e-cigarette use more enjoyable than smoking? Yes and more enjoyable and more customizable to how i fell at the moment
Does the variety in available flavors help keep me interested in e-cigarette use as opposed to smoking? Yes
Am I willing to purchase flavored nicotine liquid on the black market if flavors are banned? People like me may end up do so should the FDA ever reduce the current market of flavors and hardware as well as affordable innovation
Will I try to make my own flavored liquid? People like me may also try to.

Anonymous said...

Im almost 22 now, smoked for almost 9 years. Dispite countless attempts at quitting I was able to quit immediately after purchasing my vape. It is a completely enjoyable habbit, and even if its so bad for you, I refuse to belive its worse for you than cigarettes. Ive even been consistantly dropping my nicotine since I started about 3 months ago.

Although I choose a menthol flavor, I find it completely rediculous that people think that flavors are to attract children, as if adults dont enjoy sweet things.

I love vaping. And I will do whatever it takes to continue to enjoy it. Whether I have to buy it from the black market or otherwise. Im an american and a marine corps veteran, ive fought for our freedoms, I belive its my right as an american to choose to vape if I want to. Im a tax payer and a law abiding citizen, please dont make me break the law by taking away something I love. Because I WILL do what I have to.

Anonymous said...

I smoked for over 40 years. At the end I was smoking over 2 packs a day. For the last 10 of those smoking years I was constantly trying (and failing) to quit. I tried patches, gum, lozenges and inhalers, nothing worked for more than 2-3 months during which time I was pretty miserable psychologically. The moment I heard about e-cigarettes I began researching it on the internet. I discovered a very helpful forum of ex smokers who helped walk me through what then was a very new alternative. I bought my first kit and with very little struggle quit cigarettes for good. In October it will be 5 years since I smoked my last cigarette. My health has improved greatly. I no longer cough. If I did not have my e-cigarette I have no doubt that I would return to smoking. I suffer from depression and the nicotine helps to level me out. E-cigarettes is a safer way for me to get that nicotine.

Discovering e-cigarettes was the answer to my 40 year problem. The idea that regulations might limit my access scares me for both my physical and psychological health. I would turn to the black market if I had to, but I would worry about the quality of what I was buying.

I know that e-cigarettes cannot be promoted as a cigarette cessation program, but I have met hundreds of people who have proven otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I am not nor have I ever been a smoker.
I’ve been vaping homemade and pre mixed nicotine liquid in various strengths and
flavors for three years and at no time during those three years did I ever become even remotely interested in smoking cigarettes. That’s my story. I love to vape. I love to tinker with little electronic devices. I love to socialize with gear heads and chase clouds. I love my brick and mortar. I wish they could use my slogans on the front of their store: It’s a hobby, not a habit! or Sit and Quit! but they aren’t allowed to advertise themselves as harm reduction, medical or whatever dumb.
Health advocates need to advance. Nicotine use is not a public health issue.
Inhaling smoke, the product of combustion, is.

If the personal vaporizer and e-liquid markets were curtailed by misguided regulation, I would never buy regulated mass-market cigalike, tobacco flavored e-cigarettes.
I would continue to buy and modify hardware for use as mechanical mods from shadow and black market sources and would continue to mix my own nicotine juice.
To include personal vaporizers with the e-cigarette industry is a category mistake. Personal vaporizers don’t look like cigarettes at all.

Over regulation would tank many small businesses, businesses which increase economic diversity and prosperity. If regulation is necessary it should be executed in ways that support business diversity and not in ways that stamp out local ventures for the sole benefit of monolithic, unimaginative corporations.

There has been concern, disingenuous I think, about the names of e liquid flavors appealing to children. No one is marketing personal vaporizers, e-juice or e-cigs to children. Anyone who has any contact with the vaping community will know that the most unlikely, XXL, bearded gear head vapers are the ones hogging the bubblegum flavor. The flavor aspect of this industry from an advertising and marketing standpoint has almost zero visibility; so to get worked up over some specious analogy to Camel Joe is gloriously stupid and smacks of spin and makes me want to demand full transparency from the FDA.
Who is influencing this regulation process?

D Christian said...

Firstly; I smoked cigarettes for over 30yrs and the tobacco lobby made a lot of money off my purchases, having had a pack a day habit. I tried to quit smoking for the last 5-7yrs of my addiction using a variety of the aides available like: gum, patch, medications, inhalers, even faux cigarettes. None of it worked the inhalers made me sick, as did the inhalers and the gum; the patches made me itch all over, the medications were a joke etc. One day I saw a guy vaping, in front of his workplace and he introduced me to the world of cartomizers. As I said I had tried those faux cigarettes, that you purchase in stores; BUT they are pre-package, (who knows when), and sold (after only God knows how much time), as 200 puffs(more like 75) ecigarettes.

I have not smoked a "cigarette" since I recieved my clearomizer starter kit in the mail over a year and a half ago. I have been reducing the nicotine levels in the "juice" I order voluntarily, (starting at 18mg, I now prefer 9-6mg).

I will continue to purchase "juice" any way I can, because as I stated those pre packaged ecigarettes are falsely advertised. In my personal oppinion they are marketed to get people to go back to smoking cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

This is blatant over reach by a agency being paid to eliminate competition more then likely for big tobacco. If our government is so dedicated to capitalism then lay off new markets. I've smoked since I was about 15 years old and been trying to quit for years since 20(now almost 26). Though not as long as many on here I was about a pack a day smoker. Trying gum and patches etc. only worked very temporarily and was just impossible to stay quit. As long as I have vaped (about 3 years) I have never needed to go back to tobacco products(at least for very long and could instantaneously quit to vape as soon as i had some). Please leave something good alone for once in interest of people's health and not your wallets government. It's very sad to see how low they are willing to stoop now with trying to regulate that which needs none. Even if minors get a hold of e-cig and nicotine liquid that would be a lot better off then the alternative. It wasn't that hard for me to illegally obtain cigs as a teen... I am sure its no different now. Disheartening how much money talks over the masses opinions.

Xena said...

1. Before switching to vaping, I smoked a pack and a half a day for 25 years. I only ever went two days without a cigarette since I started. I started vaping a little over a month ago and have had only 3 cigarettes in that time! None at all in the last week since I was able to find a vaping setup that works for me. I tried to quit at least 15 times before this, including 2 smoking cessation classes, nicotine patches, nicotine gum and Commit, Chantix, cold turkey, relaxtion methods and every thing you could possibly imagine. I have even tried a couple more times after I lost my mom to emphysema in 2007. Nothing worked like vaping does for me - this is the longest I have gone without a cigarette in 25 years! I am now able to breathe better, not wake up coughing, have cut down the use of my inhaler to none, amd able to walk further and perform more activites without running out of breath, and have not had a recurrence of my almost once a month bronchitis. My 8 year old daughter commented the other day that "mommy's breath doesn't stink anymore".

2. I will not be able to use the mass produced ecig like products as I have tried them and they were not effective in helping me as far as I have come. I would not vape zero nicotine liquid because the reason this works for me is I do not have to give up nicotine to no longer inhale dangerous smoke. Nicotine is no more dangerous than coffee by itself. If the options to buy safe products that work and the eliquids contaning nicotine were taken away from me, I would definitely begin smoking again - there is no question in my mind. Forcing the people, like myself, to turn to a "black market" to purchase hardware and eliquid will definitely cause more problems than it would ever solve. I would continue to do so, as I know this is my only option. But it would be frightening and perhaps completely out of reach financially for me if things do not continue in the safer way they currently do. I would resort to mixing my own liquids and hope, without the current safe vendors available, that the products are safe and will not do more harm than good. For vaping to help a person quit smoking, they need to try a variety of hardware, flavors and liquids to find what works for them. Taking this away would definitely affect me, and others, and I would smoke again as soon as I was unable to get the safe products I need.

3. Although the ban on flavors would not directly affect as I vape only menthol at this point, it would affect a great many people who enjoy the flavors. The idea that this encourages children to try vaping is simply a lie. I have two children, including a 17 year old son. I have explained to my children WHY I vape, and they support me in helping me to quit smoking! They also know that nicotine is ADDICTIVE and can hurt them and have no desire to try this in any way. Parental supervision is the real issue here, not the flavors. Even though I would be fine with just menthol myself, by banning flavors, it is a move on a path that bans all vaping, and people will smoke and die sooner because of this.

In closing, if the FDA TRULY cares about the people of America, then do NOT ruin a solution to one of the major causes of death in our country by banning, overpricing, and over controlling a system that is working so well for so many. The system and community among vapers works in a wonderful way AS IS to help MANY people who could NEVER quit by any other means to QUIT smoking, and give me more years with my children. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I smoked a pack a day for 48 years & had developed COPD.
I started e- cigarettes & within a week was cigarette free.
This is due to different flavors other than tobacco, which have foudn I really don't like.
Started with 24 mg & within a month had dropped to my current level 8 mg. of nic.
My lung & breathing got better within 2 weeks & my doctor has praised me for using this method to quit cigarettes.
He has also told me my lungs sound better than they have in over 15 years.
I hope to keep using e-cigs with flavoring to keep myself off cigarettes.
If the FDA rules against e-cigs to the point where I am not able to purchase non flavored nic liquid I will be forced to go to the black market, which will become a major problem for us e-cig users.
I have also gotten my wife to use e-cgis & she has quit cigarettes by there use.
She as I do not use tobacco flavors as they don't taste good.
I mix our e-juice here at home from PG VG Nic & food flavoring.
Thses have been a good sent to us as the other approved methods were a failure for both of us.
Our doctor also encourages his patients to try this as a better method to quit tobacco products.
I hope the FDA will consider the thousands who have quit cigarettes by this method & not make us go back to tobacco products.
That would be counter productive to vapors & the public in total.
I do support an age limit of 18. After if you can serve in the military, vote & buy beer & wine you should be able to use e-cigs if you want.
FDA stop protecting us from ourselves & let us make our own decisions.

Mary frances said...

I am 55 and have smoked since the age 10 to 12 . I have late stage COPD and congested heart failure. I could not stop smoking, knowing each cigarette was killing me. My lung capacity is around 40% I have been vaping for over 3 years. Every year I have a lung test to see how my capacity has changed. It has stayed the same since I started vaping which is good news because it was getting worse every year that I was smoking. My heart and lung doctors are so happy. They both tell their other smoking patients about me and vaping if they can't stop smoking . Please FDA don't stop people from vapiing it is saving lives were a cigarettes are killing people. You worry about what is in the liquid we use, but don't say anything about the poison in cigarettes. The company's openly tell you what pg and vg are and how they make the flavors that goes in them. The cigarette company don't tell they put in 4000 chemicals in their cigarettes

Laura Zettl said...

First: I am a Registered Nurse. Unfortunately, I began smoking at the ripe old age of 15 which rapidly escalated to a pack a day habit. Due to the known health risks, I tried to quit numerous times with patches, gum, Wellbutrin, Chantix, and hypnosis. I never made it a day without a cigarette until someone gave me an electronic cigarette to try. That was 4 years ago and I haven't smoked a single cigarette since then. I quickly grew tired of the short-lived cartridge type of e-cigs and graduated to cartomizers and e-liquids. I am down from 24mg to 6 mg nicotine liquid. Since making this change, I have not suffered from colds, flu, sinus infections or exercise-induced asthma which plagued me constantly whan I smoked. I also haven't gained a pound which My Doctor told me is amazing as most people gain approximately 10-15 pounds if they are able to quit smoking successfully. I have also inspired 9 other friends to quit smoking so far, and they all relate similar stories regarding their health.

Second: I prefer flavored liquids that have no semblence to the tobacco products I previously used. I enjoy trying different flavors and do not want to be forced to use liquids that taste like the very vice I so desperately fought to quit. I also use only American made e-liquids that hopefully do not contain dangerous chemical additives found in the liquids produced overseas. However, if that was my only choice, I would take that over returning to smoking. Additionally, if the only electronic cigarettes legally available are reduced to the cigarette lookalikes produced by major tobacco companies, I will simply find myself compelled to find other means to obtain what I prefer.

Finally, I do believe that child-proof caps and age requirements are warranted. If I had not been able to purchase cigarettes at the age of 15, perhaps I would not be writing this letter. I do feel strongly however, that taking away or limiting this option which freed me from my smoking addiction is an unconscionable action related to money and bureaucracy and not the health of the American people. What does the FDA truly stand for if not the health of the American citizens. Do these knee-jerk reactions truly have any science behind them? Have they compared the ingredients of a manufactured cigarette to vapor? My state allows people to purchase and use marijuana which has several known health risks, and yet you look to ban e-cigs? Where is the logic?

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story. I truly hope you will consider this information before taking action.

Anonymous said...

I smoked over a pack a day for 23 years. I haven't smoked at all since the day I walked out of a local vape shop with my first mod. The cig a likes didn't work for me. Nicorette didn't work, chantex didn't work, patches, losenges, or cold turkey didn't work. If I have to choose between cig a likes, cigarettes, or black market, I'll just have to become a criminal. It's sad that cigarette companies have enough pull to make us keep paying them to kill ourselves. I belive that is what this is all about. E cigs are in line to distroy the industry. I've spent over 40 thousand dollars over the past 20+ years on cigarettes. I just hope that things stay the way they are for a few more months. I've went from 24mg nicotine to 18, to 12. Before long I'll be to zero then I won't care for vaping or smoking. But things should stay this way so others can do the same as me. For themselves and their families.

Alexandra Covington said...

I used to smoke cigarettes and now my husband and I have both quit smoking. Please do not get in the way of our progress. The vapor lifestyle doesn't need to be regulated by the government.

Jared B. Linde said...

First: I've been smoking a pack and a half a day of Marlboros for 15 years. In the past I've tried to quit many times. I've used the patch, lozenges, cold turkey as well as the "ciga-like" e cigs. None of these methods were succesful for any long stretch of time. About two months ago I began using the newer "cartomizer" e-liquid style e-cigarette and haven't had or even craved a real cigarette since.

Second: If the FDA makes only the "ciga-like" e cigarettes available, while I'd like to say I'd quit, it's likely that I'll go back to smoking regular cigarettes or attempt to aquire the e - liquid through the black market if I can find a source for it. I fear that if I were to resort to aquiring the liquid in this manner that it might be too difficult to obtain and that I'll just resort to smoking Marlboros again.

Third: I attribute the success of switching to the e-liquid device partly to the broad range of available flavors. The reason I never smoked flavored cigarettes is because one, they don't exist and two, even if they did exist they probably wouldn't taste very good since cigarettes inherently taste disgusting. Since switching to the e-liquid device, I've tried one regular cigarette and found that I actually favored the blueberry cobbler flavored liquid I've been using in my electronic device over the nasty taste of the regular cigarette. While I'd ultimately like to eliminate my dependence on nicotine and stop using the electronic cigarette, if I'm still using it and the liquid becomes unavailable, if it's not difficult I may attempt to go through the unregulated black market if these liquids are banned out of the fear of becoming a regular cigarette smoker again.

Anatoly Dedkov said...

I am 65 years old now and I smoked cigarettes for more than 42 years before. I never had a health problems with smoking and never wanted to quit. But when I tried e-cigarettes three and a half years ago (just by curiousness) this day was my last day of smoking. Only after my lungs were cleared completely I realized how bad they were before. I think e-cigarettes is a real wonder as they work not only for people who want to quit, but also for those like me who never even wanted and tried to quit.

I like the current state of the e-cigarettes industry with huge number of options and choices with affordable prices. If big companies want to participate and provide better products, welcome, but ruining the current infrastructure would be a huge mistake (maybe more than just a mistake). For now I feel like Government wants to punish me for quitting smoking and stopping paying big taxes and forces me to switch back to tobacco cigarettes. If only big companies with cig-a-like prefilled e-cigarettes will be on the market, I don't know what I'll do. Probably they will succeed and I switch back to tobacco, but I don't want this with all my heart. Also it will be too expensive for me, I guess, after I retire. I know what I'm talking about as I started with cig-a-like prefilled e-cigarettes.

For now I "do it myself", I mix my e-liquid from components made by well-known US companies only. I don't like the idea to buy prefilled cartomizers made and filled in China or Malaysia for the ten-fold price.

Pushing Life said...

I have a vested interest in the free flow of this commerce. While I do not currently smoke tobacco, I did in fact smoke for almost 20 years. I on my own quit cold turkey. (not pleasant but doable).
In the time since, I have become acutely aware of the damages of cigarette smoking as I now work for a board certified Immunologist/Allergist and see the devastating effects on people from cigarettes.
In the last 10 years, we have used many devices and ideas for patients to quit smoking and all have roughly the same success rate over time. Each also has its own set of unique drawbacks and side effects. Drugs tend to affect the mental state of a person and items like the "patch" and "gum" only address a portion of the issue. Nicotine addiction and the oral fixation of smoking present a dual addiction not addressed by any other device. The first generation of “e-cigs” are a dismal failure as in my mind, there is not a viable “mass marketed” device that is even remotely close to as effective the “vape” devices presented for sale in the thousands of “vape shops” that can help each user on an individual basis. This help is simply not possible in a typical “retail” location. Try to mass market these devices in a typical “convenience store” is tantamount to selling a haircut in a can.

My experiences follow..
I obtained “vape” devices for 25 people with a desire to quit smoking. I followed these people for one year “post” purchase.
The results were nothing short of astounding. In 25 cases, 21 simply quit cigarettes the day they started "vape" and of those 21, 15 quit vape in successive months. The others cited the ability to perform the "smoking" action without tobacco to be a matter of stress relief or other mental need to smoke. These users also tapered nicotine use to exceptionally low levels.
I subsequently opened a shop that caters strictly to these "quitters" and have found a trade in life that leaves people absolutely thrilled that they found a way out of smoking.
These stories are not the exception but the rule in our shop.. What we here is this, "I have not had a smoke since I left your shop 2 weeks ago!!" I have this story repeated to me multiple times every single day. We have hundreds of “ex-smokers” that can attest to this device and its ability to wean off of cigarettes.
These people are happy to the point of tears and are grateful that the device was readily available and that it improved the quality of their life and financial situation. Users suddenly have hundreds of dollars back from big tobacco and are able to provide better for family. With that financial boost, many are also able to purchase their own needs in life again rather than going without or relying on handouts.
It is the general consensus that this "regulation" of "vape products" is financially motivated as the habit of "smoking cigarettes" is dying and so revenues to the govt and big tobacco are as well.
While there may in fact be some harmful compounds in "e-juice" it is readily apparent that they are going to be few and far between as if there were large issues, we likely would be hearing from outside sources (away from tobacco and govt sources) that there is a problem.
I feel it is time for government to do the "right" thing and leave this market alone as the track record for government involvement is not a good one. People’s lives (and livelihoods) are at stake here and by putting a stranglehold on this market; you are in fact going to plunder an industry that is making life better for millions...

Anonymous said...

When they began taxing cigs too high I just ordered mine overseas; I'll just do the same with e-cig supplies. The government sucks at everything it does. (ohh.. maybe I'll start a local chapter of the black market)

Anonymous said...

I agree with what everyone is saying it is my right as an American to do as I please I am 52 if I want to vape I will and will get it any where I can. I have vapid for a year and guess what no side effects. Except no more smokers cough.

Anonymous said...

Hello I am a 44 year old woman who smoked cigarettes for 26yrs. I tried quitting by using the patch and had bad side affects, the nicotine gum just didnt satisfy my cravings and after a while got tired of chewing constantly. I tried an e-cig from optima and spent a small fortune on cartridges and the flavor was a tobacco. Ultimately i did not like the feel of the ceramic cartridge on my lips , as it felt like I had chalk in my mouth and I went right back to smoking cigarettes. 6 months ago a friend introduced my to a personal vaporizer that used e-juice. I tried it with various different flavors and have SUCCEEDED in QUITTING CIGARETTES. i HAVE BEEN "VAPING" 6 MONTHS on a Blueberry e juice ,and a melon e juice and have gone from 18mg of nicotine juice down to what I vape now which is a 6 mg nicotine juice. I am fully satisfied and have no desire for a cigarette. I have had no side effects from the e juice, I can wake up in the morning and take a deep breath which I havent been able to do in YEARS! IT would be a travesty for the FDA to restrict or ban use of e-juice or vaporizer for smokers. They approve of the 600 chemicals safe for inhalation such as arsenic,lead, toluene to name a few in cigarettes. IT IS ABSURD NOT TO APPROVE OF THE 4 INGREDIENTS IN E-JUICE! By far this is a healthier alternative to smoking. If it is banned I will do what I have to do to obtain my e juice whether its a black market or underground! I will not be forced back to cigarettes! I do realize Cancer, Big Pharma, Tobacco Companies along with the FDA creates a TRILLION DOLLAR A YEAR BUSINESS already so you should leave the E-JUICE alone and let us live healthier lives and make your money someplace else! DO THE RIGHT THING!

Qua Couron said...

This is yet another in a long line of events that are rapidly making this world so miserable that I can hardly breathe most of the time. It hurts so deeply that we have to live in a world like this, where people who are trying to better themselves & remain or begin to get better by seeking an alternative to something so dangerous, expensive & hazardous to our lives. By NO means will I comply with regulations such as these, as I believe they are completely against my rights not only as a US citizen, but even more-so, a human being. It's ridiculous that this is even a possibility, especially considering the amount of professional observations & opinions, from doctors & scientists. It's as ludicrous as trying to heavily over-regulate/ban something like bubblegum. Even if kids were using them, they aren't smoking! That's the alternative. When are they going to LEARN that flavor has never had ANYTHING to do with kids wanting to smoke. It is about the connotation of "cool" when it comes to smoking. All that this seeks to do is to hurt the HUGE community of us who rely & depend on being able to vape, & who need it. It is simply unjust to force us all into a corner, hurt tons of businesses, basically rob people & force them out of their work, just because big tobacco companies have been complaining too much & are sore losers about the money they no longer steal from us.

Qua Couron said...

I quit smoking over a year ago after the first day I tried an e-cig, & it wasn't even a very good one. I hated cigarettes & couldn't believe I'd been smoking since I was 13. A pack a day until I was 24. I'm just lucky that technology has become so amazing while I'm still young enough to benefit. It changed my life, most importantly, my health & well-being. I have a lot of health problems & I suffer from chronic pain, which were exacerbated by smoking. Most likely, the last year would not have been liveable for me if I hadn't quit, & I am so glad I did. I love everything about vaping, from no longer stinking, feeling horrible, or allowing huge amounts of chemicals (which btw, are fine with the FDA, even ammonia!) into my body to make me sicker, to the fact that I really enjoy buying & trying new stuff. It's almost become a hobby to find what I like & works for me, or flavors I really enjoy. Personally, without flavors, I would likely resort to either getting them illegally, making them on my own, or going back to smoking. I would not by ANY means allow the FDA or anyone else, to dictate what I am allowed to put into my own body, especially when it is something which benefits me, in a ton of different ways. Very importantly, since I'm disabled, I can't work, meaning I can't afford cigarettes, especially a pack a day. I am saving tons of money & I feel good, & this should be enough of a reason; most of us feel that way! I hate the smell of cigarettes now, I can't stand being anywhere near them! Now I have to worry where I vape?! That is exactly like making it illegal for me to eat a lollipop in the same places. Vapor is NOT SMOKE. THEY ARE VERY DIFFERENT! The only reason there's anything to even see is because it's simulating it for the ex-smokers to feel the same way they did when they smoked... & it's not as if it smells bad, or by any means causes harm to anyone at all, but especially not those around you, so there's literally NO reason whatsoever I shouldn't be allowed to vape where I please. It's preposterous, it's offensive, it's sickening, & most of all, it's disheartening, heartbreaking & it chips another huge chunk out of the decency in humanity, of which there is little to none left already. Don't you think the world sucks enough already? Why do you have to make it worse? Because some rich people are upset they are losing money & customers because they are selling them a product which is addictive & kills them? THAT IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE REASON. We have found a solution & the FDA has NO right whatsoever to take the solution away because they feel like it. As someone said in another comment, the FDA SERVES THE PEOPLE, WE DO NOT SERVE THEM!
(that limiit on characters in comments, it's bullsh*t & really sucks.)

Qua Couron said...

That is EXACTLY what they are for. They are made by tobacco companies to make you get a bad opinion about them all-together & think you hate them, so that you'll be more likely to keep buying their poison. It's an evil, but smart tactic, and unfortunately, a lot of stupid people wont be seeing right through it like a lot of us do. I've known so many people who have tried them & it threw them off the entire idea. I can't seem to get them to try something REAL & that works & tastes good....they are brainwashed as well, some of them, into thinking it's actually dangerous.

Qua Couron said...

DAMN STRAIGHT. If this isn't exactly the response that is deserved, I don't know what is. You have every right and more to do this, especially given what you've done for us, but I guess as usual, we're left to watch this country treat veterans terribly & screw the rest of us as well. It's really sad & disgusting.

VapinXsmoker said...

"If you do not feel that you will purchase supplies on the black or shadow market, explain whether you believe that limiting yourself to the types of products that are likely to be approved by the FDA will cause you to consider returning to smoking."

Not a good argument IMHO. Does anyone here for one second believe that the FDA cares if we return to smoking? In this case the FDA cares about the money they are losing from people quitting analogs and not their health. They would be happy to have the thousands of vapers return to analogs.

Anonymous said...

no side effects here either. smoked for 20+ years and im vaping 6mg now woohoo. i make my own juices and add my own nicotine and will continue to do so. i'll start stocking up on all my flavorings and nic now.

Avi I Silverberg said...

I was a cigarette smoker since I was a teenager. I smoked at least a pack a day for 15 years, and was unable to break the habit. I had tried everything that the market had to offer from patches to gum and everything in between. I was never successful at all. I am now 33 years old and have a wife and two children. My wife and step daughter have always been very vocal regarding their concern for my health as my wife is a non smoker. It has at times brought them to tears, because they were afraid of losing me early. My friends and family have always voiced these concerns as well. I have over time started to feel the affects of cigarettes on my health, specifically within the last few years. I know that I was heavily addicted and feared that I would never reach a day where I could say "I quit!".

A little more than three weeks ago I attended a camping trip with friends and some family. My brother in law had been a fan of Vapor use ever since he witnessed one of his good friends give up cigarettes for good using that method. He was very much hoping to introduce me to Vapor in the hopes that it would assist me in the effort to quit smoking cigarettes. I agreed.

As I am tying this to you, I am pleased to say that I am almost able to celebrate my one month anniversary of being cigarette free!

I have never felt better! Vapor has been the help that I have needed and I never thought that I would ever be at this point! Ive already been able to decrease the level of nicotine that I use! My wife and step-daughter are ecstatic and have a renewed life within themselves simply knowing that I do not smoke cigarettes and will have many more years to spend with them! They very much appreciate the fact that I no longer stink up my clothes and therefore the house, they can hug me for the first time without thinking of an ashtray. They love driving in my car again because they no longer have to deal with ash flying around the car and getting on their clothes. We can now spend that 6 dollars that would have gone to a pack each day on our family vacation!

Vapor has brought me and my family so much happiness. Since the first day of use I have never once had the urge to go out and buy a new pack of cigarettes. I've been able to spend more time at work doing actual work because I no longer need to run outside for a cigarette break every hour. I am more productive and my work team stands behind me.

All of this and more has become possible thanks to Vapor. I am happy to know that I will no longer possibly be such a burden on the Healthcare system as I hope to never need treatment due to the damage that cigarettes can cause!

It is so incredibly important to allow Vaporizing to continue in the way that it currently does and to not hand over this power to the companies that caused so much damage in the first place. Vapor in it's current state creates job and small business growth, helping to grow our economy in ways that if left open could be amazing if given the chance! Our Country does so much in an attempt to push for healthier living, it would be a horribly sad step backward should this be taken away from us and handed over to the larger tobacco corporations.

I ask that before you vote- stop, think, use logic, and then discuss, before allowing this very exciting possibility to be taken away. I personally avoid the types of E-Cigarettes that are commercially available and prefer non tobacco like flavors of E-Vapor since they assist in breaking the pattern of flavor that I had become so incredibly addicted to over the years.

Think about families who are getting to renew their lives together knowing that they will be their for each other, living quality life and making memories. Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

I have smoked for 13 years and i am 29. I started when i was 16yrs old. At 25 years old i wanted to stop. I tried everything you could imagine. At the time i would just quit and go back. I got introduced to vaping by a friend at work(totallywicked ego). I tried it for a week and it had helped more then what i thought. That was 4 years ago. I have now got many friends to quit smoking and use vaping as a way out of smoking. I have friends from 20-50 years old that have now used vaping. SOME of these people have quit all together and some use it all the time. The flavors keep you out of the taste of traditional cigs. I agree with the health warnings and the age limit. I have been to shops that keep track of people they even think are sellling to minors. These people are kicked out and asked never to return. We as a vaping community are stong and we will continue to vape to stay away from smoking. These ecigs have changed many peoples lives and many have prolonged there lives by chosing ecigs. I like to think of the ways that cigs have an effect on my body and how much my life and others has improved from ecigs.

IN SHORT, I agree with the warning and the age limit.
Thanks for your time. Keep THE VAPE STRONG!!!

Anonymous said...

I have smoked cigarettes for 7 years and I am 28 years old. I started when I was 20 and I no longer smoke them thanks to electronic cigarettes. I quit using cigarettes on the 7th of February 2014. I had been trying to quit cigarettes for some time by using "Blu" and "Njoy" electronic cigarettes, with no luck. I found they did not provide me with an enjoyable enough experience to stop using cigarettes. Then in February of 2014 I bought a refillable electronic cigarette from a store who also produced many flavors of e-liquid. After that day I have not gone back to using tobacco cigarettes at all. Since I quit, I have been able to breath better and no longer get out of breath doing simple tasks like walking up steps. I have even reduced my nicotine level in the 6 months that I have been using electronic cigarettes to the lowest amount available (6mg/mL). To say the least, high quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquids have helped me become a healthier person, in a world where disease and cancer are widespread.

If "cigalikes" such as "Blu" or "Njoy" become the only available option on the market, it will affect me and my loved ones tremendously. The variety of products on the market today help to keep me away from tobacco cigarettes. Much like rolling tobacco is still an alternative to buying factory made cigarettes, using high quality, refillable products are a great alternative to the "cigalikes" such as "Blu" and "Njoy". I personally choose to use alternative vapor products because I find that they keep me away from tobacco cigarettes, as I focus more on flavor.

The wide variety of flavors on the market make the tobacco harm reduction process an enjoyable one. I understand my responsibility in keeping e-liquids in a safe place, away from children and animals. If nicotine containing e-liquids become unavailable from reputable companies, people such as myself will be forced to make their own liquids. This poses a risk due to the handling and mixing of concentrated nicotine liquid without proper training and producing questionable quality e-liquid. If the problem with high quality e-liquids is possible consumption by children, outlawing it will only increase this problem. Just as pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous in the wrong hands, proper education and storage can solve those problems. Many doctors believe in these products and approve of their use as an alternative to smoking.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Chad S