Saturday, July 26, 2014

STREAMLINED VERSION of Fourth Call to to Action for FDA Proposed Regulations - Submit Comment

Fourth Call to Action for FDA Proposed Regulations
Streamlined Version

NOTE: After reading the instructions below, please go here to submit your comment to the FDA. Comments posted to this blog DO NOT go to the FDA. This is NOT a petition!

CASAA has been producing and posting FDA Alerts and Calls to Action since before the proposed regulations were released. For a full background on this issue, please go here:

However, we realize there are recent adopters of these products who may not have had time to familiarize themselves with the politics and what is at stake.  In an effort to engage you and provide a means to have your voice heard, the following is a simplified version of our 4th FDA Call to Action. (For those who have thought about this before and want to maximize the impact of their comments, we urge you to instead send the more detailed letter described in the 4th FDA Call to Action:

FDA Deeming Regulation in a nutshell:  
  • Unless you use only the cigalikes produced by the largest manufacturers, the products you currently use likely won’t survive this regulatory process.
  • Companies that produce the advanced products do not have enough money to pay for the FDA-created paperwork burdens.
  • These paperwork burdens are not about actual health, safety, or quality control issues and provide absolutely no benefit to consumers.
  • The result will be the elimination of the diverse products that offer smoke-free alternatives to smokers.
  • Many vapers will likely return to smoking or be forced to buy products on the black market.

What the FDA needs to hear from you:
  • The importance of not imposing regulations that would eliminate the legal market for all e-cigarette products other than mass-production cigalikes from a handful of large companies.
  • The difference e-cigarettes have made in your life (for example, substantially reducing or eliminating your smoking habit).
  • Why flavors make e-cigarettes such a successful alternative to smoking.
  • The impact on you if the products you currently use become illegal.

Here are four basic steps to craft and submit your comment to the FDA:

Copy and paste the following into a word document (any of the following formats are acceptable: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, as well as .bmp, .xls, .pdf, .gif, .htm, .html, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .ppt, .sgml, .tiff, .wpd, .xml, .xlsx, .pptx):

From: [your name]
To: FDA Center for Tobacco Products
RE: FDA, Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0189, Regulatory Information Number (RIN) 0910- AG38

Compose your message (5000 characters or less) in the aforementioned word doc.  (If you want to write more than 5000 characters, you can upload your comment as an attachment.)  We suggest you consider including the following (but you can make this as simple as telling your personal story if you wish--this is YOUR comment):

  • Explain to the FDA that you are a consumer, and you are the primary stakeholder in this process.  Regulations are supposed to benefit consumers, but these actually harm you.
  • Your personal story of using e-cigarettes
    • How long / How much did you smoke?
    • Have you quit or significantly reduced your smoking due to e-cigarettes?
    • Have you used FDA-approved quit products? How did that go?
    • What are the benefits you’ve experienced since you started using e-cigarettes?
    • Have you noticed an improvement in your health?
  • If you use flavors, how has that helped you smoke less or stay smoke-free?
  • What you would do if the proposed restrictions were put in place and the products you use would disappear from the marketplace.
  • A closing paragraph (Tell them you’re a member of CASAA.  If not, JOIN and then tell them!)

SAVE your comment. (You’ll need it later).

Submit your comment to the FDA
You can copy & paste your comment into the field provided on the FDA website
and/or upload your word doc file.

- and -

Please send the comment number to:


Anonymous said...

Do not pass these regulations.

Anonymous said...

Do not take away the only effective non tobacco product that works 12 months smoke free

Anonymous said...

Please don't make us go back to cigarettes.

Patsy A Payne said...

The only product that I have found that keeps me from smoking tobacco. Please do not shut down the small vapor stores with you regulation and paperwork. The small business cannot afford what the FDA is trying to do. All you are doing is helping the large tobacco companies. The people that use the vapor is able to quit smoking please keep the small vapor shops open!

Anonymous said...

I smoked for almost 30 yrs I tried Chantix didn't work tried the patch didn't work tried the gum tasted terrible didn't work tried a e cigs guess what it WORKED I am a now 100% tobacco free after one draw off of an ecig I knew this would work for me I truly enjoy the different flavors of eliquid so much that I do not use any tobacco or menthol flavors please keep in mind that I am a consumer and the proposed restrictions would cause me to start smoking again after somtime I have noticed being able to be more physically active

David Holmes said...

If I end up smoking again, I'll have "MURDERED BY FDA" carved on my tombstone. 4 yrs smoke free after 40 year habit. WTF? At 60 yrs old I can't make my own choice?

Anonymous said...

Please!!! I've been smoke free for 3 years! The sad part is they want us to go back to smoking the nasty sticks so they can make big bucks off us. It always come down to the $$$ sadly...

Anonymous said...

I smoked for 22 years and the e CIG is the only thing that effectively helped me stop smoking. I can taste correctly again and smell again. The flavors are much more enjoyable than the ciggeretts and smell better to. Now I know why everyone was always gripping about me smoking. Please do not take the e cigs or the flavors from us.

Anonymous said...

The FDA is gaining a bad reputation. The FDA recently approved 43 tobacco products ALREADY knowing how deadly tobacco products are. The FDA ALREADY knows how deadly Chantix sometimes can be. The FDA ALREADY knows the absymal failure rate of NRTs which can be gotten in various fruity flavors. Yet the FDA approves all these products and has not pulled the dangerous ones. I am now telling all family and friends that the FDA works for the tobacco and pharmaceutical companies and the reasons why. I am a 70 year old 53 year smoker who quit unintentionally immediately upon my first vape on an iTaste MVP. It's been a year now off tobacco and experiencing unbelieveable improvements to health. My only power is voting which I do consistantly and teaching those I come in contact with all about the politics of the FDA.

Anonymous said...

Smoking vs. Vaping, I am smoke free now. I had smoked for forty years, I had tried everything to help me cut back or quit. Nothing worked, walked into the Vapor hut April 30th, 2014. I was skeptical considering I had tried other ways to try and quit and nothing worked. April 30th, was when I quit smoking, thanks to the new thing that come out called vaping. I had a terrible smokers cough after smoking 40 yrs., I now have no cough at all and I feel healthy and so much better. Vaping will save a lot of lives in the future. There should not even be a question concerning something that has helped a lot of people from their terrible cigarette habit. FDA DO THE RIGHT THING AND KEEP VAPING AWARENESS, IT WILL SAVE MILLION OF LIVES TO COME IN THE FUTURE. HOW CAN SOMETHING LIKE THIS EVEN BE A TOPIC OF CONCERN. VAPING HAS NO TAR, TOBACCO, OR THE 600 CHEMICALS A CIGARETTE HAS. WEIGH THE PROS AND CONS, VAPING WILL SAVE ALOT OF LIVES FOR SURE.

Anonymous said...

The E cig and vaping has been the only effective methods for millions of "tobacco dependent" nicotine addicted individuals for Quitting. What is the true issue? That the FDA is unhappy that people are actually dropping cigarettes that have been poisoning them! Its all about the money Shame on you FDA for even considering stopping the sales of E-cigs that are saving lives. People best get wise and buy these products in large amounts, since first we cant afford cigarettes, then we cant afford cessation products, then we cannot afford medical treatment for illnesses supposedly due to smoking (feeds into the cancer, research, pharma, insurance, health declines) and then they want to take away ECIGS TOO? WTF AMERICA WAKE UP

Anonymous said...

2 days and 3 pages later my streamlined version morphed into a full blown response rather than a brief rant. Thank you CASAA for all you've done.

Gabe Bennett said...

Don't pass

bbojorquez said...

Don't pass

Tracy Listinger said...

Its not broken. Don't fix it, my husband and I smoked for 30 years, vaping is the only reason we quit. It is our right as free red blooded Americans to be able to do what we want without gov. Interference, please don't pass

Anonymous said...

I told everyone in 2009 that the mods, garage chemist and all of what this industry has become will lead to the death of this industry and the benefits to vapers across the globe will vanish.

All of you created a regulatory nightmare and now all of us have to deal with the repercussions of the the actions of the less than intelligent. I warned all of you years ago that this would not end well when any Joe could make and mix e liquids outside of government regulations.

It's going to pass, big tobacco is in it full force now with the acquisition of Blu, Green Smoke and other smaller companies like V2 cigs and Njoy will remain, all of the rest are going bye, bye.

When are you people going to learn that you can't beat a fascist Government?

There will be no more than 6 to 8 e liquid suppliers, flavors are going away and anyone who want's in or to stay in the business will be controlled by the few that control the e liquid.

There will be no flavors other than tobacco, Customs will stop most "black market" and they will eventually impose fines so steep that you will not risk the black market.

All of these things have already been decided behind closed doors and there is nothing you can do about it. It's all showboating from here on out.

SS Choice holds the patents on the "Tank' system and he is not selling. He has already had substantial offers for the patent and refused them. At this time I can not tell you why, but there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes that none of you are aware of.

The casaa has no clue as of reality and is nothing more than an organization of deluded wanna be politicians. They really think they can make a difference.

Call me a fool "again" all you want, but watch and see in 2 years that I am 100% correct and you are wanting and lacking.

Even as a collective, the vaping community can not garner the resources needed to out-lobby Big Pharma and Big Tobacco. Lobbying and letters will do absolutely NOTHING!

Checkmate, the vapers lose because you really thought you could beat them in the political spectrum by being "politically correct".

I personally blame the E Cig forum for this in all of their infinite wisdom (Not).

There is a way to beat them, but you people are too indoctrinated to do what's needed, so I will not waste my time telling any of you.

You will not even look at facts, so why should I help?

travis williams said...

government has proved they ruin everything they touch so why get involved in a healthy alternative to smoking?

Anonymous said...

FDA works for the tabaco industry and obviously supports killing the consumer other wise why would they be doing this.

Anonymous said...

Government want to control everyone

Anonymous said...

you just gotta get your piece of the pie.... horrible ....can you put the effort your focusing on taxing ecigs that have personally helped myself and 10s of thousands of others and focus that effort toward the welfare of our nations vets and moral of your citizens!!! WE THE PEOPLE remember what our nation was based on....not WE the government!!! WE make OUR nation not the other way around!!!

Anonymous said...

I started smoking when I was roughly 15 years old. At that point in time smoking was cool, and there wasn't enough information about the health risks.
In my mid twenties smoking became more of a health risk. Smoking causes this. Smoking causes that... Ect. I attempted to quit a number of ways. I tried the patch, I tried the gum, I tried those cigarettes that were more or less rolled paper, I even tried over the counter meds.... Nothing worked. I have been smoke free for almost a year thanks to my vaporizer. It has changed my life... I can breath, smell, and taste. It would be wrong to not allow others to use this method to quit. It's the easiest, simplest way to quit in my opinion.

Corey Godwin said...

I've been vaping for six months I have been cigarette free after four years of smoking. Vaping is the only alternative to smoking that actually helps. If it gets banned lots of ecig users will go back to cigarettes. My mom even vapes after she was an avid smoker for 20 years. It really does work for all ages. I'm on to fruity flavors supporting local us vendors of tasty ejuice that make you salivate when you taste them. Not to mention I am down to zero nicotine in my juice.

Anonymous said...

well, well well, thanks for not wasting our time with your facts to help vapors save their lives by not giving into smoking. Let the millions of lives lost due to behind closed doors decisions ride on them shoulders.

Brian said...

Why should e-juice and or the mods that goes with them be regulated? These devices and all that accompanies them are more that just a fad, but they are a safer, cleaner way for humans to live their daily life and stimulate their nicotine receptors without being tempted by the harmful cancerous cigarettes that still plague our planet.

Amber Tucker said...

Do not pass this...Stop thinking with your wallets!
I have been Smoke-free for 3 years, where big pharmaceuticals have failed....Thanks to the use of electronic cigarettes.

Amber Tucker said...

I have been a smoker for almost 17 years. I had tried various methods to no avail...most of which were regulated by the FDA.
Gums made me violently sick to my stomach and caused problem in my mouth - Patches left raw spots on my flesh, regardless of placement on my body and rashes from where the actual nicotine was - the pills gave me migraines and ulcers and left me very dizzy and unable to sleep.
I decided to find another method and chose electronic cigarettes. Not only have I completely quit smoking, but my heath have improve 3 fold. As a smoker, I was plagued with chronic pneumonia but chronic bronchitis . Since I started vaping, I've had bronchitis ONCE (the same year I quit) and haven't had it since. I am able to breath better, not short on breathe and I generally feel better both inside and out. My teeth are no longer stained and food tastes so much better.
Stop thinking with your wallets and stop trying to pass this law...Isn't it bad enough you deemed of our nations First Cash Crop, Illegal? Start Listening to what people have to say and get you collective heads out of your asses.

Lance Strever said...

From: Lance Strever
To: FDA Center for Tobacco Products
RE: FDA, Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0189, Regulatory Information Number (RIN) 0910- AG38

My Name is Lance Strever, I live in Laurel Montana , and I am 33 years old. I have a son (age 5) that I raise on my own. I wish to retain my right to live a free and profitable life with my liberty and justice intact. I smoked my first cigarette when I was 7 years old and by the age of 13 was considered to be a smoker of a pack a week. I started using smokeless tobacco off and on from while smoking from age 14 till about the age of 19, then was addicted to both cigarettes and chewing tobacco by then. I continued on my path of destruction , smoking a pack a day and chewing a can every 2 days for the next 7 years of my life. This was an average of about $70 a week for 7 years, so not only was I spending all my money I could have been saving , I was sacrificing my health and well being for an addiction to a cancer causing agent. Paying to die a painful slow death. That is unacceptable to allow yourself or someone else to do.
By the age of 26 I finally had stopped smoking cigarettes and only used smokeless tobacco at the rate of one can per day. For 6 years I continued to chew day in and day out, dealing with sore gums , horrible breath, and dingy yellow and brown teeth. It came to the point where I was putting in a dip after I brushed my teeth before bed. Then falling asleep with it in my lip, waking up in the morning , brushing my teeth and putting another in. I was out of control and didn't know what to do. Over the years I had tried quitting hundreds of times but always falling back into tobacco. All the gimmicks, gums, patches, and hypnosis were not helping at all. I came to realize that it wasn't only the tobacco addiction but the act of using it , a habit, an oral fixation . 90% mental 10% physical . But I still couldn't make it past that point to quit.
One day I was at a friends house and he was using a vapor pen and told me all about how it worked and that it had thousands of different flavors , several different nicotine levels ranging from 0 nicotine to 24mg nicotine . There was all sorts of different styles and sizes of vaporizers and e-cigarettes on the market , and it was helping him reduce the amount of tobacco he was using by 2/3 or more. I thought since I was using smokeless tobacco that it would not work for me and only was for smokers, but kept it in the back of my mind what he had said. Over the next few months I was working a new job. It was winter time and the hours were brutal, 14 hours a night , Removing snow from the city . Basically driving a dump truck for 14 Hours straight, 7 days a week , rarely seeing the light of day on the way to and from work . Stress levels were high and it was hard to stay awake sometimes . I slipped back into using cigarettes while chewing once again. A downward spiral of never ending self destruction. This lasted until Christmas of 2013. I finally decided that I needed to look into a serious way of reducing my tobacco use . I ended up buying a vaporizer pen that used E-liquid on January 1st 2014. I purchased several flavors like Banana, cherry limeade, cotton candy, peanut butter, caramel, and bubble gum. Throughout the next 10 days of work, I made it a point to use the newfound device whenever I was at work and felt the need to use tobacco. Which turned out was pretty much all the time. After the 6th day I made the decision to throw away my tobacco and go for the gold. I was doing very well , my cravings for tobacco were fading and I noticed that the tobacco was tasting more disgusting every time I used them. I had a powerful and very tasty alternative to tobacco now and I was liking the fact that it tasted delicious.
( continued on next page)

Lance Strever said...

January 11th 2014 came and I finally could be proud in the fact that I was TOBACCO FREE !!! I had not used in 4 days and was completely reliant on Vaping . Now don't get me wrong, I still felt the urge to chew every day but I didn't and the cravings were curbed by the use of the various flavors of E-liquid available to me at a reasonable price. I was using a 24 mg liquid that helped very much and the fact that I could buy a 10 day supply of E-liquid for $6 was very encouraging.
Shortly thereafter I decided I wanted to try a different , more powerful device with a bigger tank to hold more liquid . That way I could just fill one container and go to work without carrying more liquid with me. It was more convenient for me and allowed me to lower my nicotine level from 24mg to 18 mg. I had to option to set the power of the vaporizer to a level that produced enough vapor to curb the cravings for good. I was soo impressed and proud of myself that I started a video channel on so I could tell the world about how I quit tobacco and to encourage others to try it . My thoughts were, if I can help at least one person become tobacco free , then my goal was complete. I started diving deeper into the e-cig and vaporizer scene and found out that there was tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people that have used vaping as a way to reduce their tobacco use or quit all together . I found that there was thousands of small vendors online as well as brick and mortar stores that supplied an array of flavors and devices for vaping. The possibilities seemed endless! Every flavor you can possibly think of , available to you , which in the long run has been my main reason for successfully quitting tobacco. I can buy an array of flavors for just a few dollars and they last longer than a pack of smokes as well as tasting infinitely better. Without the endless selections of flavors , I feel that I would not have been able to successfully quit tobacco. The plethora of devices available to me in all different shaped, sizes , designs , and prices keeps the community of Vapors intrigued and wanting to personalize their vaping experience to a level not available in the tobacco world. Let alone if the only options for WE THE PEOPLE were the cigalikes that are being produced by the Big Tobacco Corps. They are a disgrace to the vaping community and furthermore taste like garbage. If we wanted to taste a cigarette flavor then we would still buy cigarettes. WE THE PEOPLE demand satisfaction, the freedom to choose and the right to pursue a life of happiness and choices that would be unavailable to us with the current restrictions and laws that you and our government are trying to impose on us. If vaping as we know it ceased to exist in out legal society, I would feel it necessary to turn to a "black market " source for my vaping needs, which in the long run could be detrimental to everything we hold dear to us. This is just the beginning of my thoughts and how I feel about the upcoming regulations that are believed to be coming from The FDA and the government in the near future and I hope that WE THE PEOPLES voice will be heard and not drowned out by bureaucratic chicanery and companies with deep pockets. Thank you for your time, sincerely Lance Strever

Anonymous said...

I think banding e ciggs is a bad idea 1.) Becuz the people that have gave up cigarettes and do not want to go back to smoking cigarettes the enjoy vapeing more then smoking a nasty cigarette 2.) I was a cigarette smoker about a year ago and I always always telling my self I'm gonna quit but it never happen and I thought that I was never going to quit but then I got introduce to eciggs and my life changed I started feeling healthy and not having the flem in my throat not wheezing or having a smoker cough or smelling like a cigarette my girlfriend my mom my dad my sister my grandma my cuzzins would hate to smell it on me and now they don't smell it or have to watch me killing my self I honestly LOVE vapeing and if u do band it I still won't stop I'll take the tickets and I will make my own vape juice if I have to vapeing has be came a better life style for every one and there mama my health is better then it was when I was smoking cigarettes and now when I smell a cigg I wanna throw up the smell of it is so nasty and I hate being around people smoking cigarettes I tell them to put it put and hit my mod and iv got 5 of my best friends vapeing and off cigarettes if that dosent show you how it help u then your guys research is a bunch of bull shit I here so many stories about people quiting cigarettes and switching to vape but not one has told me they don't like vape not 1 has told me they don't like the smell of what every favor I'm vapeing and 3.) Iv been 1 year today off ciggs and I love it I can vape in my house in my girls house in the car no one has a problem with it cuz it dosent stink so yeah I can run longer when I'm working out and I can keep up more with people now I don't feel sick after vapeing like I would when I smoked a cigg so I hope my voice helps f the FDA this haven't done there research right there probably getting an animals high off this shit and killing them I same LET US VAPE LET US VAPE LET IS VAPE MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND SMOKE YOUR nasty ass tobacco and fuck off

Anonymous said...

How long / How much did you smoke?
A pack ever 2 days 600 cigarettes a month so there how much I smoked a month vapeing I go thru a 15ml bottle in about a month so I don't vape alot

Have you quit or significantly reduced your smoking due to e-cigarettes? Yes a lot a 15ml bottle lasts me a month at least

Have you used FDA-approved quit products? How did that go? Yes didn't work used the gun didn't work used the patches didn't work

What are the benefits you’ve experienced since you started using e-cigarettes?
I can breathe longer when I work out I can run longer I can kiss my girlfriend with out her telling me I stink and I don't have a smokers cough any more I don't smell like nasty ass cigarettes any more my mom my dad my sister my grandma my best friend vape also now and they love it more to now we all enjoy it way better then cigarettes now the house dose smell any more car dosent smell any more iv been 1 year off cigarettes now and I feel way better so there a good ass resin why you asses shouldn't band eciggs

Have you noticed an improvement in your health?
Yes alot more then just notice I feel better about my self now I run longer work out longer i don't have the wheezing any more I can vape in the car and house and out side just about any where but at a mall or store u kniw but I feel so much heathlyer now so please don't band it please LET US VAPE LET US VAPE LET US VAPE

Chet Vanderlinden said...

2 years smoke and smokeless free due to e cigs please leave everything the way they are thank you

Anonymous said...

I have been a smoker since I was 15. I was up to 3 packs a day when I switched to vaping in October of 2012. Since then, I have not smoked a single cigarette. Vaping works. Please, do not interfere with the one thing that has proven effective. With all the ads on TV about ripping out teeth and peeling the skin off of faces, why in heaven's name would you want to impede something that works?

Anonymous said...

I believe this is a mistake. I read in an article the tank system controls the level of nicotine, the patent states it's the level of e juice. You can't change the nicotine level with a tank..If there is no nicotine in there it will still be ZERO...

Anonymous said...

Don't ban e cigs. They work for so many people. There are many mistakes & misunderstanding with all of the data. Get all of the facts before acting.

reddhot said...

please stop banning the only thing that is really helping to keep us off cigs!!
seems like we are the only ones that care about our health!!
whats wrong with these people!

Anonymous said...

please stop banning what we know that has helped us to stay away from smoking!
get the facts!

Anonymous said...

So many people are healthier and happier with not take away their freedom to be healthier.

Anonymous said...

Such big words coming from someone hiding behind Anonymous! What exactly is the purpose of your rant ? Does saying all this make you proud? Does it make you feel oh so superior ? Well I hate to tell you, your self righteous BS makes you no better than the ones behind those closed doors deciding our future for us.To sit and say you have ALL the answers to win this but refuse to tell anyone ha ha ha you know nothing, because if you did your rant shows you would be spewing it all over the page ! All you have done is give YOUR opinion nothing more, nothing less, and just because YOU believe something is true, that does NOT make it Fact! That is my opinion !

Anonymous said...

ive met 20 people who have stopped smoking because of vaping and they will now live 5-10 years longer please do not make people go back to smoking cigarettes i understand the government has taken a big hit but it is safer

jeannie said...

I started smoking when i was 11 and I am 20 and I no longer smoke because of vaping

Do not pass this

I love vaping

Leave us alone

Anonymous said...

I have smoked since I was 23, and I'm now 36. I started vaping about 2 months ago. I think I may have smoked a total of 5 cigs since I started. I used to smoke almost a pack a day. My boyfriend started vaping at the same time, and he has smoked since he was 15. He was up to almost two packs a day, but hasn't even had one cig since he started vaping. We both love the different flavors offered and variety. Neither of us vape on tobacco flavors or menthol flavors. Please don't take away the only thing which has worked for us.

Anonymous said...

Please don't make us go back to cigarettes. We don't want to resort to your big business cancerous ways. Let us be free to make a healthier choice. If you really want to "help" the public, ban cigarettes. But of course NOOOOOO, because thats wayyyyy too much money big business will lose out on. Please make one decision that helps us, not YOU.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Gave up trying to find how to snd a comment, so I'm riding in on yours. Stay out of our business. Smoked two packs a day until I started on vapes. No cigs since then. FDA certainly has better things to do beside trying to pump up business for the cig industry. Money sure talks doesn't it? ncr

Anonymous said...

I have smoked since I was 16, I'm now 45. I smoked a pack a day for 29 years and could feel it. Since I started vaping 4 years ago I have not had a cigarette and feel 100% better. No more coughing and most importantly, no more breathing problems. I can once again breath, smell and taste. Most importantly I feel if ecigs were made illegal there is a good chance I would go back to smoking. Please make the decision that is best for America.

Anonymous said...

I had been a smoker for over 50 years. I tried it all to quit patches, gum, Chantix and cold turkey. Nothing worked until I found E-cigs. I have not smoked a cigarette in almost 4 years. I feel like a new person. I can breathe better and have the stamina of someone 20 years younger than me. Please I implore you to not take away our Vape shops they are a small business and help so many people. I am a registered voter and will not vote for any candidate that has voted to take this away from us. We are adults and have chosen a healthier way to quit smoking, please stand with us and not with the big tobacco companies!

Anonymous said...

From: Scott Summers
To: FDA Center for Tobacco Products
RE: FDA, Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0189, Regulatory Information Number (RIN) 0910- AG38

Hello. I was a cigarette smoker for 20 years...about a pack a day. About a two years ago I tried electronic cigarettes. I have never looked back. After many unsuccessful attempts at quitting, vaping was the only thing that has kept me cigarette free. The different flavor choices play an important role in my quitting. I know if any regulations are put into effect and I don't have the freedom to choose what I vape and how I vape, I will go back to smoking cigarettes. I am a Type 1 diabetic as well. So far I've only experienced a few complications from the disease, largley due to my cigarette smoking past. Since I started vaping my circulation has vastly improved, as well as my lung function and eyesight. The numbness in my right foot has actually gone away since I started vaping and my blood pressure has gone down as well. I don't want to die a smoker knowing that I could have lived a lot longer if my solution to quitting (vaping) was taken from me. I have 4 beautiful kids that need me (2, 4, 9 and 12). Please don't take away the one thing that can make me live a longer life! I am a member of CASAA and urge you not to regulate the only thing that has worked to keep me from tobacco and all of it's poison that exists in every cigarette.


Scott Summers

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope you will continue to allow vaping as an alternative to smoking nicotine + other chemicals cigarettes! I, like many others posted here, smoked and tried quitting several times. the only method that totally has worked for me is the ecig. I now still vape, but with no nicotine; it is just something for me to do with my hands. Most of the time, I am just holding it. I also know of several other longtime smokers who have totally quit smoking because of the help provided by ecigs. Leave ecigs alone; they're helping, not hindering the populace!

Anonymous said...

Jeeezzz men, who peed on your Corn Flakes this morning? As a matter of fact you could not be more wrong. It is the entrepreneurial attitude in the US what made it a great nation admired by many. The problem is that people are missing the forest for the trees. E cigs DO NOT HAVE TO BE REGULATED, what has to be regulated is the LIQUID, in which case I am in favor of regulation.
For example, cars are not regulated by the government, but they are held accountable to the damage they produce by being regulated on emissions. Same with E cigs, if an E cig blows in your hand, sue the bastard that made it. In the same way people sue GM and others when they sell cars with faulty breaks or exploding gas tanks.

As to the FDA, the argument is very simple and one we should all post. Ask them to answer you this:

Does it make sense to regulate an industry which is not clear causes harm to the user and which by anecdotal references in all cases is beneficial in favor of an industry which we KNOW kills the person who uses it?

Only the government would use this kind of logic!

Anonymous said...

I am 73 years old and have been smoking cigarettes since I was 14 years old. Yes, 59 years of smoking. At least 1 pack a day. 6 months ago I went into the tobacco store to get my carton of cigarettes. There were two young men in there, customers. They just started talking to me about vaping ( and of course showing off there vapes) They were being real polite to me. The owner came out from the back with my carton. He said he would show me how it works and I was off work to I thought "what the hell'. I tried a couple of flavors and decided on one. I think I put out about $50 and was paying for my new toys and the owner asked me "what about your cigarettes?" I looked at him and said that I was "walking out in faith" I have not had a cigarette since. I started with #18 nicotine, two weeks. Went down to 14, one week. 12 one week. I have been vaping 0 (zero) nicotine since. Absolutely no desire for a cigarette. I am not fooling myself that I can reverse any damage I have done to myself in 59 years of smoking. But, I do not smell like a cigarette. I have patched, chewed and swallowed pills and none worked. So I consider my vape the missing link. I have upgraded and am styling. I can puff in my car. I can even puff in front of my cats and they don't even budge. Thank you for your consideration.

The Ecig Advisor said...

E-cigs and "mods", both mechanical and regulated, are safe for the consumer.

E-liquids or e-juice should be regulated in a specific way... meaning child safety caps/drip tips just like they require for eye drops.

Sweet flavors are a fantastic way for a cigarette smoker to curb not just the tobacco consumption filled with poisons like ammonia, but assists in the "eating" and weight gain associated with quitting smoking. For a senator to claim that they would "never" try a baked good or fruit flavored juice is absurd because they have never had to experience quitting smoking and the cravings that are a side effect of the experience.

Numerous respectable organizations have published findings showing that "vaping" is as successful as using the patch.

Eliquid makers are becoming more aware of certain chemicals found in flavoring to be counterproductive and are actively eliminating them from the juices they sell to the public. This is without the force of any government organization. Clearly the industry has been able to self police itself.

The devices used to consume nicotine juices are safe. Whether they be what's called a "mechanical mod" for more advanced users (including rebuildable tanks that require the coils and wicks be produced by the consumer) are covered by hundreds of tutorial videos on YouTube and websites as well as massively populated forums free for any member of the public to view without a membership or subscription.

Furthermore, regulated devices "delivery systems with chips and safety measures installed" are becoming more popular. Regardless of the influx of devices coming from China, the community as a whole is calling out those devices which have issues and those which operate perfectly, further demonstrating that the people, the consumer is able to make educated choices which in turn effect the manufacturers without the need for government influence.

I strongly urge you to reconsider any oversight over this industry. If the FDA finds in favor of regulating the e-cigarette/vaping industry it will be obligated to force all Cigarette/Tobacco companies to immediately eliminate ammonia, pesticides, vinyl chloride, TSNAs, arsenic, cadmium, hydrogen cyanide and much more before you start worrying about e liquids and delivery systems.

It would be hypocritical of our government to act swiftly because of a new industry that is only gaining notoriety because it is hurting Big Tobacco without addressing that industry first.

I will testify in front of ANY committee before the House or Senate or any hearings by the FDA to discuss this matter.

Nicholas Romano

Skullz Money said...

ecigs have helped me to breathe better and have a better quality of life.i can now play with my kids and not be out of breath.this is a keeper

Jami said...

To: FDA Center for Tobacco Products
RE: FDA, Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0189, Regulatory Information Number (RIN) 0910- AG38


My name is Jami I am 36 and I have been a smoker for 20 yrs except for the last 2 years when I tried an e-cig. I have 6 children (17, 16, 15, 9, 8 & 16 months) and have always struggled with stress and my way to relive that was to smoke. While I knew it wasn't good for me I struggled daily to put my pack a day cigarette addiction down for my children with no luck. I tried all the "approved" stop smoking methods and nothing worked for me. I have been smoke free now for 2 years with the help of my e-cig and my health has improved daily, I am now able to go to the park and play with my children and enjoy my life without the cloud of smoke hanging over me. I could never stand the taste or smell of cigarettes so I vape fruity flavors and have even lost weight due to not craving sweets. My health has improved tremendously, I no longer need to stop to catch my breath, I no longer wake up with a smokers hacking cough. My weight has gone down, my oxygen levels are improving daily, my skin, hair, nail all look better.

While I totally agree to not selling to minors, I don't agree with banning e-cigs or fruity flavors, adults love sweets also and the ability to quit smoking has changed my life. I also don't agree that e-cigs are used just like cigs and people just use both, I am down to a 6 nic and sometimes am able to vape a 0 nic. I look forward to the day when I will be nicotine free and cant wait, however to me nicotine is no different than sitting down and have a cup of coffee or a can of soda? But it is still something I strive for, please consider closely the amount of people who have quit smoking and how their lives have changed for the better and what will happen if you put these regulations into place.

Thank you,

Jami Young
Proud Mom who would rather Vape!

Chas Youngs said...

I feel better my blood pressure is down and food taste better now.
My kids dont complain anymore.
Stop just stop your BS you got nothing thats why your finding a way to destroy Ecigs.
Let people live a healthier life!!

Do not inflict your will.....Do not pass the bill.!

Anonymous said...

Please don't pass. I need e-cigs. Don't want to smoke analogs anymore.

Adam Tucker said...

21 years smoking. 20 days vaping. Big mistake and tragedy to the nation's health taking away vaping.

Kevin Puckett said...


Mary said...

Please don't pass this! I'm a 66 year old grandmother who smoked for over 40 years. Since buying my first e-cig I haven't had a cigarette in almost 3 years. e-cigs are not hurting me or anybody else. Why would you want to penalize people who have finally found a way to quit smoking? Please don't pass!!!!

Justin Merritt said...

Please do not pass the law... I have been smoke free for a long time with my vaporizers with no problems not even a craving for a cigarette. ... with or without smoking around me....

Anonymous said...

Dear FDA,

I am proud to say I am a consumer or electronic cigarettes and eliquid since Jan. 2014. I am very distressed that the FDA is considering eliminating my freedom of choice in using, buying electronic cigarettes and eliquid. Regulations are supposed to benefit consumers, but these proposed changes will actually harm me. I have been smoking for 42 years. I have tried off and on for many years to stop smoking using the patch, chantix and acupuncture but they did not work for me. Electronic cigarettes provided the necessary hand mouth action that helped me become a successful non smoker and give up my nasty pack a day habit for the last 42 years. It works.

It's not easy for a smoker to make this transition. At first I had problems with the cartomizers that hold the e liquid and the regulated vaporizing devices. I had to purchase several different set ups until I found the right one for me. If I wasn't able to go to a local vapor shop and get help I would never of become an x-smoker. I was fortunate to have a local store near me to help me with my devices because when they were not functioning my addiction forced me to go back to the local drug store for more cigarettes. Thank god I found the taste or real cigarettes offensive after using flavored ejuice. Flavored ejuice is important in helping me to stop smoking and instead I depend on my new flavored ejuice to keep me off cigarettes. I'm still not over the habit of smoking but the flavored ejuice has helped me cut my nicotine intake down without undue pain.

I am a grandmother of 6 grandchildren and I understand your not wanting children to use electronic cigarettes but removing e-cigarettes from the market will not stop a child who is so inclined to smoke. Currently there are children who smoking real cigarettes, there are children who use and sell illegal drugs. All of these things are harmful to our society but they continue even with laws in place. What a child does and doesn't do rests on the parents not laws. I believe in laws and I have always followed the law. I'd hate to start breaking the law at my old age. I rather the FDA spend their time and money making sure ejuice is safe and vaporizing devices are safe and advertized and labeled accurately rather than removing them from the market. And I really wish the FDA would force the pharmaceutical industry to label medication with allergen information too. Now that would make my life a whole lot better since I would no longer have to call pharmaceutical companies myself.
I feel so much better since I quit smoking and my family is so proud of me. Please do not pass this law and prevent me from choosing electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes. Lets this country give more smokers like myself a chance to get off cigarette. Why are we not banning real cigarettes? Why are we trying to regulate a solution to the problem of big tobacco. Flavors are everywhere. We the people deserve to have a choices. Flavored ejuice helped me lower my nicotine intake and I look forward to not needing nicotine at all very soon.

I'm not much of a joiner but I did become a member of CASAA because this proposed law is outrageous to me. I'm not just a vaping consumer I'm a very educated vaping consumer and the medical research does not support the FDA's involvement to this extent. With the American economy needing additional businesses to prosper lets control the safety of these ecigarettes and ejuices without putting the small businesses out of business with exorbitant fees.

Anonymous said...

Vaping has saved so many lives. And it's way more affordable. Do not pass this non sense! The vaping community means we'll and they have brought many jobs to our county. Win win wish the man would keep their nose out of something that's not hurting anyone

Anonymous said...!documentDetail;D=FDA-2014-N-0189-20870

It is NOT hard to do this and tell your story. Please. There are barely 74,000 submissions. If you want to continue to have the convenience and accessability to vaping. Please take a little time to do this. It can save so much and so many!

Anonymous said...

From: George Trella
To: FDA Center for Tobacco Products
RE: FDA, Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0189, Regulatory Information Number (RIN) 0910- AG38

Yiannis said...

DO NOT pass the law. Blood will be in your hands if that law will pass. Electronic cigarette saved many many lives,saved mine.

Anonymous said...

Call me clueless what's the category you put?

L. Oliver said...

You'll need to read and follow the instructions above, outlined by CASAA, for your comments to reach the appropriate audience.

Jeannah Haber said...

I put individual consumer as the category

James N said...


Raymond Pesante said...

After a long 21 years of smoking, smelling and being short winded, Thanks to e-cigs I'm going on 2 years smoke free; after numerous attempts using nicotine patches and gum. This has been a life changing alternative for me, my wife, both brothers, my mom and a countless # of friends and colleagues. My mom has been a smoker for over 40 years and this is the only thing that has helped her quit. Please consider what vaping has done for so many that you will and will not hear from.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Please remember to use this website to write to your state and Congress. Thank you CASAA for making this available and allowing our voices to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Please don't band us or any of the Vapping industry hi my name is johnnyvape619 aka Johnny R I smoked cigarette for 11 years it was time to quit people around me dying and I didn't want to be one of them so I stoped today I'm 9 months 6 days smoke free all because of the Vapping industry has helped me fight my habbit I've helped others to quit smoking and they also Vapping as well I vape on flavors with no nicotine and I want to thank all the Vapping industry's for becoming who I am today so please don't band us thanks

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do not band this wonderful thing. I know so many people who have stopped smoking those chemical cigarettes. Vaping has help so many of my families quit smoking and are living a healther life style.

Anonymous said...

I smoked a pack a day for 16 years. I now haven't smoked a cigarette in 7 months least. I didn't record the day I quit might be 9 months. Others should be able to have a means to quit easily available that works. I have tried everything else in the past to quit smoking. Do not destroy an industry that is helping me and the community.

Anonymous said...

Please do not band vaping or requlate it, water gaping has saved my life.. I can now enjoy smoking in doors and around my friends and family with out that nastly cigarette smell, why would you ban this product and for people to smoke nasty cigarettes its been a year since I've had a cigarette and I don't want to go back down that road, please hear what the people want vaping is the best thing to happen to the smoking world is the future of smoking and will be the best thing for the environment

Anonymous said...

I started smoking when I was 16 and tried quitting every year since. I am now 23 and I quit smoking with the use of my MOD . When I can't use my mod I smoke cigarettes to get my nicotine. Fact is I CAN'T quit nicotine I need it. And I would much rather prefer the safe alternative!

mark said...

From: Mark
To: FDA Center for Tobacco Products
RE: FDA, Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0189, Regulatory Information Number (RIN) 0910- AG38

I accidentally stopped smoking cigarettes 6 weeks ago. It was not my intention to stop but to reduce how much I smoked. I had been smoking heavily for many years and had stained teeth, fingers and a smoker's cough to prove it.
Following a visit from a friend with a selection of juices and Vaporisers, I ordered my first Mod and Atomiser and haven't smoked a cigarette since.
Since I stopped I no longer have a smoker's cough and have significantly less breathlessness on exertion. My house no longer stinks of cigarettes and my sense of smell must be returning because I can now smell stale cigarette smoke on people who smoke cigarettes. I enjoy the vast array of different E- liquid and mostly buy liquid from the USA or UK. I have enjoyed educating myself about E-Cigarette devices, liquids and safety and now belong to a few vaping forums. It has been my experience that the Vaping community are an educated and responsible group of people and that market forces have inevitably lead to the evolution of the industry. In the united states you are at the vanguard of this evolution and it is my belief that the imposition of regulation by the FDA will stifle the improvement of this technology and drive many back to smoking. We need competition and innovation and this is exactly what is happening now. Please don't make the mistake of allowing a few big companies to try and monopolise this market because no good will come from it. The decisions that you make in the United States are likely influence the future of Vaping in Europe and the rest of the world. I feel fantastic since I stopped smoking. Please leave the market to regulate itself.
I am a member of CASSA.

Anonymous said...

If the regulations pass, I am going to be disappointed on how close minded the world has become. To have one of the only actual good alternatives to smoking tobacco cigarettes be taken down would cause all us who vape or use e-cig users to go back to cigarettes, which defeats the whole purpose to why this whole e-cig, vaping situation has blown up, which is to find a healthier alternative to smoking cigs. I have stopped smoking cigarettes for more than a year now, and I have not gotten the urge to smoke a single one. Coming from a guy who used to smoke like a train, smoking at least 2 packs a day back in the day and becoming a vaper who started off vaping from 18mg of nicotine to 0mg in less than a year. Vaping actually helps, and people are blind to the fact that this is probably the most successful way to quit smoking cigarettes. They don't see the benefits, they don't see the difference or the reasons why vape shops have tried so hard to stay open and supply people the ways to stop smoking cigarettes. There are just so many close-minded people in the world in todays world. If you are gonna stop the vaping, e-cig community, might as well take down the tobacco company as well. i don't want to go down to smoking cigarettes again because in my opinion, the tobacco companies are afraid that they're going to lose their customers. OPEN YOUR MINDS and you can see how beneficial vaping is to the united states.

Anonymous said...

Vape vs. Smoking
Vaping has helped so many long term smokers quit making them healthier , giving them a second chance, and in my opinion making them happier. Why would someone want to get rid of something that can change peoples life for the better. I myself have never felt better i can finally go on long walks with my dogs i can finally run around with my kids something i couldn't do when i was smoking because i would run out of breath. Quitting smoking after so many years can be so hard there have been many programs trying to help and only few have really been successful. This one is successful so why take it away ?

Anonymous said...

I started smoking when I was 16. I would smoke 10-12 black & milds a day, till my 18th birthday, on my 18th birthday I went and bought myself a kit & never looked back. I felt 100 times better within a weeks time. Passing this would be wrong & cause people to smoke again

Bradley Lamb said...

I started smoking when I was 19 y.o.a. in college and got up to 2 packs per day by the time I began using an electronic vaporizer. I have now been tobacco free for 6 months and my fiance who has been smoking 2 packs per day since she was 14 y.o.a has started to use a vaporizer to help with her nicotine cravings. I am currently a registered nurse on a trauma floor of a major hospital in a larger city and other nurses that I work with that smoke tobacco are attempting to quit using tobacco and have turned to vaporizing as their alternative. I just hope and pray that the people that were put into their respective positions by the very citizens writing these comments reads them and takes them seriously into account because vaporizers will save so many people. Thank you for allowing us to comment on the way we view these laws and how vaporizing has turned our lives around. That is if the FDA does not put these laws into place which could cause people to go back to smoking and using tobacco.

Anonymous said...

Please don't pass

birdblue4u2 said...

God forbid we take away their tax dollars. Thats what this comes down to... The government loses $2.52 per pack of smokes. I haven't smoked a cigarette for over a year. Thats a loss of $919.80 by my account. Now you try and do the math on how much the government is losing. It seems our lives are not priceless.

Anonymous said...

Do NOT pass!!!!!!!!!

Lawrence Malcheff said...

Laissez faire. Get politically active America, sign the petition. make a comment here. Political inactivity is the mother of an oppressive system. Fight. You may not win, but if you do nothing you don't deserve your freedom, especially when it is as easy as clicking a mouse. You don't even HAVE to get off your backside. Just read, write, and click.


David Enderson said...


Joyce Winston said...

I had cancer 5 years ago. Ismoked all through chemo and radiation. UNTILL I bought smoov rev ecig. I believe I am a cancer survivor because of this devise.Please give us the choice to live.

Anonymous said...

Fda Fuck off and let us vapers be. Fuck regulation.

Bruce Newton said...

From: [Bruce Newton]
To: FDA Center for Tobacco Products
RE: FDA, Docket No. FDA-2014-N-0189, Regulatory Information Number (RIN) 0910- AG38

I have been smoking cigarettes for over 30 years. In recent years I have tried to quit. After many years of smoking, I felt it was time to give this bad habit up. I tried Cold Turkey, Patches, Pills, And Gum. Nothing was working for me. I was about ready to give up until I started using the electronic cigarettes you are considering putting a ban on. This is the only thing that has successfully kept me from smoking another cigarette and for this reason I feel that E-Cigs have saved my life.

If restrictions are put on E-Cigs and/or the components that make up what is used to achieve the non-smoking lifestyle, there will be many people whose lives will be lost due to these restrictions.

I am a member of the CASAA and I oppose the sale and distribution of the components used for E-Cigs to minors. If there needs to be restrictions placed on these products, this is where they need to be. Please leave the E-Cig community alone and let people save their own lives but successfully choosing an alternate to smoking that actually works,

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Bruce Newton

Comment Left And Praying !!!

Anonymous said...

I have smoked for 40 yrs. This is the best alternative for quitting.

Anonymous said...

Vaping saved my life doctor have even said this , please let us change our lives

Anonymous said...

Attn: FDA
I had been a smoker for 56 years. I attempted to quit many times trying hypnotism, nicotine gum, cold turkey, patches and switching to a brand I did not like at all trying to stop. I purchased my first e-cigarette close to 3 years ago and thankfully thanks to 'vaping' I stopped smoking. I am writing to ask you to re-consider passing any law that will not benefit all the people who gave up tobacco. E-cigarettes have helped so many please do not reverse what is a 'good' thing.

Dennis Fritz said...

Attention FDA why would you ban something that's helped people stop smoking cigarettes ? I for one would like an answer and I'm pretty sure so would everyone else unless your doing this to keep the tobacco companies happy , and yes I have tried everything under the sun to stop no luck .. That's like me telling someone we are banning alcohol now it kills your liver ! So please for the love of God leave vapers be , I started at 12 mg nic and now I'm at 3mg nic pretty good huh .. it's working you know it , we know it , your just thinking with your wallet or hand out for yourselves .. I also would like to see proof that studies have been done for vapers and make it public to see and read please .. so basically in the end I hope and pray you don't ban vaping you know it's working read all the commets and see for yourself vaping is here and now and is not going anywhere !! But if you do by chance read my comment I do agree about minors / teens IF they get vapers / ecigs how and where they getting them ? You ( FDA ) should focus on going after them not the ones it's helping so in my closing point WHY take from those who it's helping ? Let it be 0nic to 24nic it breaks down over time leave alone please .

Anonymous said...

Please do not pass the ban. Vaping is safe. I quit harmful cigarettes because of e-cigs and my health is better than ever now. You should be banning actual cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

The development of E-cigarettes has been accomplished without the money, or oversight of any corporate or govermental agency.It has proven to be the single most effective way to get people off has been endorsed by leading addiction therapist, as well as heralded as a huge step for public health by eminent doctors in America and Europe. Having used E-cigarettes for 3 years and been active in the E-cigarette community...I can personally attest to my own and many hundreds of other people's gratitude for E-cigarettes adding decades of good health onto our lives. The science of the health saving aspects of E-cigarettes is a matter of public record, and daily more and more proof is being added.At this point in time it is obvious that in some other nations E-cigarettes will be left unfettered, and these nations will provide a massive embarrassment to those nations who use the excuse of the "public good" as a standard to strip people of a life saving technology. As daily the population precieves a corrupting and anti-life collusion between corporate Pharmacutecals, corprate tobacco,and the goverment...the draconian and crippeling restrictions the goverment is proposing will seem to be nothing more than a sinister effort to manipulate the law in order to direct the profit of the E-cig industry into the hands of well financed corporations,at the expense of the small bussiness who built the industry and the health of the general public. Once again the regulatory arm of the state will be accussed of protecting the health of corporate profits as the expense of the people.Let there be freedom.

Uploaded File(s):

Anonymous said...

please do not take the only product away from me that keeps me from smoking because of corporate greed. show that our government can still work for the people and not just corporate greed.

Anonymous said...

Why must you take things away from people that helps them slow or stop smoking? Leave things alone you have already taken or regulated everything to death.

Anonymous said...

I have been using an e-cig on and off for over a year now. i am a 37 year old mother of 4 children (ages 19,17,5 and 4) and the grandmother of two ( ages 18 months and 2 weeks). i started smoking back when i was 11 years old and by the time i was 15 i was a pack a day smoker. i smoked through all my pregnancies and all but one of my children have medical issues. i have tried almost every fda approved NRT. the gum and patch did not meet my psychological need of hand to mouth. the gum burned my gum line and gave me heartburn and the patch was not an adequate delivery method for the nicotine. chantix made me smoke twice as much and caused severe aggression and wellbutrin also made me smoke twice as much and caused me to go into a rage fuelled psychosis that made me a danger to everyone around me. cold turkey also did not work and i lasted three miserable days before my children begged me to start back smoking again. i picked up the ecig and it was not initially successful. i put it down and started smoking again up to two full packs a day, three on really bad days. this last march my youngest twos grandfather died of tobacco related congestive heart failure. This was my push to try quitting again. I went back to the ecig and this time have been tobacco free for 37 days. the most days free since i picked up the habit 26 years ago. The ecig has the hand to mouth that i need and also the best nicotine delivery system which i can slowly step down on the nicotine levels in the ejuice.what it doesn't have its all the rest of the harmful chemicals that a cigarette has.

Anonymous said...

Please don't ban the Vapping industry's I've smoked for 11 years I have high blood pressure I wear a heart monitor and thanks to the Vapping industry today I'm 9 months smoke free they made me who I am today so please don't ban us thanks johnnyvape619

Anonymous said...

Please leave the vaping industry the way it is. I smoked for 24 years and tried the patch, gum and even the shot to quit smoking. Nothing worked. I started vaping and with the yummy flavors they offer it made it easy. I am going on 10 months smoke free. I can taste food, smell things and i stopped wheezing. My parents who smoked for 46 years even quit smoking as well all thanks to vaping. Also by getting rid of it you going to have a lot of people out of work and empty buildings again. Please leave the vaping community the way it is. Thank you