Thursday, November 13, 2014

CASAA Makes a Donation to Help Preserve Consumer Access to E-Cigarettes in Western Australia

Consumers in Western Australia are facing a particularly difficult situation now that the Supreme Court of Western Australia has ruled that the sale of e-cigarettes violates the provisions of Section 106a of the Tobacco Products Control Act, an act designed to outlaw the sale of candy cigarettes. Even more inexplicable, the devices that were the subject of the legal action were not cigalikes and did not contain nicotine.
To help preserve consumer access to e-cigarettes in Western Australia, CASAA has made a donation of $500 to help fund the legal battle to keep e-cigarettes available to consumers in Western Australia.
While CASAA is a U.S. organization, we recognize that we are a part of a global community. We remain focused on our U.S. efforts, but we realize the importance of established organizations reaching out to assist with efforts in other countries when we can help make a difference.

The following website provides details about not only the court action, but also information about the trust fund and safeguards put in place to protect contributions towards this effort:

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