Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1-26-15 CASAA Podcast

CASAA Podcast Update January 26, 2015:

Montana: Some possible good news coming out of Montana, where it sounds as if our concerns have been heard and an amendment will be offered to SB 66. We will update the Call to Action as soon as an amended bill has been offered.

New York: (Discussion begins at 2:45.) CASAA has updated the Call to Action to include AB 2595, which is an indoor use ban).

Oregon: (Discussion begins at 6:07.) Call to Action coming soon. (Session begins February 2, 2015.)

Vermont and Connecticut: (Discussion begins at 6:45.) Both have introduced some troubling bills, including proposed legislation in Connecticut that would ban all flavors and proposed legislation in Vermont that would ban all flavors other than menthol. There is also the possibility for legislation to be introduced regarding taxes. Calls to Action will be issued within the next week or so after the legislative situation has clarified a bit more.

Testimonials Project:  (Discussion begins at 12:55.) In order to make the testimonials more accessible, we've created a WordPress site, and we are relaunching the testimonials project. Links in the blog post below (originally published more than a year ago) have been updated with the new link for participation in this program:

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