Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2-2-15 CASAA Update Podcast

CASAA Podcast Update February 2, 2015:

1:00 – North Dakota.  Call to Action issued regarding taxing e-cigarettes as “other tobacco products.”

3:30 – California. Matters are heating up, both with the ridiculous nonsense from the California Department of Public Health that e-cigarettes are a public health threat and threatened legislation. CASAA anticipates issuing a Call to Action for legislation in the state, but is waiting for more clarity.

4:20 – Washington, New Hampshire, Ohio, and possibly Utah – anticipate issuing Calls to Action over the coming weeks.

4:40 – Virginia. HB 2036 packaging and labeling bill. Believe it might have been amended to remove labeling portion. Authorizes Board of Agriculture to come up with a rule for child-resistant packaging.

Nicotine-containing products should have child-resistant packaging, but CASAA believes a national standard is more appropriate. CASAA is concerned about the possibility of creating a patchwork of different state rules (which would make it harder for product to cross state lines, thereby affecting consumer access to a variety of products). CASAA has the same concerns regarding labeling.

9:15 – Local Alert. Boulder, CO – public use ban (including e-cigarettes in smoke-free law) – 2/3/15 and then consent agenda 2/17/15. Vaping Militia has issued a CTA for Boulder, CO.

11:50 – SoCal SFATA is having a rally/meeting Sunday (2/8/15) in Los Angeles to address issues in California, including the recent California Department of Public Health's misinformation campaign. Alex Clark (CASAA Legislative Director) will be attending to represent consumers.

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